Saturday 27 February 2016

Love fest

One of the most common 'complaint' you will hear from girls is "I've nothing to wear!" even though their closets are filled with everything from the piece from the latest fashion to their favourite another which they have bought from one of the stores during one of their vacations many years ago.

Well, do you have a bodysuit in your collection? If you have, are you also brave enough to wear this bodysuit from Lybra? This transparent body suit with rhinestones sprinkled from the neck, to a few inches below the elbow and knees is a beautiful and very sexy addition to Lybra's lineup and will most certainly make heads turn wherever you go.

Bodysuit is a versatile piece that you can wear with almost anything; under a jacket with the buttons undone, under a corset, over a bra, with leather skirts, denim jeans or shorts and formal pants and long skirts. Each style can be effortlessly integrate into so many looks, from day to night.

This entire scene with the exception of the hat (from Zibska) and the shoes (from VG Shoes) are items you can get from Lybra. That includes the wall art, pillows. table and rug. The leather Precious bag and the Chicago purse are also from Lybra and will easily accessories any outfit that you put on.

The very stylish Hate heels are from VG Shoes and true to its quality, they have some amazing details up close. Hate heels come in 12 amazing colours and definitely one you want to add to you collection of shoes.

Style Card
Lybra ~ Vegas Bodysuit- Applier for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and Omega Compatible
* EXCLUSIVE @ BombShells

[e] ~ Dylan

Zibska ~ Zenia ~ Hat

Lybra ~ Precious Red Bag *LIMITED/EXCLUSIVE @ The Dressing Room till February 29
Lybra ~ Chicago Purse - Gold @ Cosmopolitan Events till February 29

VG Shoes ~ Hate [Black/Silver] @ Thrift Shop till February 28

Furniture *LIMITED (only 30 pieces) @ Flower Power
Lybra ~ A Love story Set - Wall Art 
Lybra ~ A Love story Set - Table Decor
Lybra ~ A Love story Set - Table 
Lybra ~ A Love story Set - Pillows 
Lybra ~ A Love story Set - Rug 

Thursday 25 February 2016

You can leave your hat on

Across the street from Glint Jewelry is a clothing store - Serendipity, which I have the pleasure of featuring this weeks outfit for.

Starting at the top, the ball cap is HUD controlled with five different colors and two types of metal silver and gold. A really convenient re-sizer is also in the HUD. Great idea!

The sweater and pants is also HUD controlled, 11 colors for the sweater and 10 different colors for the pants and pockets.

 This weeks L$55 item from Glint Jewelry is this very nice Leather Skull bracelet. Looking up close it has really nice leather textures. A great find.

Style card:



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Wednesday 24 February 2016


As soon as I woke up that morning after Valentines, Scott surprised me with a gift that I have always wanted. A puppy! He knew I would be lonely when he's at work in the day and so a little companion would be just what I need.
As he led me into the CS house with my eyes closed, I knew he had something up his sleeves. There it stood wagging its tail when I opened my eyes. I lifted it up and it started to lick my face. I giggled. Hugged Scott and we danced around abit. He had decorated the house with a deep red wall paper and scattered nice smelling rose petals on the floor. OMG... It was the best gift any girl could ask for... Thank you love. 

Style Card
Chambre Rose ~ Valentinette Rose for Maitreya @ The Instruments

Xen Hats ~ Lincoln Flat Cap Plaid (Mesh) @ The Instruments

Catwa ~ Hair MissFortune

LUNA ~ Body Art - SweetHeart for SLink @ The Instruments

amara beauty ~ Agnes 04 Honey cleavage

Make up
Epoque ~ Essential Liner Thin I
amara beauty ~ Agnes lipstick - barbie 02

Pose/ House
Come Soon Poses ~ Be my Pixel -Full scene @ The Instruments


Serendipity ~ Adrian Jeans - *New release
Serendipity ~ Harry Sweater - * New release

Exile ~ AJ:Autumn

Monday 22 February 2016

Valsnia for Miss Virtual India/ MVW 2016

For those who know AZUL, would agree with me that her gown is one that you would want to be seen dancing in. The layers of organza attachment to the soft satin gown creates an illusion of flight as you move to the rhythm of the night. 

