Thursday 30 August 2012

New Skins ~ ZOUL CREATIONS (Part I)

When I first received these new skins from Zoul Creations created by the talented Shantia Soulstar, I was totally amazed by the quality of the skin and the perfect lip on each and every one of them....Lol... yes.. to me, lip (colour) is a visual body part of the face that tells a story of a woman.... It visibly expresses emotions such as a smile or frown.

I simply fell in love with these skins and I try my very best to capture them in these pictures.. But... don't take my word for it...... Go down to the store and get a demo today... You will not want to change your skin for sometime... (^_^)

Adriana 02 ~ Fair Skins                        

Adriana 03 ~ Beige Skins

Adriana 04 ~ Sunkissed Skins

(Model/ Photographer: Debbie Jasper)

Here's the Limo to the awesome skin store ~ ZOUL CREATIONS


Stay tune for Part II of their new range..... (^_^)


Sunday 19 August 2012


Model/Photographer: Debbie Jasper

Today I set sail to the open sea
Beyond the horizon I planned to be
Where sun rays could warm me
And darkness not find me
That is where I planned to be.

But like my heart the sky turned black
Cold, and bleak, in sudden lack
And so I thought, I must go back
But something held me

It was that strange beauty
That was the storm which made me
That hurricane which made me
With ominous power it overcame me

It shook me and took me away
Menacing torrents and blustery weather
Strained me and lead me astray
My plans to be
Where there shone the sun
Were departed
But remained but one
Reminder and tale of who I am now
From that darkness which made me

Monday 13 August 2012

~ Flirt Summer ~

When I first caught sight of this simple and yet elegant tube dress from La Petite Morte, I knew I just have to get one myself. This dress comes in 6 different colours but I chose this purple and gold as I think gold colour accentuates the richness of this satin material.

This precious material follows the feminine curves on the top and enchants with its bow like design at the bottom of the skirt. A simple make up of eyeshadow and blushes from Le Petite Morte is enough to bring out the elegance of this Flirt Summer. To complete the look, I wear it with a square bracelet and a sapphire popillia gold ring from LaGyo and a small gold glam purse from Finesmith.

Le Petite Morte too carries a diverse selection of skins, cool poses and accessories.

This is the limousine waiting for you........

Styling Card:

Dress: La Petite Morte  ~ Flirt Summer Mesh
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Sybille Mesh Hair
Shoe: Donna Flora ~ Alice Shoes
Make up: La Petite Morte ~ the romantics makeup, Lush Cosmetics ~ CoCo's Shadows - Golden Hour, Miamai ~ XGen Makeup_Basic Liner
Handbag: Finesmith ~ Glam Purse

Poses: La Petite Morte ~ The Nutcracker Suite The Sugar Plum Fairy 4

I am Glad I am Alive!

This week has been a terrible week for me. I had my fair share of the so called SL drama a few days back. Someone whom I had known and loved for almost a year betrayed me and the things that he did and the words he said horrified me and left me totally flabbergasted and disgusted. Never in my dreams would I expect such an immoral act by someone whom I had trusted with my entire life.

I wanted to get out and leave SL... My 'world' came crashing down. Is there any reason for me to linger even for a minute?

When I was feeling so lonely and lost, I was glad I had a few close friends who came over to console me....Sushant, my RL friend told me not to give up my SL just because of that 1 person who was not even worth a second of my life but to think of what I have loved most about SL... I love what I am doing here, modelling, shopping, dancing, and taking pictures and editing them to perfection.

As we were talking, I saw the group notice from Diesel Works about their August Group Gift. I love the pose!.... I told Sushant I wanted to go and get the group gift and he suggested we take a picture together. I knew he wanted me to take my mind of that loathsome experience and to do what I love. I smiled... We did.....I then edited the picture... This is what I managed to do in my erratic state of mind....

Thank you my friends who have been here for me and who have stood by me all these time. You are the reason why I am still here and you are the reason I am still alive....

This song that I love and is especially dedicated to you... You know who you are....

I remember everything
I can’t see even a little thing
when I close my eyes.

You're far away
somewhere that I can’t reach
I didn’t say I love you or
I will wait for you
I really didn't imagine meeting you again

I still love you,
I confess you now
I wanna love forever if it is not late,
forever with me

Even though my heart lived without you for a long time,
You were in my heart
I really didn't imagine meeting you again.

I still love you,
I confess you now
I wanna love forever if it is not late,
forever with me

Miss TWA contest 2012 ~ Final Challenge

I made it to the final!!!

For this challenge, we had to style a warrior outfit and a gown for the queen of TWA.

The Medieval Queens and Princesses shared the most powerful positions with their husbands and many held extremely important influence over their sons.

The royalties adorned clothing of gold and purple silk wide gown decorated with embroidery at the edges to add a touch of design to the entire ensemble. The gown included a corset that was tied tight to enhance the hourglass shape of women. Queens and princesses wore vibrant-coloured dresses with high collars and had long sleeves and trailing. The neckline of these dresses were often cut in a square to accent the bust of a women and then accentuated with bold necklaces.

A great amount of extravagance could be seen in the fashion when gold, silver and other precious stones were used on the clothing.

The women of the upper social classes wore their hair either in loose curls or braided hair decorated with precious stones, pearls, ribbons and even shimmering veils.

This is what I wore as the Queen of TWA

Styling Card:

Dress: Contessa Gown and Regal Monarch II Gown by TWA
Jewellery: Princess Set in Gold, Rubies and Diamonds by Virtual Impressions, Sierra Tiara in Gold and Diamonds by Virtual Impressions
Shoe: Flates Nadua by Abebe
Hair/ Hair Base: FTN683 black hair by booN, Black Pearl Blend hair base by Damselfly

This is what I wore as a warrior of the Medieval Era

Styling Card:

Dress: Dark Empress Gown by TWA (ear ring and head gear included), Exiled Adventure Tunic by TWA, Sylvan Valkrie Gown by TWA.
Hair/ Hair Base: KB0906 black hair by booN, Noir hair base by Vanity
Makeup: Eyeliner 3 by Flirt, Black Eye shadow and Lipstick 02 by Glamourize
Shoe: Juran Leather Sandals by Abebe
Sword: Hylian Short sword by Arcane's Forge

As I was styling for this final challenge, I was reminded of a friend who showed me this song that I couldn't stop listen to since then...

Thursday 9 August 2012

Summer Blast

Did this some time ago but couldn't find time to post it till now......Was again playing with GIMP and like the effect of this one....

My Flickr

Styling Card:

Hair: ::::Fab-U-Lous:::: Erica- D
Top: Zenith ~ (Cherry)Silk Maxitop, Boom ~ Mini Vest, SMS ~ Belted Tunic Aqua
Pants: Addict ~ Love Hurts Leggings
Shoe: Leverocci ~ AVA Otk Boots
Accessories: Shade Throne ~ STUY sunglasses, Shade Throne ~ The Dango Necklace, LaGyo ~ Popillia ring gold sapphire, LaGyo ~ Square Bangles, Boom ~Take it Easy Tote-Yip

With the fireworks on the dance floor...... I just feel like dancing to this awesome tune by... T~ara