Saturday 6 July 2013

The way it will be

A perfect outfit for the summer...
July group gift from EVOLVE

EVOLVE ~ July Hippie

 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Gail V2

Style Card:

Outfit: EVOLVE ~ July Hippie (July Group Gift)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Gail V2 (@ Designer Circle)

Hair: W&Y ~ Model Hair 20
Ear ring: PP ~ Rock Studded Earrings
Boots: Mu-Shi Doll ~ Black Platform Boots (@ Designer Circle)

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Wish you were here

Make a stunning entrance with this body flattering mermaid gown from [Masoom].
The new group gift at [Masoom] NEW store
[Masoom] ~ Higher Mesh Gown (NEW group gift)
Wearing this skin from 7 Deadly s{K}in, I can't help but feel glamorous and elegant instantly. I am all ready to waltz the night away with the special someone.
7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Starfish skin V2 B4b

Style Card:

Outfit: [Masoom] ~ Higher Mesh Gown (NEW group gift)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Starfish skin V2 B4b (@ Summerfest Starfish Hunt)

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. ~ CHEVIA
Jewellery: Phoebe ~ Necklace and Earring In Black & White Diamonds

CLICK HERE for [Masoom] new store SLURL

Saturday 29 June 2013

Fractalious at SL10b

I was very excited when I got to know that Kiki has her creation at SL10B sim. She has been a great friend for a long time and I have had the chance to see her previous work before. She is truly one of the most talented and dedicated builder I have known.
Of course, I quickly asked for an interview with her and she agreed immediately.


Owner & creator Kikiri Tuqiri (right)
Debbie Selona: Hi Kiki, it's been a long time...How have you been ") Ty for meeting up with me.
Kikiri Tuqiri: I'm good. Yw :)
Debbie Selona: How long have you been building?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Over 5 years
Debbie Selona: What are your inspiration for this build and most of your builds?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Well, the theme for SL10B is "Second Life – Looking Forward, Looking Back". So this is an exhibit of the fractals I've made and used in Second Life over the years, at the end there is a note card stuffed with information that I have collected on how to get started making fractals free. So the inspiration for this build was the theme and the Second Life B-Day celebration.
Debbie Selona: Can you tell us what exactly is fractal?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Well, a fractal is a pattern that is never ending and repeats itself at different scales. Fractals are very complex even though they are made repeating this simple process. There are natural occurring fractals like the spirals in shells and galaxies, and then there are mathematical fractals that are formed by essentially calculating a simple equation thousands of times.
Kikiri Tuqiri: This one is a Holofractal V5. It is timed to emit different fractal textures that are particles which are two dimensional. So if you walk around the sphere they will always be facing you. That's how this is done, with a particle script using fractals as textures.

Debbie Selona: Wow, sound complicating but definitely very interesting.
Kikiri Tuqiri: Yes , particles are a lot of fun. Interesting to work with.

Debbie Selona: Have you been building since day 1 in SL?

Kikiri Tuqiri: No, but I did learn the prims had physical capabilities on day one.
Debbie Selona: You have been building for more than 5 years. Can you tell us what is the difference in the building world now and 5 years ago?

Kikiri Tuqiri: I learned to build on my own through the trial, error, reading, observation and more. I have seen changes like sculpting, mesh and building groups that have lessons with supplies for free.
Debbie Selona: In your years of building, have you face any problem? any challenge ?
Kikiri Tuqiri: Oh yes, when I first started to build it was in a public sandbox and you were at the mercy of griefers...grieving became a daily occurrence and I've been caged and flung into space many times.
Debbie Selona: That was terrible. What are the new project that you are working on right now?

Kikiri Tuqiri: A space themed hang out is in the works right now, also I am building a particle showroom because I am also a particle performer and make my own effects and textures. I have also just opened a new art gallery and have lots to do in the Deitide sim like shopping and rides, so please visit!
Debbie Selona: Kiki, Tysm for your time.

Holofractal V5 

After the interview, Kiki invited me over to her sim and I was lucky that day as she did a 'private' show for me. I was totally amazed! My camera went clicking away. I wanted to give all of you a preview of her spectacular show!

