Thursday 27 November 2014

Yoon Asian Skin

Yoon Beauty has a new release this month!

Yoo Asian skin comes in 3 skin tones and each skin tone comes with your daily makeup and freckles options. And if you are too lazy to tweak your shape to create an Asian look, there is the Yoo shape which is a xxsmall size that you can get together with the skin. If you prefer a taller shape, you can always get the modify version. Smiles...

What really caught my eyes when I first wore the skin is the eye brows. Since it is an Asian skin and shape, the brows which are drawn in black just makes the whole look very real. The details, Kitori Yuheng, the owner and creator of Yoon Beauty, puts into creating this skin and shape is almost perfect.

Very often, you get 'Asian skins' with brown or even blond eye brows. It can be quite frustrating if you are like me when details are important. So, thank you Kitori for the wonderful job.
Do not take my words for it. Head down to Yoon Beauty and get the demo.

Yoo  shape, Yoo Sunkissed Makeup Day Cleavage
Yoo shape, Yoo Snow Makeup Night Club Cleavage 

While you are done with the skin, you may want to head down to Like Sales Room for the outfits and ghee for the NEW essential nail polish and opaque tights for slink hands and feet. There are at least 9 colours to suit every styling and preference.

Happy Shopping!

Info: To make the ghee applier for stockings show on slink feet you must wear the Slink Avenhance Utilities HUD that comes standard with slink feet and select "on" for the stockings option. At that point you may wear the ghee stocking applier HUD and press to apply.

Style Card

(First Picture)
D.A ~  Flared Jeans and Tied Shirt [Black] @ LIKE Sales Room

Lindy ~ Mesh Gina Shoe with skin and nail hud @ LIKE Sales Room

Tableau Vivant ~ Hallie hair [Brown]

Pixel Box Design - Necklace "Magic's Secrets",
Bracelet Leather Tag,
 Thematic Bracelet "Bad Girl"

ghee ~ Essential Nails for Slink Hands [Clouds in my Coffee] NEW

Shape/ Skin
Yoon Beauty ~ Yoo shape, Yoo Sunkissed Makeup Day Cleavage NEW

Slink ~ AvEnhance Female Elegant Hands -XXSmall

(Second Picture)
AC ~ Candice Sky Belted Bra Top, Skirt with Tied Belt @ LIKE Sales Room

ghee ~ Black Magic 1 Essential OpaqueTights with SLink applier hud NEW

Venux ~ Zip boots for SLink high [Gray & Black] @ LIKE Sales Room

Rumina ~ Paige - 2nd Anniversary Gift with texture hud

ghee ~ Essential Nails for SLink Hands [Tantilizing Teal] NEW

Shape/ Skin
Yoon Beauty ~ Yoo shape, Yoo Snow Makeup Night Club Cleavage  NEW

Hands/ Feet
Slink ~ AvEnhance Female Elegant Hands - XXSmall,
AvEnhance Female High Feet - XXSmall

Saturday 22 November 2014

New, exclusive and FREE....

This year, I tell myself, I have to start shopping for my Christmas gifts earlier which is good 'cos the pre-season sales craze hasn't set in yet and it doesn't take long at the changing room nor at the cashier...

In SL, I am planning something for this Christmas. Smiles. Not saying what it is yet but you'll know for sure when it is firmed up. I will have all of you celebrating with me. For now, I am just going to get ready for my shopping spree in SL too and I am all dressed for it...

I need a simple bustier dress that I can easily remove when I try on various clothes at the stores. You can get this Masoom mesh dress at the Dirty Turkey Hunt for FREE, till the end of Nov. Isn't it wonderful for a start? The weather is supposed to be getting colder in SL, a trendy and elegant fur coat from ghee is one piece that you cannot do without this winter.

[[ Masoom ]] ~ Nina dress [HUNT item], ghee ~ Fall14 Opera Coat COGNAC
Since I am going to be walking about a lot, nothing is more comfortable than this pair of suede VG boots which is stylish and yet keeps my feet warm. It is non rigged mesh, comes in 8 colours and a resizer hud. Hurry, grab these new and exclusive boots and clutch sets at the Fresh Style before they're gone forever on the 23 Nov.

