Thursday 31 July 2014

Cosmetic Fair 2014

Cosmetic Fair featuring great make-ups, skins and hair runs from 15 - 30 July. There's still a few hours to go before their close they door at 12 today.

Zoul Creations has released their latest skin, Allison and Ayana, in 10 skin tones at the Fair.  Each of which comes with 10 lip colours, 10 eye shadows, Azz and Lolas, Slink hands and feet and physique and wowMeh appliers. These skins are only available at the Fair.... Hurry before it's gone.

Allison ~ Sk 4

Ayana ~ Sk6

Ayana ~ Sk 10

I have always loved Zoul Creations skins for her elegant and stylish look. Clad in this black, soft lace jacket and pants suit from Giulia Design and a golden necklace from JCNY, I am all ready for a date straight from work.

Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Allison and Ayana [@ Cosmestic Fair]
Hair: AD ~ Pop Scotch [from the Hair Fair 2014]
Outfit: Giulia Design ~ Recise [from Designer Circle]
Accessories: LaGyo ~ Popillia ring and JCNY ~ Marcia, Spring Fashion Necklace

Poses:  IOS ~ 3 Boxes with Poses[from Designer Circle]

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Life is a Fairytale

If you are a photographer, you will agree with me when I say sometimes we need some inspiration for a picture... When I received this Moonlit Set from Warm Clarity, one of the owners and designers of ghee, I put it on and immediate I had this mental picture of a fairytale princess in a mysterious land faraway.

She is dressed in this off-shoulder top adorned with glittering sequins and a long skirt with a train that flows in the wind as she dances in the castle. The fabric is materials enabled and it is elegant and exquisite. She doesn't need her tiara nor jewellery to shine in the dark. She is light.

ghee ~  Moonlite [ruby] New

Moonlite comes in 4 colours; ruby, sapphire,  amethyst and onyx. Come get yours and be a princess today!

Outfit: ghee ~ Moonlite [New]
Hair: Analog Dog Hair - Aeris
Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}ins ~ Dawn V1 [incl. appliers] @ Designer Circle

Monday 28 July 2014

Hair Fair 2014

This is a charity event that is very close to my heart. 

Today is the day when many over the grid remove their hair to show they care. Not removing your hair doesn’t mean you care any less, but this is a fun tradition we started in 2007 and it has grown every year since.

It is the last day of the huge charity event. Please help them to help the Wigs for Kids and hurry down before the clock strikes 12! 

Taxi to the Hair Fair.

Thursday 24 July 2014

Too Hot for you

Love love this limited edition Top from Masoom at Project Limited! It is flattering to one's figure and its lace trimming at the front that goes around the bare back adds a tinge of sexiness without being too exposed.
The vest is form-fitting without being too sexy, and its diamond-like buttons add just enough sparkle to allow it to be worn after work for cocktails."

Read more :
he vest is form-fitting without being too sexy, and its diamond-like buttons add just enough sparkle to allow it to be worn after work for cocktails."

Read more :
he vest is form-fitting without being too sexy, and its diamond-like buttons add just enough sparkle to allow it to be worn after work for cocktails."

Read more :

he vest is form-fitting without being too sexy, and its diamond-like buttons add just enough sparkle to allow it to be worn after work for cocktails."

Read more :
The top is lined with underwire for bustier women, but its thin straps keep the bikini from looking like it was made for a fuller form

Read more :
There are only 50 available at Project Limited from July 10-30. It will never be sold again after the event so get them while you can.

The top is lined with underwire for bustier women, but its thin straps keep the bikini from looking like it was made for a fuller form

Read more :
Too Hot Top [comes with wowmeh and lolas appliers]

I have styled this top with a black mini skirt and a thick belt from Corvus and the hair from Adoness at the Hair Fair to create a cool urban punk look. Each of these Adoness stylish hair comes with 25 colours!! A few piercings on the face, Elf ear wrap and a thick black bangles from Nikita complete the look effortlessly....

The Hair Fair which runs July 12th to 27th is a charity event to raise funds for Wigs for Kids. There  are 3 more days before the fair ends. As the saying goes, "a little goes a long way". With more than 70 designers taking part in this great event, I am sure there is something that will catch your eyes.

Do our part for the less fortunate now.

