Thursday 24 December 2015

Calas Galadhon's WHITE CHRISTMAS

What I love best about Christmas in SL is the snow capped mountains and the soft fluffy snow flakes falling from the sky as I walked. Many sims are created with a winter theme but some are done with much realism than others. If you have only limited time in SL, Calas Galadhon's  'WHITE CHRISTMAS' is worth a visit or maybe many times over and over again.

Ty Tenk and Truck, owners and creators of  Calas Galadhonhave done a marvelous work in creating a winter wonderland that is filled with activities that you can do this holiday season. The first thing I did was to start snapping my camera after I landed as I knew I was going to share these wonderful moments in this picturesque sim with all my readers. 

Take a sledge around the sim 
Get the FREE skates and have fun skating single or couple

Hop onto a hot air balloon and enjoy the breathtaking view from the sky
Or simply hangout with a good friend and people watch
Style Card
Ghee ¬ Aran Knit Dress comes with a texture hud

Masoom ¬ Mistress of Ice shoe [part of the Mistress of Ice outfit] 
[Blog post of the entire outfit in my next post ]

[elikatira] ¬ Wendice

Cold Ash ¬ Ryder jacket
Cold Ash ¬ Ocelot jeans

Cold Ash ¬ Jericho dessert boot

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