Sunday 31 July 2016

You inspire me

The moment I put on the Layla suit from Masoom, I feel that I am transformed to help vanquish the forces of evil by morphing myself into a fearless warrior princess. With Xena the warrior princess in mind, I came up with this styling and this picture.     

Layla outfit made specially for Maitreya and Slink hourglass is now available in this round of Uber till 23 August. It comes with a texture hud for both the suit and suit arm. 

Masoom ~ Layla suit and suit arm for Maitreya @ Uber

Hylian ~ Short Sword *No longer in MP

elikatira ~ Noire

Friday 29 July 2016

Spanish Fashion

Back in the 16th century, Span was on the cutting edge of fashion. Spanish clothing styles influenced the world and traditional Spanish clothing was widely known for its elegance and decoration. Today, Spanish fashion is very modern and throughout the countless influential collections from city to city, we are still salivating over Spain influence on fashion this season.

Model: Say Say, Photographer: Saori Kido Rey

Check out the latest ENVY Magazine for some of the Spanish influenced styling. 

Don't let the sun go down on me

I just love my summer dresses. They are so simple and light, yet stylish and with a hint of flirt. I immediately fell in love with Sascha's Designs' Poppy Dresses the moment Sascha so generously passed me a copy of her latest designs 3 days ago. There is an extensive collection of textures via the included HUD that gives you the look you desire for any occasion and for your favorite accessories you want to style with this dress.

It was not difficult to convince Scott to join me in this picture since he is off from his editorial work this week. Scott is dressed in the Pebble shirt and pants from LUXE Paris that he picked up during the Swank July Event.

So we put together a set using props from Kaerri

The La Joya Set is a Southwestern stylish Patio set that you will need if you like to recreate a desert in your backyard and the Honore Patio is a little whimsical and arty set with lots of flowers!

Poppy Dress Huds

Style Card
Sascha's Designs ~ Poppy Dress  No. 3 *New Release

SaJe ~ Shelly MA

[sYs] ~ Hayo Hair *Gift @ Hair Fair 2016

LUXE Paris ~ Pepple Tee Shirt and Pants for Slink @ Swank Event
L&B ~ Dress Shoe FT Wing Tip v3

Argrace ~ Flat cap/Kinoto @ Hair Fair 2016

Kaerri ~ La Joya Set consists of  Mosaic Donkey, Coffee Table, Table Cactus, Wall Plates, Wall, Talavera Fountain, Small Potted Palm

Kaerri ~ Honore Complete Set

Monday 25 July 2016

The new Ghee!

Ghee has had an extreme makeover!

The store has moved to a new location, and been completely rebuilt in a gorgeous classical style. There is still a lovely park and terrace cafe to relax in, and some nice spots for photos. 

The new Ghee SS16 Collection is at the store, as are several recent releases. We are adding stock daily as we migrate to the new vendor system. We also have a re-opening offer - a special edition of our SS16 Maxi Dress in Noir. This is FREE to Ghee Group members and just 50L to everyone else. 

Style Card
Ghee ~ SS16 Special Edition Noir Maxi Dress 

Baiastice~ Myrian Turban [Black] @ Hair Fair 2016
Ghee ~ SS16 Chunky Earring and Bangle

amara beauty ~ Liza 03 peach body @ Buy Now Marketplace


Sunday 24 July 2016

Summer Treat

When we decided to do a picture for SWANK July round, it was hard to pick what we wanted to showcase as there are more than 100 designers with their summer creations on sales at SWANK. After some careful planning to put a little scene together on a friend's beach, we shot the scene below. 

Out of the Box has supplied all the props: a very nicely textured mesh shed with single and couple animations, mesh pergola with two bean bag chairs that too comes with single and couple poses, surfboard, the umbrella and the lounge chair. Both umbrella and the lounge chair have an extensive collection of textures and colors to choose from. 

After we had built the set, Scott was so excited that he picked me up from the edge of the water and carried me all the way to our little setup. The pose we used for the shot was from Agapee, but we edited a little using AnyPose. I couldn't let my hat from Pink Ice fly away. ;)

Finally, we were ready to take the picture with me wearing a sun dress from Sage that comes in sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and Stardard bodies and a texture and colour hud that you can use to match your styling for that day. My styling is completed with a pair of sunglasses from Covert, necklace and earrings from Heartsdale and a pair of comfortable sandals from Vintage Touch.