Amethyst                       ***                         Bremusa                         ***                        Alcippe


Top: Masoom ~ Too hot for you [Limited Edition]
Skirt: Corvus ~ Dark Belted Mini skirt @ Marketplace
Hairs: Adoness from @ the Hair Fair 
Accessries:  Hebenon Vial ~ Against the Stream mesh nose and lip rings @ Marketplace
Loscantoste ~ Ear wrap elf tinted black @ Marketplace
Nikita ~ Bangles @ Marketplace
Shoe: Hollyhood  ~ Celestrial Heels

The College July Round

The next round of Collage starts 23 July with their Summer furniture.

Shuttle Field's beach chairs come in 4 colour and their shack will add some additional area for you and your friends to chill at your beach...

If you are planning for a picnic, Serenity Style has the Summer Picnic Table and Benches just for you... It comes with a hud so you can change the tablecloth and flag deco as the way you want it to be.

From The College

Shutter Field ~ Beach Chairs and Shack
Serenity Style ~ Summer Picnic Table and Benches

Summer Retreat

I had so much fun taking pictures for this blog post..... There is so much to show you about this Modern Wooden house from TBO Home. It is only 21 x 21 meters and 191 prims and it is fully furnished and animated with singles and couples animations throughout the house. It also comes with a parcel radio and TV as well..... It is such as thrill discovering what each animation can do.....

TBO Home ~ Modern Wooden House
Living Room

Cooking my dinner

Having my dinner
Tea after dinner
Washing the dishes
Deciding if I should watch the TV or listen to the radio
Resting on the couch listening to my favourite Jazz
Going to take a shower in the Bathroom
Retiring for the night in the cozy Bedroom
Now, TBO Home has another new creation for this summer, Acuatic Lounge with a fire place. It is only 8 x 8 meters and 41 prims with single sit animations. However, what is interesting is that the fire pit burns automatically at night (in the region where you are at), however, you can control it manually it you want.

TBOHome ~ Acuatic lounge with fire pit
Single sits on every spot

Enjoying the sea breeze
It's summer and we all love to be outside watching movies under the stars.... and TBO Home has make it possible with its Summer Cinema Set which is only 23 prims and 10 x 7 meters. There is a web browser on screen and you and your friends can watch your favourite YouTube movies over a glass of chilled beers....
Summer Cinema Set **** GROUP Gift

Go get your summer retreat @ TBO House now.. and when you are there, do check out their wonderful range of clothings for both females and males.....

From TBO House ~ Modern Wooden House, Acuatic Lounge with fire pit, Summer Cinema Set

Outfit: TBO House ~ Sharon Corset, Buckled Leather Leggings and Boots for Slink High Feet                                         [ all are material enabled and hud controlled with 9 colours ] **** NEW Release

Monday 21 July 2014


Yoon Beauty has recently released their NEW Tan skin, Nathalie, that comes in 5 makeups with freckles and cleavages options. I have always loved Yoon for its elegant and sophisticated looks. The details, Kitori Yuheng, the owner and designer of Yoon Beauty puts in in drawing the eyebrow, eye liner, lips and textures is beyond description.
Do get a demo of their new skin and wear it for yourself... While you are there, don't forget to check out their other skins and Summer group gift too.....
Happy shopping :P

                  Nebula                                                                                          Sand

Fushia                                               Morning                                                  Natural

Skin: Yoon Beauty ~ Nathalie [NEW Release]

Gown: PeKaS Urban ~ Rhanya
Hair: LNS Designs ~ Ally [gift @  Hair Fair]
Accessories: JCNY ~ Johanna Collection, Diamond & Pearl Necklace and Earrings


Make an enchanting choice for your party or pageant with this beautiful and elegant full gown from PeKaS Urban which has a confidence inspiring style that is sure to get your noticed. A radiant strapless evening gown featuring a sweetheart neckline on the leather bodice brings a touch of class and yet a modern look with its stylish sweet train.

Gown: PeKaS Urban ~ Rhanya
Hair: LNS Designs ~ Ally [gift @  Hair Fair]
Accessories: JCNY ~ Johanna Collection, Diamond & Pearl Necklace and Earrings
Skin: Yoon Skin ~  Nathalie Nebula Cleavage [NEW Release]

Saturday 19 July 2014

This girl is on fire

"She's just a girl, and she's on fire
Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway
She's living in a world, and it's on fire
filled with catastrophe, but she knows she can find a way"

I want to dance, I want to shout, I want you to look at me!
I can't help but feel so hot and on fire when I am wearing these fabulous skins from 7 Deadly s{k}ins.
Check them out!
7 Deadly s{k}ins ~ Lola V2 [NEW Release] @ Mainstore
(contains 2 skins and appliers)

7 Deadly S{k}ins ~ Blondie @ Designer Circle
(contains 1 skin wowmeh and skin applier)

7 Deadly s{k}ins ~ Hester @ Mainstore
(contains 1 skin and appliers)

Skins: 7 Deadly s{k}ins
Hair: Anolog Dog @ Hair Fair
Top: Alyce - String Tube Top @ Feeb's Rascal Shopping District and Sales Room



New Release from TBO house, a Bohemian partial mesh Attic House with sun roof and only 50 prims, 20 x 30 metres when rezz. It is unfurnished so you can do it up the way you want it.   