Valsnia is a formal Mesh gown designed especially for Miss Virtual India/ MVW 2016. It comes with an open back satin top that stops just above the waistline which is firmly held by a long satin belt with two different colours and styles, a long sash drapes around the shoulder, a long flowy skirt and generous layers of flexible organza that move in the wind as you walk. 

The Morganite colour that I am wearing is a limited edition available soon at the Marketplace. But there are 12 sheer colours now available at the Mainstore for those who want to be among the first to be seen in this luscious gown.

Style Card
AZUL ~ Valsnia [Morganite]* LIMITED at MP coming soon

PurpleMoon ~ Savage Headpiece [Black]

agapee ~ kimono pose set 07_F94

Sunday 21 February 2016

Want to want me

Every girl has a little red dress in her closet. This sexy Cupid's Prize from Lybra is one you must add to your collection. The sweet heart cut out at the back of this strapless short dress is a sure head turner wherever you go. Cupid's Prize is made especially for Slink Original and Hourglass and Maitreya Lara mesh bodies in 4 different colours.

I found the perfect shoe to match from VG shoes. The gorgeous open toes heels with either a gold or silver butterfly on the thin strap around the ankle comes in 6 different colours are available at the Flower Power till Feb 26. 

Style Card
Lybra ~ Cupid's Prize for Maitreya Lara [Lust] *NEW RELEASE @ On9

VG Shoes ~ Spring [Red/Gold] @ Flower Power 2016 

Dura ~ 64 Hair [Dark Colour] *NEW RELEASE

Paper Couture ~ Reclining Feline Earring @ MarketPlace 

Saturday 20 February 2016

I don't want to miss a thing

She needed some fresh air quickly. She looked around for a porter to help her with her luggage. The young man she saw bit further down the platform, pushed an empty cart in front of him and was already walking towards her. She smiled and waved at him.

He had already seen the young woman getting off the train and could not take his eyes off her. On her neck was an exquisite black laced choker hugging tightly with beautiful teardrop black diamond gemstones. She was so beautiful in her strapless pink silk dress in black polka dots and big generous folds with black trimmings on the bottom that created an amazingly beautiful shape, enhancing perfectly her feminine body. The silk stole snaked over her shoulder and around her slender arms suggested an air of class that no other woman in the station could compare with. The bright pink color stood out among the dull and dirty train station.

Her long wavy black hair was twisted in huge curls and rested on her right shoulder. He could see a few stray strands of hair moving in the wind from her fan as she tried in vain to cool herself down. As his eyes moved down her long slim legs, he spotted a pair of dainty heels with pink ribbon threading and a cute pink bow that matched her dress completely at her feet. She was indeed a sight to behold - a woman about town and the marvel of a beauty that he would never forget.

Style Card
Ghee ~ Corazon Dress [Lipstick] @ The Instruments
Ghee ~ Corazon Petticoat Skirt [Lipstick] @ The Instruments
Ghee ~ Corazon Organza Stole [Lipstick] @ The Instruments
Ghee ~ Corazon Fan (with pose) @ The Instruments
[Corazon is a 3-1 outfit which includes rigged mesh dress and 2 optional flexi skirts, rigged mesh stole and fan with and without pose]

Sonatta Morales ~ *8* Passion choker

LeLutka ~ Sheena hair

Ghee ~ Corazon Heels for SLINK High [Lipstick] sold separately
The Instruments

Picture taken at The 1920s Berlin Project 

Wednesday 17 February 2016

She's mine

Another really nice treasure from Glint Jewelry & Accessories is this customize-able block letter bracelet for both him and her. When you purchase this bracelet, all you have to do is to fill out the accompanying note-card and return it to Rainbow. She will very quickly personalize your bracelet and sent it back to you. I believe a total of 6 letters of your choice is maximum on each bracelet. The bracelet is easily adjustable via a script dialog box, and making sure it sits right on your wrist is of course done via the edit menu.

The outfit I'm sporting on this beautiful morning is from FashionNatic on the markedplace (link below). It's completely HUD controlled for pants, shirt and tie. 35 colors and textures for the shirt and the tie, 8 colors for the pants. There is an option for hiding the tie if you choose to do so.

Finally, a great pair of shoes from L&B, (link below). They are the WingTip Fatpack option, also complete HUD operated with several color combinations.