For those are interested in special performance for your party and events, you may contact Kikiri Tuqiri directly. (^_^)


Friday 28 June 2013

A visit to the SL10B Sims

 For those who have not made a trip down to the SL10B 22 sims, you have up to  29 June before they are closed! If you love art, exhibitions and events, this is one place you will not want to miss! However, if you find going round huge sims 'tiring', you will be glad to know that they have a pod tour that brings you around the sim.

Pod Tour
What I love best about the pod tour is that there is commendatory that goes with the tour explaining every build as I move past them!


I went past Bikers Bay and went into the building. I love what I saw. I was lucky to meet up with the builder and owner of Bikers Bay, the two awesome sisters, Karra Babii and Mairead Fitzgerald. I asked if I could do an interview with them and they agreed immediately.

Debbie Selona: Hi Mairead, Hi Raven, ty so much for agreeing to this interview.

Mairaed: Yw :)

Raven: Our pleasure.

Debbie Selona: For how long have you both been doing this....building and 'living' in sl ?")

Mairead: gosh over 6 years in SL and being creative in it for just as long.

Debbie Selona: Have you been building since day one?

Mairead: noooo lol, I took a lot of SL university classes before I went public, from prims to scripts . We have a lot of fun with getting creative here in SL. Some people like to look, like yourself :) Some like to build build build. It's what keeps us here.

Debbie Selona: lol, When did you start to build Bikers Bay?

Mairead: Bikers Bay was built last May, transitioned over from Barataria Bay, an entire pirate village.

Debbie Selona: What is your inspirations? Are you both bikers in RL ?")

Mairead: Well Sis is a biker :) I got more timid as I got older. Or perhaps wiser? LOL
Sis rides all the time. Once I got burned by a hot tailpipe, it took the fun out of it for me.

Rαvεη: we both love building and we are RL sisters so it's really fun working together
Debbie Selona: wow that's wonderful ")

Mairead: It's so much easier when you can have the same communication we have and share a vision

Debbie Selona: What is your inspiration for Bikers Bay?

Mairead: The reason for Bikers Bay is because sis, then I, got back into cycling here in SL after a 3 year hiatus. We joined an all female avie club that ended up disbanding and needing a new home. So we sort of donated most of our sim to use for the club and Bikers Bay was born!

Mairead: You should hear us RL side going at a new project :)

Debbie Selona: What's new.. Please tell me and we will have the public drool alittle hehe

Mairead: When not doing sims, Krra likes to dabble in the mystical art side of things in her creations and I mostly design clothing

Mairead: Winter sim is only open Oct - Nov - Dec

Rαvεη: Both our shops are at Bikers Bay

Debbie Selona: Clothes.... hmmmm what's the brand? you know I love to shop hehe

Mairead: Prim & Pixel is my store, Raven Keep is sis's

Mairead: We also have Monkey SHines, which is the largest Zooby Trainable Pet Clothing store on the grid.

Rαvεη: Starting a new project is always exciting!

Debbie Selona: Being very experience in SL... (6 yrs I mean) I am only like 3 years old. What is the one advice you will give to anyone out there so that we can survive as long in SL....

Mairead: Be nice

Rαvεη: Have fun and enjoy what you are doing.

Mairead: Patience, tolerance, and being nice is key

Debbie Selona: Agree totally ") Well, it's late. Ty again for meeting up with me. Hope to see more of your great work in SL soon... ")

Bikers Bay

After the interview, I went around the sims and took several snapshots of the beautiful scenery. Though picture paints a thousand words, but sometimes seeing is believing.


CLICK HERE for more info about SL10B celebrations
CLICK here for Bikers Bay slurl

Thursday 27 June 2013

Summer Treats!

I found this deliciously wonderful place at the SL10B sim. It is decorated with fruits; strawberries, kiwi , ice cream and chocolates! When I am standing on it, I feel like little Thumberlina flying around the gigantic flowers. (^_^)
I decided to blog this wearing Senzafine's Lilah Sundress from the Thrift shop which ends 29th June. Lilah sundress comes in 8 colours.

Senafine ~ Lilah Sundress
Yoon Beauty ~ Pure 2 Snowpale skin
 Style Card:

Outfit: Senzafine ~ Lilah Sundress (@Thrift shop)
Skin: Yoon Skin ~ Pure 2 SnowPale Makeup
Hair: D!va ~ Lili Hair
Accessories: P.Fashion ~ Headphone A-Type 2, GaNKeD ~ Spikes Earrings, okkbye ~ Rad Ring, Zooby  ~ "The Z Bag" Tan Chihuahua Carrier
Tights: Maitreya ~ Gold Tights

SIM: SL10B Astound dance stage
( For more information about SL10B slurls CLICK HERE )

Wednesday 26 June 2013

HUnts and more Hunts!

