Friday 1 March 2013


It has been a crazy RL lately... So much so that I wish time could stop even for 10 minutes for a little breather... Each time I am at the point of screaming my head off... I tell myself, it can't be worst than this and push myself on and the day gets by and always........ I survive!
 Second Life to me is a life that I am in total control and it's as peaceful as I want and I refuse to let anyone destroy it. The moment I log into SL, I begin a life that I love. Whatever I do here, takes my mind off RL momentarily. So you will never see me standing around waiting to be picked up and engaging in senseless conversation that to me is a waste of time.... I am always doing something in SL and I love it, doing it without stress...
When Lily IM me and asked me if I still blog, I told her yes and she showed me her new store and that she liked me to blog some of her creations. I agreed right away, not only because she has been a long time friend but taking pictures and blogging keep me sane. At least for the time being.
I still remember when she first started out, her 'store' was on a platform in the sky. However, I have found her creations very unique and the details that she gives to each and every one of her creations amazes me. I think she is a very talented lady. In less than a year, her Prism Furniture Store has evolved and now move to a much bigger place with the re brand of IMMERSE. Not only that, she has extended her talent to creating lovely mesh outfits as well...
Today I am going to show you some of her stunning creations.......

Immerse ~ Cami Teal Outfit (Mesh) - NEW 

Immerse ~ Immerse Yourself Set - NEW

Immerse - Otukan Set - NEW

Immerse Love Letters Set - NEW

The Taxi to   Immerse Store

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