Click image for larger size

Style card:




  • L&B - Dress shoe WingTip Fatpack

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Sunday 14 February 2016

Be my angel

A soft voice called out to him, and he spun his head around, but couldn’t see anyone, or anything. It was all white as far as he could see. No horizon in sight. The voice called out to him again, this time sounding like it was coming from somewhere else.

“I am the angel of your dreams” the voice echoed, like tiny bells. He looked at her with his heart beating strong and fast. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on.

On her long and slender legs were a pair of delicate white high heels. Her undergarment, or panties, had a beautiful embroidery stitched in the front and continued around the curves of her hips. Above a gorgeous grey corset with laces crossing from side to side countless times all the way from bottom edge of the corset to her cleavage. A floral pattern was stitched onto the fabric covering each of her beautiful breasts, held up by a tiny strap on each of her shoulders. Her slender and toned long arms made their end in delicate hands and long fingers. The two strings of exquisite oyster pearls she wore around her neck just accentuate the beauty of this angel's face. There was one detail that made him take a second look. She had wings. Wings of Cupid. Soft white feathery with a coat of golden hue that seemed to scatter sparkles of glitter as she flew.

“You’re so incredibly beautiful,” he whispered and then smiled at her, totally mesmerized by her allure.

Style Card
Celestinas Weddings ~ Paraiso Corset Champagne Set 
[Includes Paraiso Panty, Pearls Earings, Necklace, Bracelet, 
Ring, Single Rose Open Petals, Wing, Paraiso High Heels for Slink and 
The couch of Cupid Poses with 15 poses ]
*EXCLUSIVEThe Instruments

Exile ~ Walking On Sunshine

amara beauty ~ Agnes 04 Honey cleavage

amara beauty ~ Agnes lipstick - flirt 03

Saturday 13 February 2016

Dare to be different

Take a chance and be different, be bold and show off what you can do. Both Lybra and Wicca's Wardrobe have definitely done that in their latest creations. I love how Lybra has transformed a classic mini dress into a unique trendy sequins dress with a see through chiffon both at the front and back of the dress. Trista dress comes in 4 different colours and is made especially for Maitreya Lara, Hourglass and Original Slink mesh bodies.

Wicca's Wardrobe has once again swept me off my feet with her original material enabled spring booties at the Instruments. There are 2 versions with and without heart heels and 9 colours to choose from. 

Any woman in this amazingly sexy dress and incredible springy booties is going to be an absolute stunner at any dance club she visits.

Another fantastic designer at the Instruments is the InMotion Poses who has 10 stunning My Love poses on sale. I have made a little slideshow to show you 6 of their poses. Hope you enjoy :D

Style Card
Lybra ~ Trista [Blush] for Maitreya @  The Liaison Collaborative

Wicca's Wardrobe ~ Spring Heart Booties @ The Instruments


Madrid Solo ~ Raven's Flock Eyeshadow 
Zibska ~ Whisper Lips 01

InMotion Poses ~ Kabuki My Love Poses set EXCLUSIVES 

Picture taken at Tranquil Moments

Thursday 11 February 2016

You exist in my Song

Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world as a celebration of love. It is one of the most popular holidays inspiring a flurry of card and gift giving to those we love. But hey, who says we can't love ourselves. There are many Valentine's hunts on the grid where we can pick up a few nice additions for our wardrobe.

At the Tihuta Square Valentine's Day Hunt, you will find this sexy mesh silk Burlesque corset with a flirty mini skirt attached that comes with a system layer panties. For a refreshing change, get a new Kate shape at the hunt too. Kate shape is not modifiable but if you like to tweak it to make it truly uniquely yours, you can purchase the modify version at Orquidea Mainstore

Tihuta Square Valentine's Day Hunt begins February 7th till February 14th and you will be hunting for little mesh pink hearts. 

With love we must learn to cherish and a perfect shoes for this corset is the Cherish shoes from Rayne Couture that is available exclusive at the Black Tie Event. Cherish is designed specially for Belleza, Slink and TMP and there are 6 colours to match all your outfits for the day!