Shopping is my favourite past time. Hunts are even better....If I have a little time in SL, I will hunt but I don't keep all the hunts. I rezz, wear the items and put them in 3 different folders - use, keep and use later, keep and see how...
I am a keeper of good quality stuff. I fuss over hairs cutting into my skin as much as clothes 'tearing' as I move. These tops and skin from [Masoom] and 7deadly s{K}ins are definitely something I am going to wear for sometime...
If you are like me, a perfectionist and love good quality stuff, these three hunts are something you cannot miss!
A Midnight's Summer Dream Hunt
( starts June 21st midnight till July 21st )

Endless Summer Hunt
( starts June 20th midnight till July 20th )

Summerfest with Starfish Hunt
( starts June 21st - July 15th )

Style Card: (Picture 1 &2)

Top: Masoom ~ Midnight summer top (from Midnight's Summer Dream Hunt)
Skirt: Milk Motion ~ tie&dye long partial mesh skirt (@ TDR)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ StarFishSkin V1 B3b (@ Old Europe's Summerfest & Starfish Hunt)
Hair: D!va ~ Hair "Lili" (@ Collabor88)
Sunglass: Glow studio ~ Stefania Shades (@ TDR)
Ring: Okkbye ~ Rad Ring (@ Collabor 88)

(Picture 3)
Top: Masoom ~ Endless Summer Tube top (from Endless Summer Hunt)

SIM: SL10B Hayabusa Design
(CLICK HERE for info about SL10B slurl)
[Masoom] has moved! Click HERE for their NEW url

Monday 17 June 2013

Because of You

"Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learnt to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt"

I once read "What never breaks you, makes you stronger". I guess in every one's life, there will be that someone or experience that almost broke us, shattered us into pieces. Some gave it up. I chose to pick up the pieces, muster every effort within me and fight. Thus, becoming a stronger person. There is no regrets for the things that I have lost but instead I have learnt to treasure the people and life I have now!
7 Deadly S{K}ins ~ DC Special D1

7 Deadly S{K}ins ~ DC Special D2

[Masoom] ~ Lashed Top

In this round of Stuff in Stock and Designer Circle, you can find the awesome creations of [Masoom] and 7 Deadly s{K}ins. Hurry down to get yours now.

Style Card:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Lashed Top (@ Stuff in Stock)
Skin: 7 Deadly S{K}ins ~ DC Special (@ Designer Circle)

Hair: W&Y HAIR ~ New 133 (comes with the cap)
Accessories: Hebenon Vial ~ Against the Stream [Ink]*Mesh*_lip/nose ring, RealEvil Industries ~ Black Heart Necklace RLV and NOX Dulce Bracelet

Masoom has shifted!
CLICK HERE for [Masoom] Mainstore
CLICK HERE for 7 Deadly S{k}ins Maintstore

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Every skin tells a story

A woman's skin tells a story. Where she's been. How she's lived. What she's accomplished. With Yoon's skin, you can tell a radiant, luminous and a truly timeless one.
Every of her skin comes with a makeup or no makeup option and one with or without cleavage. With just 1 skin, you can create as many stories as you want. And, isn't this is what SL is all about. To be the one you have always wanted to be.
Head down to Yoon Beauty now and create your very own unique story!

Style Card:
(Picture 1)
Skin: YOON Skin ~ AMELIA :: SunTan Natural No Makeup (left)
         YOON Skin ~ AMELIA :: SunTan Lipstick Cleavage (right)
Hair: TuTy's ~ Romantic - 40's vintage hairstyle
Outfit: TWA ~ Assault on the Senses Gown
(Picture 2)
Skin: YOON Skin ~ Pure 2 :: SnowPale Subtile Shade Cleavage (left)
         YOON Skin ~ Pure 2 :: SnowPale Brune Makeup Cleavage (right)
Hair: W&Y ~ MODEL HAIR 25
Outfit: Evolve ~ Butterfly Fantasy (June group gift)
Earring: Chop Zuey ~ Arpeggio GM

(Picture 3)
Skin: Yoon Skin ~ Jenna sunkissed Nat Cleavage (left)
          Yoon Skin ~ Jenna sunkissed MK Cleavage (right)
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Amandine Mesh Hair
Outfit: mon tissu ~ Softest Cinch Cardigan, Prism ~ Sampler 8 Glitch Shorts
Necklace: Fairy Tail ~ Antique Pendant-Key

SL 10B Community Celebration


Second Life – Looking Forward, Looking Back

Second Life turns 10!

