Wednesday 20 May 2015

I finally did it!

I love to blog and I have been doing so for few years.. I have in my collections 100 over poses that I have reused a few times for some of them... Quite often, the poses that I bought from the MP doesn't fit my avatar well. Sometimes, it was just the nails that went into my skin but I just loved the poses so much that I bought them anyhow. Okay, you may say I am a perfectionist. Well, I am. I take pride in all the pictures that I take and it is a way to showcase the lovely creations of the designers and to thank them for trusting me so much over the years.

Once, I got frustrated with the poses I bought from Bounce This Poses... Don't get me wrong... the poses are great but because I have a taller than usual avatar so my hands cut into the leg a little... I IM the creator of Bounce This Poses, Bouncer Criss, and asked if he could customize the  pose for me. Instead, he offered me a lifetime solution with Animare Hud. It is a hud that allows me to edit the poses a little. Since then, I had so much fun blogging with poses that I have created. Thanks Criss!

However, there is a limit to what Amimare hud can do.. If you crash and relog, the setting will be gone. And you know how often we crash especially when we take pictures in ultra graphics. After using Animare hud for few months, I am getting addicted to creating poses myself. 

Seeing how much I enjoy creating the poses and SL photography, Yeiyaiel, my love, bought me the AnyPose BVH HUD. Anypose hud not only allows me to pose my avatar in unlimited positions, I can then also export the final pose to a .BVH file that be uploaded to SL as a single animation.

After some weeks of practice, I have finally created my first own pose. Yayyy, I am now a pose creator. 

In this picture, I am wearing the Meg Dress from appear store. Meg dress is a rigged dress and comes in standard sizes xxs to L and it is material enabled with no glitch hair effect. 

VG Shoes has 2 new releases this month and one of which is this Greed heels which comes in 8 delicious colours such as Coffee & Cinnamon, Blackberry Pie, Cranberries & Lemon, Lemon & Blackberry Tart, Pure Berries, Strawberries & Cream and Coffee. Oh my, I wonder what Victoria Grau, the owner and designer of VG shoes, was thinking when she was making these shoes but it is certainly making me graving for more.. These shoes come with a hud that offers the option of silver, gold and black spikes or no spikes. 

Zoul Creations too has a new release at the Cosmetic Fair this month. Ashley skin comes in 8 skin tones and matching eye shadows and lipsticks. Major skin appliers are available FREE at her mainstore. 

Style Card
appear store ~ Meg Dress * Special Monthly gift

Truth Hair ~ Fynn

Yummy ~ Caprice Necklace and ring
Pure Melody ~ Sunny Bag @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

VG Shoes ~ VG Greed [Coffee & Cinnamon] *NEW  

Zoul Creations  ~ Ashley sk4 [Br Brows - chB] @ Cosmetic Fair 

Make up
Zoul Creations  ~ Ashley Eyeshadow  [Smokey 03] @ Cosmetic Fair 
Zoul Creations  ~ Ashley Eyeshadow - BONUS highlighter  @ Cosmetic Fair 
Zoul Creations  ~ Ashley Lipsticks [Pink 01]@ Cosmetic Fair 

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