Sunday 30 October 2016

FREAKSHOW - Carnivale Post 2

FREAKSHOW Carnivale began in a quiet town where the troop experienced strange emergence of a dark entity that unknowingly threaten the townsfolk and freaks alike.

In the old circus tent, stood a broken doll that was clad in the most unusual clown hat and ruffles pants. On her feet, a pair of dainty heels that only a child could fit into. Hanging loosely from the strings, she swayed gently in the cold autumn breeze. Her smudged makeup suggested months of abandonment. Only her black eyes sparkled in the dark and seemed to call out to every weary traveler who walked past her. 

Ghee ~ Scala Freakshow Couture Clown *EXCLUSIVE 

Ghee ~ Freakshow Platforms for Slink KITTEN feet 

.:: Pose Talk ::. ~ Broken Doll

Picture taken at Aspire Universe

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