Sunday 20 December 2015

At this time of year...

...most places in the northern hemisphere will at some point see the white stuff. Of course most sim designers in SL follows the seasons. One of those must see sim's is Calas Galadhorn "White Christmas" -a spectacular looking sim.  With a visit there to see the sights with a very good friend, I quickly realized I looked somewhat under-dressed. And we cant have our precious pixels catching a case of nippleitis - right?

I went looking for a nice dressy looking jacket, and found this Oasis Jacket in the G I O M E N inworld store. It looks great, perfect for a walk in the snow with a special friend. You can also find G I O M E N on the MP.

It features rich hi-res textures on the jacket and shirt. 10 Exchangeable textures for the jacket and 12 textures for the shirt, which all can be changed via the Oasis Jacket HUD giving several very nice looking combinations. It comes with one alpha for 5 mesh sizes from XS to XL. A Fitted mesh size and of course the texture exchange hud is also included.

Style card:


G I O M E N - Oasis Jacket
FashionNatic - Vidor pants
Cold Ash - JERICHO desert boots

Picture location - Winter Moon

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