As for Scott, he is spotted with a tank top from Ghotsys and shorts from JZ

To take a peek at some of the other designers featured in the ENVY Magazine, click on ENVY Magazine

Style Card
Sage ~ Christi Dress vs.2 for Maitreya

Pink Ice ~ Luana Floppy Beach Hat [b&w]
Covert ~ Blues Highway Sunglasses [black w/screws]
Heartsdale ~ Golden Rosa Necklace and Earrings

Vintage Touch ~ Summer Breeze Sandal [beauty]

No.Match ~ No Meaning @ NoMatch Mainstore

Ghostyss ~ Renaud Tank Tube
            JZ ~ Men Graffit Board Shorts

Argrace ~ Bucket Hat / Kai @ Argrace Mainstore

OTB ~ Surf's Up 1, Beach Shack, Ladybugs Everywhere Pergola. 
Lazy Dayz Deck Lounger

Edited from agp ~ couple pose10 using Anypose 

Swank - July
Theme: On The Beach

Friday 22 July 2016

You are free

Sometimes we just need to step away for a moment and rejuvenate the mind. Re-connect and feel great by finding the peace with the wind, breathe deep and know we are free...

So, I took a walk down the Key West Resort & Marinawearing the Madelyn top from Masoom that is designed specially for the Maitreya and Slink body. It comes in 9 colour scales and textures that you can easily mix and match. 

If you have not been to the Hair Fair 2016, it's time to TP over now. It's not as crowded as last year and I was able to TP in in a few tries. Tameless has 5 causal hairs in 3 color packs: Naturals with all 30 natural colors, Fades with 30 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 30 fantasy colors at the Fair.  All colors come as both rooted and non-rooted. Begin your shopping spree now.

Style Card
Masoom ~ Madelyn Top for Maitreya @ We <3 RP [till July 31]
Ghee ~ Ghee Alexa Pants [Pitch] 

Ghee ~ Ghee Carbon T-Bar Heels 

Tameless ~ Dominique * EXCLUSIVE Hair Fair 2016 [till July 31]

amara beauty ~ Liza 03 [peach] @ BUY NOW MP

Picture taken at Key West Resort & Marina

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Over the shoulder

This is one fun picture that I did with Scott. It is interesting to talk about how we want to capture the mood in the picture and what windlight and effect we want to get out of it. 

Scott has been a wonderful friend, PS mentor and boyfriend since we met last December. We enjoy working on our blog, photographs and now, we are making poses using AnyPose. We can't wait to share with all of you the poses that we are working on.. :D

In this picture, I am wearing Sascha's Designs' Poppy dress. It's a lovely little summer dress that you will see me wearing in RL too .... It comes with a texture hud and it's like getting 5 outfits in one. The lace up sandals from Agapee is one of my favourite and it matches the dress perfectly. The sandals too come with a texture hud.... I am just loving the 'extra' textures so we can mix and match easily without burning a hole in our pocket. 

Style Card
Sascha's Designs ~ Poppy Dress No. 1  (Maitreya) *NEW RELEASE

!IT! ~Seraphim Wings @ Designer Circle 
Agapee ~ Ellie laceup sandals

Argrace ~ Saki - Dark Brown

Agapee ~ Couple Poses 09 NEW RELEASE

Picture taken at Winterfall 

Check out Scott's Blog for his style Card.

E N V Y Magazine v2.8

Latest E N V Y Magazine is out!  

Check out the fabulous styling of our E N V Y models with the latest fashion from SWANK event. To see the latest collections of the 100 over designers at SWANK, click on the SWANK logo in the magazine for the direct LM to the event.

More Information about E N V Y

Sunday 17 July 2016

Friends forever

It's always a joy to blog with fellow blogger and what's more a friend whom I really enjoy hanging with... We wanted to do a causal picture and this gorgeous Masoom two pieces outfit comes to my mind.

