Thursday 30 May 2013

Dark Side

As the saying goes " Everyone has an angel in them." Likewise I think "Everyone has a devil in them." Your dark side is what you hate most in yourself or what you fear most. It’s your fear of failure, it’s your extreme shyness or your sexual compulsion. Or maybe a drug or alcohol addiction or an aggressive way of dealing with your closest family and friends.
The dark side is also what you hate most in others. Every time a person is making you nuts, it’s because that person touched a very delicate part of your dark side. You hate it when someone tells you his mother comes home late drunk. You cry when someone tells you her boyfriend walks out of her. You freak out when someone asks you for a loan. You become depressed when someone tells you her boss is making suggestive move towards her. You go crazy and start yelling when someone tells you he is going to be late for the movie.
“I am not this person, I can’t be that bad"

We cannot let go of our dark side because it is an experience, a part of our life and perhaps a part of our childhood that we are trying to forget. A memory that is etched in our mind even when we are 50s? 60? 70? A fear of rejection, a fear of abandon, an aggressive impulse  or a compulsion. BUT, we can learn to accept our dark side. Talk to someone close (there is no need to hide, no one is perfect) and start identify your reaction to the stuff that you don't like. Soon, you will realise that there is only 1 or 2 incidents that you have to deal with and accept. Everyone has a dark side. Not talking about it or showing it doesn't make one more perfect. We have just learned to accept.
"It is still me, only a better me."
 When Synjari, owner and designer of Senzafine, passed us some stuff she has for the World Goth Fair, I had so much fun styling and taking this picture for this write up. I have always wanted to do a Gothic theme and it wasn't too hard with the outfit and furniture from Senzafine.
She uses a generous dark red velvet spread on the mahogany furniture pieces which truly look remarkable in any Gothic home. The Miette dress comes in various colours and includes a flattering corset that is popular during the Victorian and medieval ages. Gothic clothing is incomplete without Gothic boots and the Callisto Boots from Senzafine at the Genre too comes with various colours to suit every taste.
Head down to the World Goth Fair now before it ends  31 May. 50% to 100% of the sales proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Sales at Genre ends 12 June.

Style Card:

Outfit: Senzafine ~ Miette Dress [Deadly Nightshade] (@ World Goth Fair)
Shoe: Senzafine ~ Callisto Boots [Espresso] (@Genre)
Stocking: That's Amore ~ Black Fishnet stockings
Hair:  EMO-tions ~ Maren
Skin: Realistic Skins - Willow Skin Fantasy Goth Special5
Ear: Libertine ~ Classic Rock Elf Ear
Nail: Mandala ~ Nail PALETTE 2/short
Accessories: Heartskin ~ Teeth, Hebenon Vial ~ Against the Stream Lip and Nose Ring (Mesh),
Makeup-: Mad ~ Goth Lips II, Corvus : Eye Scar

Furniture: Senzafine ~ Evendim Accent Table, Table Lamp, Arm Chair, Folding Screen and Rug (@World Goth Fair)

Pose: DelMay ~ black stand 1

everybody's got a dark side.
do you love me?can you love mine?
nobody's a picture perfect but we're worth it.
you know that we're worth it.
will you love me?even with my dark side?

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