Wednesday 12 June 2013

SL 10B Community Celebration


Second Life – Looking Forward, Looking Back

Second Life turns 10!

I have been on SL since 2010. Not long enough to retrospect like many of you here... but thinking back when I first started, it does bring a smile to my face... I started like most of you, dancing, exploring, chatting, learning and dated a little. I was spending every minutes I had in SL as it was such an addictive place. Then, I joined modelling and was into courses and workshops learning to be a model. Joined a few pageants and contests, went on runways, met many nice and creative people and some of whom have become my RL friends. I started to get interested in SL photography too. So I went on to learn about it. Now, I spend most of my time blogging and dating the man of my dream.

Yes this is me a long time ago!
As I am writing this entry, I decided to dig into my photo album and share with you a picture of me way before I was even a model or have learned how to edit prims or the pictures that I had taken, hehe.
Many of us here have a story to tell... Second Life has come a long way to be what it is today. As a celebration of its 10th anniversary, the SL10B Community Celebration is hosting a resident-run gala celebration, and it happens from June 16 to June 29.

Starting June 16th, 2013, there here will be ongoing festivities covering twenty-two sims, including four amazing stages, over 360 exhibits and – last but not least – 24/7 nonstop performances for an entire week from some of Second Life’s best entertainers.

The sims are not opened to the public yet but soon on 16 June, it will be the grand opening. For those who love hunts, there will be the Long Walk led by David Abbot where you get to explore and find amazing things as you visit the sims.

And this is me, too, after 2 years in SL
Have I grown older or what?
Mark your calendar for the event of the decade!

16 June 2013

Click HERE to read more about it.
Click HERE for a sneak preview of some of the incredible sims that are being built.

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