Style Card
ORQUIDEA ~ Mesh Silk Corset *Tihuta Square Valentine's Day Hunt
ORQUIDEA ~ Corset Panties Red *Tihuta Square Valentine's Day Hunt

RAYNE Couture ~ Cherish Slink [Red] EXCLUSIVE @ Black Tie Event

pr!tty ~ Lilah - {Colorful A} {Roots}

ORQUIDEA Shape - KATE *Tihuta Square Valentine's Day Hunt

amara beauty - Gabriela 03 Beige *NEW RELEASE

Lovely Disarray - Hozuki : Black Eyeliner & Red Shadow 

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Omega Compatible Gown

Nancee Gown is the new release from Sascha's Designs. It comes in 6 different colours and the option of 2 different tops and 3 skirts, a glove and a fur bolero for a more formal touch to the elegant bustier gown. Best of all, they are omega compatible. 

How omega works:

If you have a Maitreya Mesh Body Lara, wear your Maitreya Mesh body, attach the "Omega Applier Relay for Maitreya" AND wear and use your Omega Applier that comes with your outfit. Make sure the Relay stays attached when you wear your applier. 

If you have a Belleza Mesh Body, wear your Belleza Mesh body, attach the "Omega System Installer - Belleza", click the installer, and verify the mesh thanks you in local. Your mesh will now respond to Omega.

If you have a Slink Physique/ Hourglass Mesh Body, you need to make sure you have the up-to-date Slink Mesh. Wear your Slink Mesh body, attach the "Omega System Installer - Slink" and click the installer to verify the mesh thanks you in local. Your mesh will now respond to Omega.

You can buy the Omega Appliers at  99 Linden on MarketPlace or if you join the Omega Group, it is only 1 Linden at the Love-N-Lust Designs Inworld.

For more information about how Omega works or the supported Meshes, CLICK HERE.

The main reasons appliers 'don't work':
a) they do not have the Omega kit if their body requires it
b) They are not wearing it / have activated their body
c) They are on land where scripts can not run
d) they 'killed' the script in a particular body
e) they are not actually WEARING the Omega applier

Style Card
Sascha's Designs  ~ Nancee Seafoam Gown omega compatible 

PurpleMoon ~ Venice Necklace and Earring [Turquoise]

Truth Hair ~ Delphine

amara beauty ~ Gabriela 03 Beige *NEW RELEASE

Picture taken at Extasia Beach

Tuesday 9 February 2016

MenStuff Hunt - Glint Jewelry & Accessories

Being notoriously bad at hunts, I did somehow manage to find the MensStuff Hunt treasure at .:Glint:. Jewelry & Accesories the other day.

The gift contains 2 leather bracelets, one wide made of several leather knotted strings with diamond print beads, and one single string of leather with metal rings and metal beads. The single strand bracelet is easily scale-able via a HUD - just click on the bracelet, whereas the wider bracelet can be scaled via the edit menu. Both of them are a great additions to the casual guy.

Style card:

Glint Jewelry and Accessories - Leather & Silver diamond print beads.
Glint Jewelry and Accessories - Leather bracelet with metal rings

Redgrave - Jeans HeavyUsed - Classic Cut Mesh

Luke Tucked in White T-shirt.

Ryder Boots - Navarro - Ankle

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Saturday 6 February 2016

Simple Leaf

It has been a busy week for me as Chinese New Year is just 2 days away. It's a belief that all work has to be completed before the New Year so that we can have a good rest with our family and a good start to the year will lead to a lucky year. So now I am working very hard... :D

When my friend, Sky Randall, designer and owner of Benk Couture heard that I am celebrating Chinese New Year, it gives him an idea to create the outfit 'Dan Ye' which means Simple Leaf' for the New Year. When it was completed, he was generous enough to gift one to me. Dan Ye is a complete outfit that comes with a matching hat and shoes. It is available in two colours, red and white, at the Mainstore. Go get yours today.

To all who celebrate Chinese New Year
"祝福你及你所爱的人新的一年中万事如意, 新年快乐"

7Style Card
Benk Couture ~ Dan Ye Chinese New Year Celebration Outfit 

Benk Couture ~ Ankle Boots in Ash
(comes with the outfit)

tram  ~ E816 hair [Classicblack]

amara beauty ~ Rita 02 [Fair] *NEW RELEASE