VG ~ VG Rose clutch and boots BEIGE [EXCLUSIVE & NEW RELEASE @ Fresh Style]
Yoon Skin has a NEW RELEASE this month. Yoo is an Asian skin that comes in 3 tones, with and without cleavage, and daily makeups. I am getting compliments when I am out wearing this skin. You are going to see me wearing this skin for a long time. Another idea for your Christmas gift? Head down to Yoon Beauty now!
[YOON SKIN] ~ Yoo :: Sunkissed Makeup Day Cleavage [NEW RELEASE]

Style Card
 [[Masoom]] ~ Nina Dress @ The Dirty Turkey Hunt
ghee ~ Fall14 Opera Coat Cognac
Clutch/ Boots
VG ~ Rose set suede clutch and boots in 8 colours @ Fresh Style Round 10
KL Couture ~ Sky Necklace and Ear ring [past GIFT]
Miss C ~ Ayla Onyx [not available]
Yoon Skin ~ Yoo Sunkissed Makeup Day Cleavage [NEW]
elymode ~ smudged eyeliner - lower w/ lashes - black

Friday 14 November 2014

Like Sales Room III

Once again, I bring you some goodies from the Like Sales Room....which is up and running till end of November...

If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse, you will like this super cute Fairy Mesh Dress from Missnoise. On sale are also matching shoes in various colors. In her store at Glam! District , you will find more colours for your different styling. In fact, what I like about Missnoise is her vibrant and loud print on her every designs. Picture paints a thousand words and so as fashion tells a story. Grab the LM and make your own fashion statements with Missnoise today!

No woman will complain of having one more skin added to her inventory. This is my first time wearing L'Anguisette's skin and I must say, I love it!
Clear complexion with well drawn brows and eyeliner and a tinge of natural pinkish rouge and lipstick shouts a confident and attractive woman. There is no need for a separate make up layers unless you are going for a more formal evening gala dinner. What is best is that her skins cleavage or no cleavage options are selling only at only 200L which also includes appliers for Ghetto Booty, Phat Azz, Wowmeh, LOlas, Brazilia, Banned Booty, Baby Bump, Omega Appliers, Lena, LOudmouth, as well as Slink Hands/Feet/Physique!!!!

What are you waiting for? A best Christmas present for any friend!

Styling Card

Missnoise ~ Fairy Mesh Dress [Mickey Tartan] @ Like Sales Room

Things I like ~ Toto Bag @ Marketplace
Missnoise ~ Nadia Boot Shoe [Multi Colour for High SLink Feet] @ Like Sales Room
L'Anguisette ~ Autumn Skin Brow With Cleavage [Bare] @ Like Sales Room

L'Anguisette ~ Doll Eyes [Mocha], Mesh Eye Ball @ Like Sales Room

Rumina ~ Alyssa [Anniversary Edition] @ Like Sales Room


Thursday 13 November 2014

Tis the season to go shopping!

 Erotigacha is an adult gacha fair sponsored by Hard Alley, running from 1st to 15th Nov, 2014. You can find this RARE seductive bodysuit from [[Masoom]] at the Fair. Other gacha items include a matching hat, boots and wand. For just 55L each play, you must try for this RARE bodysuit which comes with applier for belleza- Venus, Barely Legal Wowmeh, Phat Azz, Lola and Lush,  Mesh project Installer and Slink Physique Clothes Hud . It will be the best Christmas present anyone could ask for......
Head down to Erotigacha now and you may get lucky in your first try..... (:

At Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room, you will find 7 Deadly s{k}ins with her MYST skin that comes with and without cleavage and Slink and Tango applier. What I like is the pinkish eye shadow with a dark eye liner and the two dimples on her face...


Style Card
Masoom ~ Dominant outfit RARE @ Erotigacha
Masoom ~ Dominant outfit Boots @ Erotigacha
Masoom ~ Hat and wand @ Erotigacha
Bow tie
Hollywood ~ Bowtie Necklace [Old groupgift]
7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Feeb's Myst Cotton cleavage @ Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room
enVOGUE Hair ~ Jasmine GIFT

Impose Poses ~ Paper Gansta @ Like Sales Room

For more information about Erotigacha,
CLICK HERE                     

Monday 10 November 2014

Like Sales Room & Black Dot Project Event

Many designers are showcasing their new creations at the Like Sales Room which is up and running till end of November. Wicked has this wonderful Mesh Chantal Dress on sale at the Like Sales Room. On Sale separately are matching bag, ring and spiked heels that come with a colour hud and bracelet.