Sahara outfit is 100 % original mesh and textures, exclusive for Uber. It is specially designed to fit Maitreya,  Slink physique and Slink hourglass mesh bodies. Available in 5 beautiful rich patterns, the Tops and skirts are sold separately and fat packs have all colors available through the HUD. :D

Style Card
Masoom ~ Sahara Outfit for Maitreya EXCLUSIVE @ Uber

monso ~ Annie [Brown] 

Circa ~ "Forest Dream" Festival Swings [with 34 poses] @ Indie Teepee

CLICK HERE for Herie's fabulous blog. 

Friday 15 July 2016

A love affair

I am in love with Ghee's whole new SS16 Collections which shows everything from fun summery prints, colours and details. Most of the accessories come with texture hud that allows you to easily match them with the outfits that you have put together. 

Another news :
Ghee has moved to a new gorgeous classical location. There is a lovely park and terrace cafe to relax in and some nice spots for photos. During this re-opening period, SS16 Maxi Dress in Noir is FREE to Ghee Group members and just 50L to everyone else. Take the Limo and begin your Summer Shopping Spree at Ghee now. 

Style Card
Ghee ~ SS16 Lace Top for Maitreya, Tailored Blazer and Suit Pants

Ghee ~ SS16 Bloom Hat and Chunky Beads and Bangles

Ghee ~ SS16 Signature Sandals Punched

Letituier ~ Lilith Hair 

Picture taken at Stuttgart

Monday 11 July 2016

Romance in the Summer

The latest release from AZUL is the glamorous and dreamy confection, Yulia gown, that comes in 14 charming summer shades of Pink, Rose, Limpet Shell, Snorkel Blue, Fiesta, Green Flash, Iced Coffee, White and Black.

It is a two piece ball gown with a three quarter sleeve top and a gathered organza over the full length satin skirt which offers the look of a soft romance in the Spring season. With a simple styling of a loose updo and matching accessories, you are off to make hearts skip a beat when you walk into the ballroom or down the runway.

Style Card
AZUL~ Yulia Gown [Morganite] *NEW RELEASE

Mandala ~ Shippoah Choker and Bracelet [White]

Argrace ~ Kagari [Copper]

Picture taken at Shitenno Isle

Friday 8 July 2016

Ghee SS16 Collection

Summer has never been this fun with Ghee. If you have not, you should head down to Ferosh. You will be in awe just looking at the latest apparel collection of Ghee SS16 which features a wide array of season colours such as bright canary yellow, rich fiesta, cobalt blue and soft rose quartz for a standout summer statement.

What I love best is the accessories which come with the texture hud and I had so much fun mixing and matching the colours to fit my outfits. 

Style Card
Outfit Ferosh 
Ghee ~ Fiesta SS16 Jumpsuit 

Accessories Ferosh 
Ghee ~ SS16 Chunky Earring and Bangle
Ghee ~ SS16 Bloom Brooch 
Ghee ~ SS16 Signature Handbag

Dura ~ Girl *64 Hair [Dark Colour]

Shoe Ferosh 
Ghee ~ SS16 Signature Sandals Punched [Fiesta] for Slink feet

Picture taken at Basilique Town

Thursday 7 July 2016

Summer Heat

It's been a long break from SL. The toils of RL can sometimes take the joy of SL away. However, I am glad I am back, fresh and all ready to share with all of you the fabulous fashion this Summer.

A must to your wardrobe this Summer is swimwear! How can one not take a day or several days off to enjoy the cool water at the beach. Agapee has a new release at Cosmopolitan this month. A fitted mesh bikini that is made specially for TMP, Maitreya and Slink bodies.

To spice up your swimwear, head down to Cosmopolitan and grab this nice flower wreath from Perseform. There are 10 different colour roses of different sizes which you can mix and match to create your own style. 

Style Card
*agp* ~ Eve Bikini for Maitreya/ TMP/ Slink @ Cosmopolitan

Persefona ~ Rosalinda Wreath with small roses @ Cosmopolitan

Argrace ~ Haruka [Camel Blonde]

amara beauty ~ Dana 03 peach [Maitreya/Catwa/Slink Applier]

Ghee ~ SS16 Matte Nails [for slink hands] @ Ferosh Fashion Week