I have been on SL since 2010. Not long enough to retrospect like many of you here... but thinking back when I first started, it does bring a smile to my face... I started like most of you, dancing, exploring, chatting, learning and dated a little. I was spending every minutes I had in SL as it was such an addictive place. Then, I joined modelling and was into courses and workshops learning to be a model. Joined a few pageants and contests, went on runways, met many nice and creative people and some of whom have become my RL friends. I started to get interested in SL photography too. So I went on to learn about it. Now, I spend most of my time blogging and dating the man of my dream.

Yes this is me a long time ago!
As I am writing this entry, I decided to dig into my photo album and share with you a picture of me way before I was even a model or have learned how to edit prims or the pictures that I had taken, hehe.
Many of us here have a story to tell... Second Life has come a long way to be what it is today. As a celebration of its 10th anniversary, the SL10B Community Celebration is hosting a resident-run gala celebration, and it happens from June 16 to June 29.

Starting June 16th, 2013, there here will be ongoing festivities covering twenty-two sims, including four amazing stages, over 360 exhibits and – last but not least – 24/7 nonstop performances for an entire week from some of Second Life’s best entertainers.

The sims are not opened to the public yet but soon on 16 June, it will be the grand opening. For those who love hunts, there will be the Long Walk led by David Abbot where you get to explore and find amazing things as you visit the sims.

And this is me, too, after 2 years in SL
Have I grown older or what?
Mark your calendar for the event of the decade!

16 June 2013

Click HERE to read more about it.
Click HERE for a sneak preview of some of the incredible sims that are being built.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Dark Side

As the saying goes " Everyone has an angel in them." Likewise I think "Everyone has a devil in them." Your dark side is what you hate most in yourself or what you fear most. It’s your fear of failure, it’s your extreme shyness or your sexual compulsion. Or maybe a drug or alcohol addiction or an aggressive way of dealing with your closest family and friends.
The dark side is also what you hate most in others. Every time a person is making you nuts, it’s because that person touched a very delicate part of your dark side. You hate it when someone tells you his mother comes home late drunk. You cry when someone tells you her boyfriend walks out of her. You freak out when someone asks you for a loan. You become depressed when someone tells you her boss is making suggestive move towards her. You go crazy and start yelling when someone tells you he is going to be late for the movie.
“I am not this person, I can’t be that bad"

We cannot let go of our dark side because it is an experience, a part of our life and perhaps a part of our childhood that we are trying to forget. A memory that is etched in our mind even when we are 50s? 60? 70? A fear of rejection, a fear of abandon, an aggressive impulse  or a compulsion. BUT, we can learn to accept our dark side. Talk to someone close (there is no need to hide, no one is perfect) and start identify your reaction to the stuff that you don't like. Soon, you will realise that there is only 1 or 2 incidents that you have to deal with and accept. Everyone has a dark side. Not talking about it or showing it doesn't make one more perfect. We have just learned to accept.
"It is still me, only a better me."
 When Synjari, owner and designer of Senzafine, passed us some stuff she has for the World Goth Fair, I had so much fun styling and taking this picture for this write up. I have always wanted to do a Gothic theme and it wasn't too hard with the outfit and furniture from Senzafine.
She uses a generous dark red velvet spread on the mahogany furniture pieces which truly look remarkable in any Gothic home. The Miette dress comes in various colours and includes a flattering corset that is popular during the Victorian and medieval ages. Gothic clothing is incomplete without Gothic boots and the Callisto Boots from Senzafine at the Genre too comes with various colours to suit every taste.
Head down to the World Goth Fair now before it ends  31 May. 50% to 100% of the sales proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Sales at Genre ends 12 June.

