Sunday 31 January 2016

Tea Party Fair

   ****    TEA PARTY FAIR     *** 
  16th - 30th March 2016
   First Press Release (Repost)

Marquesse Events presents the Tea Party Fair, organized by a young and talented team of SL entrepreneurs, models and fashionistas.   

We are very thankful to our direct sponsors for helping and supporting our event with materials and direct resources. Your help has made this event even more amazing. Our thanks go directly to Mr. Ares Titian, owner and founder of Kink+. Thank you for your kindness in hosting the event!

Our thanks go as well to Miss Mija Perfferle, owner, builder and creator of d&b - deviant & bizarre and  Miss Adriannesuz McMinnar, the co-owner of Tihuta Square Shopping Center and designer for Orquidea clothing.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank our fellow designers who, by sponsoring this event with their creativity and products, are adding a plus value to the fashion show and making it possible to bring to you, our public, an unforgettable experience. 

Our events are going to occur on a trimester basis, one for every season, with dedicated themes, and for every taste.

Please apply here if you would like to be a part of our event

Join us on our Social Media to stay informed and updated
We will soon release the date of the Fashion Show

Friday 29 January 2016

Blow me away

I love how I have put this picture together and it wasn't hard to do it, all thanks to Masoom. I get inspiration from the outfit that I put on. Every picture paints a thousand words and so does an outfit. I am sure every designer who puts in so much time and effort in designing one has one story to tell too.

Juliet is the original fitted mesh created especially for Slink, Maitreya and classic avatar. It comes in 5 colours and the top and and panties can be worn separately. Masoom  has just moved her store to a new and more spacious location where all her recent and past collections are available. Head down to the store and pick up one or all of her original creations now. Have fun! 

Style Card
Masoom ~ Juliet outfit FULL Maitreya [Nude] *NEW RELEASE 

[LeLutka] ~ VENT hair [BlondeFun] *Photoshoped

amara beauty ~ Gabriela 03 cleavage [Beige]

Make Up
amara beauty  ~ Gabriela 03 brows [Beige lt]
amara beauty  ~ Agnes lipstick [Fire 02]

Agapee ~ photo-pose 065(M)

Picture taken at Elysion Adult Lounge    ]

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Dreaming of You

I met a friend recently who told me that he has been enjoying reading my blog. Well, as a blogger, this definitely brought a smile to my face and so I asked what about my blog did he particularly enjoy. Being a fashion designer, he told me that he loved to read about the fashion news in SL and how I felt about things around me.

There are over 1000 bloggers in SL who have their own followers. There are many ways one can write his/her posts but for me, I always feel like I am talking to my readers whenever I am writing and certainly, 'I do not write because I want to say something, I write when I have something to say.'~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

When I received this sexy Halle dress from Lybra and put it on, I can't help but wanting to show off the passionate side of me. Halle in 6 stunning colors is designed especially for SLink original and hourglass, Maitreya, and standard body. To complete the look, I chose to wear this stunning Chicago boot from VG Shoes. Chicago boot comes with a texture hud that has the option of either leather or denim each with 10 colours. A boot that offers at least 20 texture options, a must have for shoppers who love to match their shoes to what they are wearing. :D

Style Card
Lybra ~ Halle for fit. Maitreya [Scarlet] @ Cosmopolitan Events

VG Shoes ~ VG Chicago Leather *NEW RELEASE

Argrace ~ Saki [Classy Brown]

Argrace ~ Saki Pose 4

Monday 25 January 2016


This post takes a little longer than it should. RL, as it always is, demands much of my time this week and probably the next 3 weeks too. However, I have new blogging assignments coming up and I will surely find time for it. :D

The Mahagony suit designed especially for standard, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies comes in 4 colours of red, brown, black and blue. It's a whole ensemble that include the mask, necklace and gloves which are available separately at the Mesh Bodies Addict  event that ends 30 January. 

Style Card
[[ Masoom ]] Mahagony suit ORIGINAL Fitted Mesh EXCLUSIVES
comes with 
 Mahagony Mask
Mahagony Necklace 
 Mahagony gloves maitreya 


VG Shoes ~ VG Tokyo [Black] @ The Black Dot

Own - Created using Anypose

Picture taken @ Tempelhof

Sunday 17 January 2016

Colour my world

Zoul Creations, one of my favourite skin designers in SL, has recently changed her name to amara beauty. Along with the move to a bigger store, Shanti Soulstar has created 3 new skins at the opening. Each of the skin, Agnes,  Gabriela,  and Rita comes in 8 skin tones, with and without cleavages.  There are also a 30 colour lipstick to match the skins.

