Thursday 24 December 2015

Being casual

By Scott Nobody

Ahh...the casual look. A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, some shoes or boots and perhaps a jacket. It's a look that a lot of guys in Second Life use. Im my opinion the casual look just got even better. I was at TMD - The Mens Department awhile back, where Cold Ash had a small display of one or perhaps two of their outfits. A quick visit to their main store, and I was sold on the out fit below. All 3 items are of course mesh and were purchased separately.

The jacket is the Ryder. It can be used with or without the T-shirt, and in the including HUD you will find 6 great leather textures in different colors for the jacket, and 6 muted colors for the T-shirt making it easy to find a good look.

(Click any picture for a larger view.)

The jeans are called Ocelot, a nice straight fit, very worn looking pair (but not ripped),. The HUD gives the choice of 6 tones from light blue to black
Last but not least to complete the look, I chose the Jericho desert boots. It's a short boot, and goes perfect with the jeans and other long pants. Again there is an option for picking a color to go with the rest of the outfit, this time 5 different tones ranging from Copper (light brownish) to Black.

Style card:


  • Mandala - Inari Necklage (short)

Picture location - Tempelhof

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