Sunday 28 August 2011

Self Portrait

I was playing with and came up with this self portrait which I like. (^_^).

 Model/ Photographer: Debbie Jasper

Gown: AZUL Loita Marriage Gown
Hair: PurpleMoon, Ana in Midnight Brown
Make up: Glamorize, Crystal Kiss Lips - Creamy Natural
Jewellery: Finesmith, WhiteSummer earring
Shoe: HOC - MIB Stilettos

Tuesday 2 August 2011

SL Too Sexy Model Pageant

I am back... Well I didnt leave actually. In fact, for the past 1 month I have walked all fashion and animation stores I could find in SL getting ready for my first pageant - SL Too Sexy Model Pageant. It was harder than I thought. All the trying and mix and matching of various designer outfits, shoe, hairdo, eyes, accessories, poses, the editing of prim to make sure no part cuts into my skin, and I was constantly seeing something that was 'nicer' and might 'fit' better the too sexy theme. It was an easy and familar theme and yet difficult as I want to be different from the rest. I decided to take an Asian approach and needless to say, it was easier for me too as I am from asia.
The lingerie I wore was a sexy undergarment wore by rich women from the Ming Dynasty in China called a dudou. In English they are known as 'stomach protectors' or 'tummy covers'. Over the dudou, a translusent gold organza top with golden silk threading of a picture of a dragon and on my feet, a pair of yellow shoe with a unique dragon heels from Designer Cutea Benelli from Grim Bros.

The creative evening gown was a creation from 3 designers - Bliss Couture,  House of Beningborough and PurpleMoon.  An inspiration from formal Thai national costume, known in Thai as "chut Thai phra ratcha niyom",  the gown was made of brocaded fabric, the tight bodice is enriched by the gold and teal lace embroidery and a beautiful small train at the end of the tight fitting skirt with a sensual deep slit on both sides.  In a matching tone attachment is the majestic fan piece that frame my body featuring metallic spikes in gold with some embroidery semi-transparent fabric intertwined the metal pieces. The headdress is made of pure gold with flower motif and green jade.

My favourite category - showgirl creative Talent. I did a dance to the music "Hindi Sad Diamonds' from the movie Moulin Rouge. It has an Indian dance incorporated in it and Indians are known for their sexy dance moves so it fit the theme very well.
Finally, after weeks of preparation and sleepless nights, I am happy to have won
Miss Sexy Talent and Creative and 4th runner up.

All these would not be possible without CWS giving us the opportunity to showcase what I have learnt the past 2 months with them. Thank you Anrol, Steve and all the trainers who have not given up on me. Last but not least, a friend and mentor who has gone sleepless nights to help me put everything together.... Meimei ... tyvm....