Every girl has in her closet, one item that always makes her feel fantastic. Once you slip it on, whatever it may be, you feel like the best and the most complete version of you. This Punked top and skirt from Rayne Couture is chic enough for a cocktail function and cute enough around family gatherings. Among the 4 colours, I love popart print the best. It brings an arty farty feel to a classic  bustier dress. You are surely going to make heads turn when you walk down that street. 

Style Card
Rayne Couture ~ Punked Top and Skirt [Popart ] *NEW RELEASE

Mandala ~ STEKING_EARS_Season5

LaViere ~  Eccentricity [Sawdust]

amara beauty ~ Agnes 03 Beige cleavage *NEW RELEASE

amara beauty ~ Agnes 03 Beige brows [Gingr] *NEW RELEASE
amara beauty ~ Agnes lipstick [Barbie 02]*NEW RELEASE

Saturday 16 January 2016

On the highway

Today was one of my lazy days. I just wanted to ride my baby and go top speed up that highway... with a good friend... When we came to the top of the highway, we just parked and talked. Boy, we sure had a lot to share.. :D

The Punked top that I am wearing is actually part of an outfit from RAYNE Couture. But I just love to mix and match clothes from different designers so I am wearing it with this vicious jean from Lybra. The jeans is made especially for Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Aesthetics and TMP. And the heels, they are so sexy, don't you think so? It comes in 7 leather and neon colours, so I am sure you will find one that matches your outfit for the day. Go get it! :D

Style Card 
[for Debbie's]
RAYNE Couture ~ Punked top [Lace] *NEW RELEASE
Lybra ~ Vicious Jeans - Maitreya Applier @ Gen-Neutral 

@ The Black Dot

Gabriel ~ Angel wings necklace(Female) [Silver]

enVOGUE HAIR ~ Lauren Fitted * GIFT Version

Style Card 
[for Scott's] *coming soon

Picture taken at the MotorWorld

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Bring it on

7 Deadly s{K}ins has on sale at The Staff Sales Room Maryna skin that comes in 30 skins in 3 tones,with and without cleavages, and tango and phatazz appliers.

Besides that, there is a huge sales going on at the 7 Deadly s{K}ins store right now. There are also MM boards, a Riot Vendor and 2 Gacha's home from events for all. Both gorgeous Isadora and Eska girls can be yours for just 100L per play. 

So head down to 7 Deadly s{K}ins mainstore now and have fun shopping! 

Style Card
7 Deadly s{K}ins -Maryna Caramel v1 CL @ The Staff Sales Room

Skin appliers
7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Maitreya applier [Caramel]
7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ SLINK hands & feet HUD [Caramel]

Besom ~ Berry @ FaMeshed

Monday 11 January 2016

I want you to see me this way

When I first received the Elle Skirt from Lybra, I was totally amazed by its smooth silk texture and the colour hud that comes with it. With 36 colours option for both the skirt and the bow, you can easily create a unique skirt each time you wear it. Best of all, the skirt is made to fit Slink hourglass, original, Eve Slim and Maitreya mesh body.

As I was shopping around to find a top to go with the Elle skirt, I chanced upon the FaMeshed group gift from Valentina E. Couture. The mesh jacket comes in one colour but it matches perfectly. 

Now all I need is a pair of sexy heels from VG Shoes. Tokyo Heels comes in 7 colours in both neon and leather texture and it will be on sale on Jan 11 at the Black Dot Event.

Style Card
Top ~ V.e. Celine Jacket [Ocean] *FREE gift @ FaMeshed
Skirt ~ Lybra Elle Skirt (fit. Maitreya) @ The Chapter Four

Clockhaus ~ Minimal Rings [Silver] *FREE gift @ Cosmopolitan Events

VG Shoes ~ Tokyo [Nude] *NEW EXCLUSIVE @ Black Dot 
[Event starts at Jan 11]

Besom ~ Berry @ FaMeshed

7 Deadly s{K}ins -Marina Caramel v1 CL @ The Staff Sales Room

Skin appliers
7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Maitreya applier [Caramel]
7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ SLINK hands & feet HUD [Caramel]

Photography tips #3 - Derender

By Scott Nobody

In real life photography, a little pre-photoshopping on location is time saved when editing, and by that I mean removing things (if possible of course) that has to be fixed in post editing anyway. So before the shot is actually taken, remove or fix things such as an odd twig, toys in the background, garbage, or stray hair on the model etc. Basically try and get rid of anything that doesn't belong in the final picture. You'll thank your self later if you do.