Style Card:

Outfit: Senzafine ~ Miette Dress [Deadly Nightshade] (@ World Goth Fair)
Shoe: Senzafine ~ Callisto Boots [Espresso] (@Genre)
Stocking: That's Amore ~ Black Fishnet stockings
Hair:  EMO-tions ~ Maren
Skin: Realistic Skins - Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special5
Ear: Libertine ~ Classic Rock Elf Ear
Nail: Mandala ~ Nail PALETTE 2/short
Accessories: Heartskin ~ Teeth, Hebenon Vial ~ Against the Stream Lip and Nose Ring (Mesh),
Makeup-: Mad ~ Goth Lips II, Corvus : Eye Scar

Furniture: Senzafine ~ Evendim Accent Table, Table Lamp, Arm Chair, Folding Screen and Rug (@World Goth Fair)

Pose: DelMay ~ black stand 1

everybody's got a dark side.
do you love me?can you love mine?
nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it.
you know that we're worth it.
will you love me?even with my dark side?

Friday 24 May 2013

Black is Classic II

You will never believe me when I said it took me a week just to get the perfect shot for this blog entry. Why? My laptop is overworked and it crashes each time I take a snapshot with the high graphics. It is so tiring..... But, I can't give up. I just got to show you this bustier dress from Masoom with the awesome accessories I've found from L'accessories.
This stunning mini length bustier dress features a tutu style mesh skirt, black marble effect bodice with sweetheart neckline and plunging scoop back for a sultry finish. Team this glitzy dress with the one-of-its kind of accessories for the coolest chic look.

Style Card:

Outfit: Masoom ~ Mira Dress (@ Designer Circle)
Hair: TuTy ~ Limbo Wet look hair
Eyebrow: 22769 ~ [femme] Dryad Head Piece (@ L'accessories)
Handbag: Pure Poison ~ Persia Clutch (@ L'accessories)
Bangles: Finesmith~ Sura Bracelet

For info about [Masoom]

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Black is Classic

 If you love Black as much as I do, you really have to head down to the Blackonly EVENT. It is a one-stop for all your needs; from hats, outfits, shoes, accessories, tattoos and even poses.
The classic little black outfit can go a very long way. It can move you seamlessly from the office to a party - all with the addition or removal of the right accessories and complementary clothing. But when many women are relying on their little black dress/ outfit to beautify their wardrobe and make them look fantastic, it can be hard to stand out among all the other.
Here are some suggestions for dressing up your little black piece so that you stand out from the crowd:
1) Pick the Right Outfit for the Right Occasion. For evening dress, it  can be slinkier and yet remain well-shaped. The length should end on the knee. For day wear, it can be anything with a softer fabrics and lightweight wool crepe is a good summer fabric if wearing a black dress or pants.
2) Add headwear and hair accessories to the list of possible dress-ups for the little black number. A well placed hat can be suitable for special events
3) If you don't mind wearing gloves, they can really dress up the little black dress. White gloves for the daytime and black gloves for the evening can work wonders.
4) Use jewelry to brighten up the little black outfit. The little black piece provides a magnificent backdrop for showing off your favourite jewelry pieces.


If you can't get enough of [Masoom], here's the taxi to their mainstore.......

Style Card (left)
Outfit: Masoom ~ Incurable Outfit (@ Blackonly EVENT)
Hair: Dura ~ Boy 40
Accessories: RealEvil ~ Black Heart Necklace and NOX Dulce Bracelet, Mandala ~ MilkyWay Saga Black Ring, Hebenon Vial ~ Against the Stream Mesh Nose and Lip rings
Shoe: MV ~ Damask Heels

Style Card (Right)
Outfit: Masoom ~ Cured Dress (@ Blackonly EVENT)
Hair: Truth ~ Madaline
Hat: Glam Affair ~ Giant Dish Hat (@ L'accessoires)
Necklace: PP ~ Linne Transparent Diamonds
Glove: Danielle ~ Members Gift, Quinn Mint ~ fingerless Glove Cuts
Shoe: HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos

Thursday 9 May 2013

A Sizzling Hot Day

I love spending my day at the beach.
I love the embrace of the warm sun, the smell of the salty sea and the feeling of the sea breeze blowing on my face.
I love watching the waves and listening to the birds,
I love to cycle, roller blade or just lie on the white sandy beach
and people watch. 
I love watching the kids build a tall sandcastle and how they fuss when the sandcastle topples,
I love watching loving couples lying close to each other on the sand, stealing glances at each other,
I love watching families chattering and laughing at the beach.