TBO Bohemian Attic House - 99L @ Feeb's Rascals Sales Room

Inside of the house ~ first storey
By the way, TBO is having a 20% storewide sales at their Mainstore this weekend... If you need some new additions to your house, this is the best time.....
Inside of the house ` second storey

Annie Station Bench @ Spargel and Shine
Besides the 6 animated poses for single and couple, Annie Station Bench from Spargel and Shine comes with a scene rezzer. You have the option to rezz the travel suitcases and/ or just the coat and umbrella.

Annie Station Bench with scene rezzer

Outfit: ghee ~ ghee Blossom Contrast Top and Bottom [July group gift]
Shoe: ghee ~ ghee Tangerine Leather Wedge for Slink Mid Feet [July group gift]
Hair: ChiChickie ~ Sherry [@ Hair Fair]


Thursday 17 July 2014

What Can I do

I have not slept at all in days. It has been a hectic week for me with all the fairs and the new releases that I need to blog. On top of that, I needed to move out of my land but have finally found a perfect home. It is a smaller apartment but cozy enough.....

When I was done with the moving in, I went down to the Hair Fair and was lucky enough to get into the sim after some 10 tries lol.... Like most of us, I first went around collecting the fabulous hair gifts around the sim and then I caught sight of this awesome hair from Analog Dog Hair! The short tight curls looks so cool and funky. This is so me and I just got to have it. Besides, part of the proceeds of the sales goes to Wigs for Kids. It is like killing two birds with one stone... Why not!
Clad in the cotton lace cropped top showing off midriff and pants from PeKaS Design, I found a perfect shoe to go with it. Guys, you have to check out VG shoes' first exclusive meshes for ladies, the Hollywood sandals for Slink Mid Feet. There are 8 colours and each comes with a shoe hud that allows you to mix and match the different colour studs, platform and soles. 162 pairs of different colours for the price of one! If there is only one sandal you are getting this month, VG Hollywood sandal is the one! No more waiting.....

Style Card:
Outfit: Pekas Design ~ Urban White Sexiness Top and Pants
Hair: AD ~ 42 [@Hair Fair]
Shoe: VG Shoes ~ Hollywood Sandal [white]

Tuesday 15 July 2014


Masoom is part of the Month of the Games event by the Siren Productions with her glamorous glittering black gown with a sheer back, Mistress! The dress moulded my torso beautifully, complimenting my feminine shape and the way the sequenced fabric flowed was simply elegant!
Styled with this stunning hairdo from Bizarre Hair at the 9th annual Hair Fair which runs July 12th - 27th, you can walk your head high looking like a queen!
Also, all purchases at Hair Fair will donate a percentage of their sales to Wigs for Kids. So do our part for the less fortunate now.

For the final touch, I wore this skin from 7 Deadly s{k}ins, Ursula which compliments most shapes and there is only 1 word for it; exquisite!

Masoom ~ Mistress gown [NEW Release]

Style Card:
Outfit: [[ Masoom]] ~ Mistress gown @ Month of the Games
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Ursula NEW gacha skins
Hair: Bizarre Hair ~ Vintage @ Hair Fair
Accessories: Bizarre Hair ~ Vintage Necklace and Bracelet @ Hair Fair

Month of the Games II

Another fabulous gown from Amberchaudry Corpur, owner and designer of Masoom is available at the Month of Games Event. Soft and subtle organza layers over layers with a high slit on the side of the skirt, revealing the turquoise strapped heels from Felicity under the long slender legs of the Princess. The enrolment fee for Felicity group  is 50L, but there are currently 27 shoe gifts at the store to be picked up. What a bargin!

For a final touch, a cute tiara from Grumble, will instantly make me feel like Princess Frostine from the Candyland.

