Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Welcome Home

It's been a fruitful weekend for me...I finally got some time to decorate my house a little. It has been rather bare for a while but I am picky and finally am pleased with what I have done.

To the left of the living room, it is a perfect place for a little cosy corner with this fireplace from Cozy Essential that lights up with a touch and the wall clock that moves.

{CE} Lakehouse Fireplace
 Adjacent to the fireplace is the dinning area. A place where I love to receive my friends over tea or dinner. I found the perfect dining set from Cozy Essential. It comes with an entrance table and texture changing pictures frames. A great place to showcase pictures that often provides a starter to a conversation. Next to the entrance table are the Travel Set from Annie Antique.
As the space is quite huge and to make it feels more cosy, I have placed the buffet table in the middle of the room. The centrepiece to the collection is the chandelier in the middle of the room. As I do get enough sun to this part of the house, I have gotten a few plants to fill spaces cheaply and to improve the air quality indoors.

{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Dining Room Set
Over at the corner of the beach, I have done up an area for friends to hang out. A perfect place where we can relax while enjoying the stunning view of the sea. I have gotten a lounger, a beach chair, bench and a garden swing from Thaino DesignS. All furniture come with 5-6 sit animations.

Pieces from Thaino DesignS
 Over looking the sea, I have created another laid back social area right into the beach.

Garden Sets from Thaino DesignS
Cozy Essential’s Lakehouse Dining Collection includes; mahogany dining table, 6 chairs, peach rug, buffet table, candle display, lamps, chandelier, mirror, clock, entry table with texture change picture frames, ferns, potted plants, fireplace and decorative accessories.

 Thaino DesignS includes; Tara Lounger with footstool with 5-6 sit animations, Tara Garden Bench with animation with sit animations, Tara Comfy Chair with animations, Tara garden swing for 2 avs, Tara sunshine garden chairs and table,  Tara tree of light, Tara teacups floral display, Tara ornate side table and Tara garden gnome decor @ The Collage 

All the furniture can be found at the Collage Event. It is a monthly home and garden event featuring some of SL's long established designers who provide high quality builds.  

CLICK HERE for the taxi to the Collage Event

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