Head down to Like Sales Room and pick your favourite now.

More about Like Sales Room Event......

 Styling Card
Wicked ~ Chantal Dress @ Like Sales Room
Wicked ~ Freya Bracelets, Ivy Black Rings, Reeve  Bag @ Like Sales Room
Wicked ~ Reeve Spiked Heel @ Like Sales Room
Argrace ~ Minori [Classy Brown]


You can never get enough of 7Deadly s{k}ins. You can get this Blackdot Halo skin from the Black Dot Project Event. The skin comes with and without cleavage and Slink and Tango appliers.... 

Friday 7 November 2014

CSR & Like Sales Room

More Good news from VG shoes.... Head down to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room and grab their exclusive animal print UMA shoes.... while you are there, you may want to check out the other colours as well.... 3 more days to the end of this current cycle on 9Nov... GO now before they are gone forever.....
The next round of Like Sales Room starts 9 Nov... I just love this super sexy top and leather skirt from Impose.... Being sexy doesn't mean it has to be provocative... with a bare bare top like this, it is surely an alluring piece you will want to wear on your special date...
To complete my look for the day, I am wearing the Autumn skin from L'Anguisette. It is a young medium tan skin with a tinge of pink blushes and lipstick. At  200L and which comes with all appliers, it is a must have for all girls who like to go 'nude' with no makeup layers...

Style Card
Impose ~ Light Breeze Rays Open Top and Skirt @ Like Sales Room
VG Shoe ~ VG Uma Tiger [CSR Exclusive] @ CSR
L'Anguisette ~ Autumn Skin Chai [comes with all appliers] @ Like Sales Room
Dura ~ Boy 40 [Coffee]

Tuesday 4 November 2014

The Instrument Event & CSR

Effortless chic does not have to be perplexing. Nothing works best than a blue velvet cropped jacket  over a long slim dress. It is stylish and versatile enough to go from day to night with your busy life. When you want a cover-up, a little extra warmth or a little more fashion on top, a long-sleeved cropped jacket of matching colour and classy fabric can top a dress or formal wear.
The Indra gown with a sweetheart neckline from [[ Masoom]] comes with a matching velvet jacket and handbag is available at The Instrument Event from 1st November to 25th November.  It is a perfect set to see you from the office to a formal function in the evening. To complete the ensemble, I have chosen a set of white and blue pearls necklace, ear rings and ring from Lazuri and a pair of metallic blue Brooklyn heels from VG Shoe at Cosmopolitan Sales Room till 9th November.

You can grab the LM to the Instrument Event from [[Masoom]] 's event and discount board.

Style Card:
[[ Masoom]] ~ Indra gown

[[ Masoom ]] ~ Indra  Jacket Fitted Mesh
[[ Masoom ]] ~ Indra outfit bag
Lazuri ~ Classic Pearls Necklace, Stud Earrings and ring [with texture changing hud] [FREE gift]
Karacter ~ AXL pro FASHION l Las Vegas Glasses @ Marketplace
VG ~ Brooklyn Blue @ CSR Round Oct 27th
Dura ~ Girl 54 (Platinum)
[Yoon Skin] ~Babby ::  SunTan Morning Cleavage with option teeth

Sunday 2 November 2014


SNEAK PEEK is a NEW exclusive bi-monthly event for designers and creators with quality, diverse and premium design to promote the latest fashion. It showcases many sophisticated and yet luxurious and affordable style.
[[Masoom]] is proud to be part of this first monthly event and you have just 5 more days to be among the first to get a sneak peek into some of the latest trends in the SL fashion industry. Get the LM to Sneak Peek from the promotion and event board at [[Masoom]] mainstore now!

SNEAK PEEK takes place 25th of October till 5th of November.

Style Card
[[ Masoom ]] ~ Rajkumari gown Black @ Sneak Peek
[comes with butterflies on the hair piece and shoulder]
Truth Hair ~ Posy
Yoon Skin ~ Babby :: Sunkissed Pinker Cleavage