Of course,
I love wearing the sexiest bikini to the beach and be watched by others.
At [Masoom],
Stuff in Stock, I found the exact piece I would love to have.
The white bikini against my sunburned skin.
The white flowy skirt flows with the wind.
The Anu dress comes with the hat that provides shade from the Sun.

Style Card:
Outfit: [Masoom] ~ Anu Dress (@ Stuff in Stock)
Hair: Catwa ~ Mesh Wet Lucy
Accessories : Finesmith ~ Belly Flower Ring, Digital Aura ~ Bansai Bangle
Poses: [Masoom] ~ Divall Poses @ Trph4  runway perfect hunt gift

More about [Masoom]

Monday 29 April 2013

A Dream Comes True

7Deadly s[K]ins

They say women in love are the most beautiful creatures. I am not very sure about that.  But one thing we all know is a flawless skin and unique shape in SL makes you stand out from the crowd.
When I was given this Vanity Model Skin 1 to blog, I wore it for a few days to see what kind of response I would get. Not one of my friend left me without a comment, "Nice skin, Debbie. Where is it from?" When I went clubbing, I got a few IM complimenting on my skin as well.
I was flattered. Which girl doesn't like to be noticed for her 'beauty'? I can't help but to look at myself in the mirror more often, admiring how well the eye brows and eye lids are drawn, the eye shadow that accentuates the skin, the well defined lips and the flawless skin.

I am definitely going to wear more of the 7Deadly s[K]ins which, without much effort, bring out the exotic Asian look in me. (^_^)

 7Deadly s[K]ins are sold in 5 different Boxes
containing 4 different Skin Tones, 
 & 'Body Types'
[7DS] VanityModelSkin01
It is getting warmer in SL but from where I come from, it is 'summer' 365 days a year.... Haha... I found the perfect outfit from Senzafine which you will see me wearing even in RL. Causal and yet sensual. An outfit that takes me from work (with a jacket worn over) to a weekend date with my boyfriend.
What I like is the way Synjari, owner and designer of Senzafine, did with the cut and detailed print on both its tank top and legging. To complete the look, I wore a shoulder length Georgina Hair from Truth and a chunky necklace crafted with precious stones from Paper Couture.

.:SF:. "Sohma" Tank Tunic and Legging [Turq] - NEW
.:SF:. "Sohma" Tank Tunic and Legging [Vermilion] - NEW

Your Taxi Here...

7Deadly s[K]ins

Monday 22 April 2013


(from 12th to 26th April)
As the name suggests, at the Fair, you will find the cutest stuff on the grid. From hair, make up, outfits, accessories, shoes.. When I received this outfit from Amber, owner and designer of Masoom, I tried it on and immediately fell in love with it... It's so and funky. You are going to see me clubbing in this outfit tonight and tomorrow and maybe the day after too... (^_^)


Styling Card:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Meli Top and Pants (exclusive @ Kawaii )
Hair: DeLa ~ Mesh Moelleux
Collar: dl ~ Lock me Collar
Arm band: dl ~ The lost clock
Accessories: Envi ~  Lip Niall - Butterflies, Diamond Nose stud, Belly Jane - Butterflies, Finesmith ~ Alexandra Ring 
Shoe: BSD Design Studio ~ Hera


If you want more of Masoom, head down to the Stuff in Stock now. At the April cycle, you will get this little bustier dress crafted from chiffon fabric. The details given to the jewel embellished at the bustier and finished by a flirty skirt with layers of soft chiffon have been a cut with fit and flare shape.

Styling Card:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Zinia Outfit (comes with Lola Tango appliers @ Stuff in Stock)
Hair: Vita's Boudoir ~ Sugarplum Coiffure
Necklace: Pure Poison ~ Linne necklace (@ Kawaii Fair)

All about [Masoom]

Sunday 21 April 2013

One Cozy Afternoon

New Release from Senzafine
Senzafine ~ Chloe babydoll dress [Gold] - NEW
Senzafine ~ Chloe babydoll dress [Antique] - NEW

At Senzafine, you will also find this beautifully crafted Colour in Bloom candles, table and chair set with both texture change and 10 animations.

Styling card:
Outfit: Senzafine ~ Chloe babydoll dress
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Megumi Mesh Hair
Shoe: *MJS* Flirty WHITE

Your taxi to Senzafine
More information about Senzafine: