Thursday 24 July 2014

Summer Retreat

I had so much fun taking pictures for this blog post..... There is so much to show you about this Modern Wooden house from TBO Home. It is only 21 x 21 meters and 191 prims and it is fully furnished and animated with singles and couples animations throughout the house. It also comes with a parcel radio and TV as well..... It is such as thrill discovering what each animation can do.....

TBO Home ~ Modern Wooden House
Living Room

Cooking my dinner

Having my dinner
Tea after dinner
Washing the dishes
Deciding if I should watch the TV or listen to the radio
Resting on the couch listening to my favourite Jazz
Going to take a shower in the Bathroom
Retiring for the night in the cozy Bedroom
Now, TBO Home has another new creation for this summer, Acuatic Lounge with a fire place. It is only 8 x 8 meters and 41 prims with single sit animations. However, what is interesting is that the fire pit burns automatically at night (in the region where you are at), however, you can control it manually it you want.

TBOHome ~ Acuatic lounge with fire pit
Single sits on every spot

Enjoying the sea breeze
It's summer and we all love to be outside watching movies under the stars.... and TBO Home has make it possible with its Summer Cinema Set which is only 23 prims and 10 x 7 meters. There is a web browser on screen and you and your friends can watch your favourite YouTube movies over a glass of chilled beers....
Summer Cinema Set **** GROUP Gift

Go get your summer retreat @ TBO House now.. and when you are there, do check out their wonderful range of clothings for both females and males.....

From TBO House ~ Modern Wooden House, Acuatic Lounge with fire pit, Summer Cinema Set

Outfit: TBO House ~ Sharon Corset, Buckled Leather Leggings and Boots for Slink High Feet                                         [ all are material enabled and hud controlled with 9 colours ] **** NEW Release

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