Friday, 20 July 2012

Miss TWA Contest 2012 - SEMI FINAL

I am very excited to be shortlisted among the 40 over entries for the Semi Final.

The Theme for this challenge is "Fantasy and Fairy".

One thing every society, culture and country on Earth has in common is a wealth of myths and legends going back to beyond human memory; the fairy stories and folk tales of our ancestors are the one thing that bind us all together as human beings, they are part of our collective consciousness and subconscious thoughts. They flood our young minds with imagination and creative thought and keep alive the idea of magic, something we all know is out there somewhere but more often than not choose to forget it.

It is not difficult to get a suitable outfit for this theme at The White Armory. If you have been to their store, you will know what I mean.

Thus, I thought for awhile, how to be unique so as to earn the judges' vote. I decided to work on the pose for the snap shot and using gimp to bring out the best in the outfit. This is my first attempt at using gimp to such extend. I am quite pleased with the effect though it gets me more excited about SL photography... It's going to be my next big hobby for the next few months. (^_^)

 A picture paints a thousand words.

This little fairy prepares for a new magical day in her life clad in long flowy gown in blue and teal. She embraces the fresh summer air that fills her lung and she feels exhilarated. Fluttering her golden wings, she dances gracefully in the flora and fauna of the magical forest with no cares in the world and little creatures look on with admiration of her beauty in their eyes. All the animals love her, adore her and will do anything to make sure their little fairy stays in their life.

 Styling Card:

Outfit: **TWA**Serendipity Gown
Wing: **TWA**Earth Fairie Wings Set_Wings-Glow
Hair/hair base: Sylvani Hair Bushy ~SUMMER~
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Dragonet, *GA* Makeup Eyeliner V2 Black, L.Fauna Lipstick [Sea 1]
Poses: Diesel Works - Ballerina 19

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