Wednesday 29 June 2011

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Class of June 2011
No words could describe the excitment when I received a note from Anrol telling me that I have made it.... I passed my Final with the University of CWS. Now, I am so proud to be CWS Elite model. This is the beginning of the next chapter in my SL life. I promise it's going to be episodes of unforgettable journeys...... Stay tune my friends.....

FINAL IN University of Classic with Style

It's finally here... the day I have been waiting for.... FINAL in the University of Classic with Style. It was 8am... I waited for Anrol's Im... it didnt come... waited for 5 mins, still it didnt come.... oh no.. should I Im her instead... waited for another 5 mins... I finally Im her. " Hi Anrol, should I wait for you at the campus?" "Yes, I am still with your classmate. Go and practice your formation."

I tp there and started to practise and I really do appreciate the last minute posing, doing the different formations, making sure my huddle load properly and checking on my outfits which have to be less than 300 arc, 450 arc and 1000 arc. We started with the Styling formation. Anrol was strict. " Pay attention to local. Dont ask me any questions or Im me during the exam. Everything that you need to do is written in the note I gave you. Read them." But, I can see that she's doing all these for the good of the modelling school. Only the best and it will definately be a priviledge to be a model with CWS and be part of the big team. This shall be my next goal .

Then we did the dome formation. There were 3 of us so it was nice to do it together. We had to invite each other on our huddle. Sweet invited me and I was on her huddle doing the poses with her. When it was over, I forgot to ask her to drop me and i was still on her huddle.. I was desperate. I tried to /99stop, stop all animation but it didnt work. I didnt want to Im Sweet as she was on the stage posing for Anrol.... Finally, I had no choice but to Im her and she replied she was laggy...... Oh Sweet, so sorry...... but finally she did release me and all went well......

After the beach formation, Anrol told us to wait for her im and she would tell us if we have passed or failed. I hoped all our classmates would pass the final as I could see all have worked hard and it was everyone's dream to be a successful model in sl. To get the certification from UCWS will not be the end but a start of a new chapter in our SL life which i think it will be filled with excitment. I hope I have done well today and am looking forward to the next phase of my Sl life.

Me, Marya and Sweet

Tuesday 28 June 2011


Finally, the day we were waiting for, after a month of attending daily classes and practicing on our different poses and formation. Midterm! It was at 3am my time and before that, few of our classmates met up to practice on our walk and checking on each other outfits that have to be below the 150 arc and 350 arc. The situation was tense. Then the time came. For the first time, all the trainers were there, staring at us while we are asked to do the mandatory poses and formation. "Focus, pay attention to the local, do not IM each other or reply any IM during exam. Talk to us. This is not a race, if you are not rezz or if your huddle has not yet loaded, please tell us...." DebbieDoo's words rang in my head, even till now.

After an hour of exam, we were asked to meet them at the front of the styling stage. " Now, let me tell you who have passed and who have not. If you failed, you have to walk in the hall of shame,,,,, " " Oh, god, let there be no sure person who needs to go there..."" I wish I will pass..".....DebbieDoo announced," All of you have passed! I am so proud of all of you. Well Done!" ........" Serious? Is she joking?" "OMG yes. My dream has come true!"" I am going to be a model!" We were all jubilant and excited.

A class pic with few of our fabulous classmates:
 What is a better way to celebrate our passing of midterms than to go dancing. We were all invited to dance at the Miss Sophisticated Lady 2011 Pageant. It was then 5am my time but I wasn't feeling tired at all. We were given beautiful outfits by Anrol to wear on the stage. Wow, she is so generous and we all loved the outfit chosen for us. With a little styling, we all looked fabulous.

This is what I wore

Dancing on the stage

Of course, this was not the highlight of the show. As we sat at the audience watching the contestants for Miss Sophisticated Lady 2011 pagent on the stage, we were all amazed at how creative these models can be. The theme was futuristics and most of them came with an outfits that were beyond our imagination. What I like best is the talent event. Each contestant was asked to showcase their most creative talent. The dances that they did and the hud that they had found was incredible and stupendous. We were all flabbergasted. A picture paints a thousand words. These were some pictures I took that night.

Congratulations to Crown Winner Ms Sophisticated 2011: Ms Vicky Yongbo

Congratulations to Ms Sophisticated Best Creative Talent: Ms Meimei Shiu

Friday 24 June 2011

My beautiful classmates at UCWS

I am so glad to have made many great friends these few months. We all work very very hard but we help each other and have so much fun at the end of the day... My life would not be any easy without all these great people.... Thank you girls..... I love you all.....

Who says we are not having fun? At Nickle's Rezz Day Party!

Styling Creative Independence Day Theme

Centuries ago when America was born, the world was changed. The idea of freedom from tyranny took hold in a new land, and then slowly, but steadily, spread to almost every corner of the planet.  Independent day reminds me of  freedom and liberty which stand out above all else. It is a day which calls for celebration and what best way to do then to have a styling event for us to display our creativity and have fun doing it at the same time...............

Congratulations to the winners:
1st: Ms Nickle Sparrowtree
                                 2nd: Sidney Abbot
                                                  3rd: Diana Balhaus

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Styling Creative Princess and Prince Theme

Congratulations to the winners:
1st: Flora Stipe (flora.stipe)
                         2nd: Cael Nyn (cael.nyn)
                                       3rd:  katseye2 (katseye2)

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Styling Creative Ponytails Theme

And yet another night of amazing display of creativity at CWS styling event. I was amazed at how many different ways we could actually style our ponytails......Tonight winner, katseye2 had all our heads turning when she walked out with her multi-color ponytails which are synthetic crazy cyber ponytails.... WTG Katseye.....

Congratulations to tonight winners:-
Winner: ☆katseye2☆
2nd:☆AEON Cristole☆
3rd: ☆SheilaRose ☆

Sunday 19 June 2011

Styling Creative 7 dwarfs and Snow White Theme

A play at CWS styling show..... I watched in awe as the contestants walked down the runway in their creative outfits while I was taken back into time when I was young sitting on my mother's lap listening to her.....

"Once upon a time,..... in a faraway land, even though Snow White is cheerful and kind hearted, her cruel stepmother wishes the innocent maiden ill when her Magic Mirror reveals Snow White to be the fairest in the land. The wicked queen tries to do away with Snow White, but she narrowly escapes through the terrifying forest where she befriends the lovable seven dwarves and finds comfort among the gentle wild creatures that live there. In a final attempt to get rid of Snow White and become the fairest in the land, the evil queen disguises herself as an helpless old woman and offers Snow White a poisoned apple which she ate and fell into a deep sleep............ "

Thank you CWS for bringing back our fond memories.....

Congratulations to our winners:-
1st Place: SD DAmiano
                        2nd Place: Akasha26 Resident
                                                        3rd Place: Ladysunfire Erin

Styling Creative Futuristic Theme

Having so many models with so many different looks was a gift because it showed the people of the year 2011 that in the future beauty and diversity continue to coexist. Progress and change in fashion march on, but creative desigers and models who can show off those marvelous clothes make the fashion world of the future as interesting, complex and unpredicable as the world of today.

Congratulations to the winners of the styling event that night :-
1st: SD
           2nd: Kenshin
                             3rd: Clysa