Friday 20 May 2011

Styling Creative Pink Theme Event

"Today the theme is of great importance = pink.  This word is connected to all things a woman like:  love, Valentines, seduction, girls, babies, fairies, feminility, calm, tenderness.

Pink, a lovely and feminine colour.  So feminine that I chose the most vaporous skirt I could find  and mixed it with the top and hairdress by Fellini.   Pink reminds me of baby girls,  and since I am not a baby anymore  I finished it with black lace cuffs by My Precious. Shoes by Baiastice complete the outfit." commented Flora.

Congratuations to the winners:-
1st  Ms Flora Stipe
             2nd- Ms Kenshin Xevion
                           3rd-  Ms Gabriella Allardyce

Picture Me Beautiful

Hi, I am loving the classes at UCWS... I am learning so much from Ms Tabytha1 Baily in the lesson on ➤Basic Photography ➤ Windlight settings to enhance photos ➤ Photo shoot etiquette ...As models, we have to take our own pictures often and knowing the basics does help..Having said that.. I am still leaving the professional photographers to do their job for me on other times. Ms Tabytha1Baily is very good with the technical aspect of SL. She knows her stuff at the click of the button. If you have lag problem, IM her. I am sure she will be glad to help like how she's helping all her students. I was playing with the photo editing the other day and did my first picture which I am proud of and I would like to share with all of you.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Hot Beach Body 2011

Wow... hot, hot and still hot...... I think all the finalists are already a winner.. I see for the first time, how hot and sexy models can be on the runway. They posed, danced and displayed their creativity through their outfits and styling and in answering the questions posted by Ms Anrol Anthony. What I like best is the evening gown competition. 4 fabulous gowns caught my attention.

Congratuations to Ms Ntaly Anton winner of Ms Hot Beach Body 2011.

Looking Low Cut Short Theme

Another event where the contestants displayed their creativity on the runway styling to the theme 'Looking Low Cut Short Theme'. We see lots of flesh and very sexy moves. To make the night even hotter, we had Ajay Xigalia pole dancing on the stage and that really got the girls excited. After much deliberation by Meimei Shiu, our judge for tonight event, Laylah Lecker announced the winners.

Congratuations to the winners:-
1st - Buterfly Freidmen
2nd- Lopez Fairlady
3rd- Anriana Kalinakov

Sunday 15 May 2011

Saturday Danielle Fashion Show

Tonight fashion show features the creative black and white collections from Designer Dani Plassitz. This is my second fashion show at CWS and each time I see how professional and fabulous the models are on the runway. It is my dream, one day, I will be able to participate in a fashion show as grand as this.

Huddle, huddle on the floor

I am a technical moroon (for those who know me)... 2 days ago i tried to load my huddle, dragged it onto the ground and poof...... it disappeared... where did it go?... did a search in my inventory and found that there are duplicates and which should i rezz??? OMG.... Thank god.... the trainers at UCWS are very helpful. I im them and they responsed almost immediately. Laylah sent me notecards on how to load the poses and told me to rename the huddle after i have edited it.. clever!, Lisana came and showed me where to get some of the assigned poses and Debbie..... she came and helped me out personally for over 2 hrs ..... WOW.... what would I do without all the wonderful trainers at UCWS??? Thank you.........

Saturday 14 May 2011

Classes at UCWS

It's been two week since we first started our class..... and WOW... I really enjoy every moment of it... Yes, we all worked very hard... we are spending most of our time looking for poses, learning the walk, trying out new skins and shapes, clothes and accessories, learning to load our huddle with poses and using them, learning to create our blog, taking part in styling events, etc... Everyday is a challenge filled with excitment and new experiences.... Most of all, I have made some good friends and that makes the journey even more fulfilling....