Saturday 15 June 2019

Absolute zero ~ Chouchou

It was Thursday night when I logged into SL and felt alone for a while. I checked through the LMs in my inventory and decided to visit Chouchou which has been around for many years. The tranquillity and placid environment are what I love most about the sim. The original soothing music has a calming effect on me and sometimes, I would stay in the sim listening to the music while working on my blog posts. If you are into architecture, you will also like the buildings created especially for Chouchou.

Near to the landing area, you can get the Chouchou cinematic HUD for free. You'll feel like you're in a cinema completely soaked in the world of Chouchou just by wearing this HUD. An experience you will only get at Chouchou. 

A month ago, due to RL, the owners of Chouchou wanted to give up the sim. However, many SL residents pleaded LL to take it into Second Life Region Preservation Society which Patch Linden finally agreed and managed to save Chouchou. 

Chouchou ~ unedited 

Style Card

Sascha's Designs  Lolly Babypink Top and Pants [New Release]

Stealthic - Mirage 


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