Wednesday 23 November 2011

Manhattan Show by Model's Workshop

After weeks and months of preparation, finally THE day has arrived. It was a great success I may say and words of congratulations flew in the air after the show.

Months back, Annie Zorric said to me, " Debbie, you know that I will be organising a fashion show in November. Will you be keen to join me? Host or Model? " I was elated and speechless for a moment, then almost yelled back, " Yes! Am I able to do it?" She giggled ," Yes of course." For those who know Annie, she is one capable lady who works her day and night making sure things are perfect. Yes, she is a perfectionist! Thus, when this rare opportunity came knocking on my door, I said yes knowing that she will definately guide me along and probably excel under her guidance. I am glad I did. It was my first experience as the Host of a show and I have learnt alot along the way. Being in the organising committee, I have seen how hard everyone has worked to put this show together. Everyone, from Annie to the models, photographer and builder, has put in that extra mile taking into consideration that we were all working in a different time zone.

Our wonderful team includes:
Backstage team:
Producer: Annie Zorric
Runway Director: Koffie Juniper
Runway Director Assistant: Benita Bechir           
Wardrobe Coordinator: Lori Saxondale
Script Writer/ Builder: TerrenceD Resident
Bloggers: Blossoms Sweetwater, Kim Rongyu, Sequoia Nightfire
Hostess: Debbie Jasper   
Photographer & Dj: Philippeg Galli
Greeter: Brianna Beresford

Blossoms Sweetwater, Kim Rongyu, Monica Querrien, Josie Claven, Lela Exonar, Tinka Bondar, Dax Dover, Redtess69 Resident, Shawna Littleboots 

For those who have missed the fabulous creations of the talented designers:
Journey McLaglen & Herradura Baar
Kiyla Dreamscape

Morgane Batista
Mandrakke Dagger

Here is a synopsis of what were showcased during the show.

We do hope you will soon take the opportunity to visit the designers stores we showcased today.

Last but not least, my heartfelt thanks to Monica Balut, Models Workshop Founder & Owner for having the faith in us and giving all of us the opportunity to help Annie to organise this entire production. Monica is very supportive in every way and certainly a mentor to a new model like me.

Quoting her in her speech at the show.
" This was the fourth fashion show put on by Model's Workshop.  The first one was in May of 2009.  We hope to continue this type of events. The mission of Model's Workshop is to be a free resource to foster the ongoing professional development of SL fashion models. The purpose of producing shows like this has been to give people opportunities to gain experience that they would otherwise find difficult to get. Everyone in this show, from the director to the models did this on a totally voluntary basis just to get the experience.

I've been watching this show come together.  I can attest to how hard everyone worked at this.  The staff and the models put in a tremendous amount of time and dedication to do this project. So I want to congratulate everyone for the excellent job you all did here today.

I'd like to thank clothes designers Kiyla Dreamscape, Mandrake Dagger,  and Journey McLaglen, and pose designer Morgane Batistia for donating their creations in support of this show.  I hope they are happy with the results. I'd also like to thank the sim owners MokaLaTae Blinkier, Sebastian Obviate., MariaDelCarment Bekkers, BMOC and GordonGekko Haroldsen for graciously hosting Model's Wrokshop here and for their continued support."

Thursday 17 November 2011

Manhattan Show by Model Workshop

You are all cordially invited to our Fashion Show by Model Workshop.
Enjoy the latest causal collections from:

Prism, Shade Designs and Drakke Designs,
being modeled by our MW Models with poses from Morgane Batista’s Store.
Come and applaud their extraordinary work in this great Fall production.
Date: Saturday, November
19th, 2011
Time: Noon SLT

Models Workshop is an organization that engenders a loving spirit towards new members of the SecondLife fashion industry — free of charge. Models Workshop holds weekly live meetings with expert guest speakers in all avenues of the ashion industry both SL and RL.

The aim of shows produced by Model’s Workshop is to give members the opportunity to gain experience they would otherwise find difficult to get. The Manhattan Fashion Show is staffed both on and off the runway from people relatively new to their roles in this show.. The only payment people get is the opportunity to gain experience.

We hope you will come and see how empowering new talent will bring out the very best in them for the first time.

Zorric                                                                         Monica Balut
MW Chair Comittee Member                                       MW Founder
& Owner
MW Fashion Show Producer