Masoom ~ Princess Frostine

Style Card:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Princess Frostine [comes with the magic wand]
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Ursula NEW gacha skins
Hair: LollipopZ ~ Not'in'Love [comes with hair hud @ Hair Fair]
Tiara: Grumble ~ Tiara Red
Shoe: Felicity ~ Bethany Stilettos [GROUP GIFT comes with shoe hud ]

Saturday 12 July 2014

Get Hot

There's nothing like buying a new swimsuit to get you stoked for summer. There are plenty of new, exciting options to choice from.  Sometimes you just need a little more support than a string bikini offers. That doesn't mean you have to look like you're wearing your bra at the beach though!
Look for a pattern or ruffle, like these bikinis from PETIT CHAT  and match it with a pair of slink sandals from VG Shoes. There are 8 colours to choose from. These shoes combine comfort and style with golden studs embellished on the leather stripe and small wedge heel that is formal enough for work and cute enough for anything else. You are going to feel fun and flirty in the sun this summer!
Petit Chat ~ Circe Orange [NEW Release]
Petit Chat ~ Circe Red [NEW Release]

 When it comes to looking your best and feeling your sexiest, look no further. TP to PETIT CHAT and VG Shoes now!

Style Card:

Swimwear: Petit Chat ~ Circe
Skin: Yoon Skin ~ Roni 2 [Summer Group Gift]
Hair: Argrace ~ [picture 1] Haruka, [picture 2] Aya
Shoe: VG Shoes ~ Beach Day [NEW Release]
Accessories: [picture 1]  Zaara ~ Anaya cluster earrings and Indra printed stacked bangles
                     [@ Marketplace]
                     [picture 2] Tableau ~ Yummy Caprice Earring

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Now Is the Time!

Summer is here and I don't know about you but at this time of the year, I will be scouring stores for a new swimwear. For me, a swimwear has to be flattering to one's figure, unique and good textured.

So, do check out Ghee hot summer NEW release, Cocktail, an alluring one-piece backless draped halter neck swimsuit. What I love about Cocktail is how vibrant and drop dead gorgeous I look in these swimwear. Whether it be a pool party, model competition, photo shoot, resort pool or a day at the beach, Ghee's glamorous styles are designed to make you feel proud and confident.

Ghee's Cocktail comes with an alpha layer, but can be worn without, if you wear one size up from your usual size with belly fat set to 0.  It also comes in vibrant shades in 6 subtle shimmering textures. With all these colours you will be spoilt for choice. Why not get them all!

With the right accessories, I know I am going to make all heads turn where ever I go.
Aurora                     ***                 Hypnotiq                 ***                  BocaAmora
Baybreeze                ***                  Bellavista                ***                     CocoBeach 

Now it's a great time to be a fan of Ghee, as they are opening up their inworld store membership for FREE till further notice. So head down to Ghee store!

Style Card:
Swimwear: Ghee ~ Cocktails in 6 colours @ The Fashion Collective
Hair and hairbase: TuTy's  ~ Genius high ponytail @ Marketplace
Accessories: Mandala ~ Amida Gold Earring and Takara Bangle @ Marketplace

Add on: Slink ~ AvEnhance Mid Feet and Elegant hands
Poses: Eternal  Dream ~ Sweet Baby 2 @ CSR

Sunday 6 July 2014

Touch Me Not

Oh myyyyyy..... super sexy [Masoom]'s Oh My Gatcha's bodysuit. When I got this black lacy RARE bodysuit from Amber, I just couldn't take my eyes off it..... see through detailed lace bodysuit enhancing the sensual curve of a woman.....
I think it is hard not to touch.......
Don't turn off the lights... :P

Oh My Gatcha event runs July 1st - July 15th 2014... and for just 50L, you got to try for the Rares!

Bodysuit: Masoom ~ Touch Me Not
                            @ Oh My Gatcha

Hair: Damselfly ~ Gwen @ Marketplace

Saturday 5 July 2014

I'm a Star

NEW Release from Stars Fashion
Stars ~ India Boho with Slink sandal [NEW]

Stars ~ Bali with slink heels [NEW]

Outfit: Stars Fashion ~ India Boho Mesh Leather vest and skirt Set [incl. Slink mesh shoe and mesh feather ear ring]
Hair: LeLutka ~ ALICE hair
Head accessories ~ The Sea Hole ~ Shimmer Hairband [no longer in sale]

Outfit: Stars Fashion ~ Bali Mesh Top and Capri pants Set [incl. Slink mesh heel]
Hair: LeLutka ~ CHILL hair
Earring: Paper Couture ~ Organic Hoops @ Marketplace