Until just recently, I thought that was more or less impossible in SL without having editing rights, but a shooting sessions with Debbie Jasper over the holidays taught me something very cool. I might be the noob here for not knowing this clever little trick, but I'm okay with that :) I'm always willing to learn and share.

The session we were on was shot over the Christmas holidays. We were shooting a gown Debbie was blogging, and the problem was there were Christmas decorations and other items that just didn't fit the theme of the gown. After have shot from a few different angles I just couldn't get a shot I liked because of the items on location. Then Debbie said - "Just de-render temporarily".  /Me: "Huh?" So she showed me, and low and behold, life just got a little bit easier.

I found some of the raw photo's from that first session. In this shot, the cat on the piano and the lamp at the end of the stage is bugging me. But to clone those items out in Photoshop looks like a lot of work so kept looking for angles where these items weren't visible, but that of course changed the look and view of the gown.

After Debbie's little revelation we went back the next day. Below is another raw shot from the second session. The cat and the lamp has been de-rendered temporarily making the post editing a lot easier. 

Here's how do this in Firestorm: 
  • Right click on the item that is in your frame, or picture that you want to remove. 
  • Click MORE in the circle - twice
  • Click DERENDER 
  • Finally click TEMPORARY
And the item such as a pose-ball, tip jar or perhaps a person in the back ground is gone. You have a much cleaner raw photo to work with in Photoshop.

Thank you Debbie :)

One thing to keep in mind when doing this, is to be very careful what you click on. I lost the floor the first time I tried but a quick relog fixed it, and I could start over with de-rendering unwanted items again. 

Here's a link to the gown Debbie blogged.

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Thursday 7 January 2016

A drive away from home

Style Card
[[ Masoom ]] ~ Wrinkled dress Maitreya Streaked *NEW RELEASE
[for Maitreya and Slink Physique]

RAYNE ~ Toastie Boots blue Maitreya *NEW RELEASE
[for Slink, Maitreya and TMP]

pr!tty ~ Layley

Picture taken at Wayward Market 

Monday 4 January 2016


This is one of the most fascinating and fun ensemble that I have ever blogged. Ghee's Jadis gown comes with a SnowGlobe that I can wear and instantly I become a barbie doll in a musical globe that plays musical notes when you touch the key at the side. Touch the glass and you can start or stop the snow inside the globe. You can also make the barbie doll 'dance' in the 6 preset poses by clicking on the base of the globe.

I had some friends over when I was taking pictures last night and we all had such a great fun taking turns to jump into the globe. It is really a nice add on to any house's decoration. :D

Style Card
Ghee ~ Jadis gown *animated textures
[comes with fur collar, cuffs, opera length gloves, snowflake string and wearable animated snow] 

Tableau Vivant ~ Scarlett hair 

A brand new day

Happy New Year! It's a brand new year with new hope and opportunities. There is so much I want to do both in RL and SL. I just need to stay more focus. :D 

For my first post of the year, I am showing you this fabulous winter dress from Ghee. It is a material enabled rigged mesh dress that comes with matching hat, fur shawl and trimmed fur boots. The unique part of this outfit is that the alpha hides the avatar arms and so it looks like you are walking around with your hands in the pocket. How cool. 

Style Card
Ghee ~ Pink Ice Nikita Dress comes with shawl and hat @ The Instruments 

Ghee ~ Nikita Boots Pink Ice (Slink High) *Sold separately The Instruments 

Picture taken at Calas Galadhon Park Sims

Sunday 3 January 2016

Photography tips #2 - Watch your background.

By Scott Nobody

This time we'll take a look at another simple way of making your Second Life photos turn out better. In photography, the background is or can be just as important as the subject. Especially when the background is interfering with the subject in a way that is unintentional.

Its a simple tip really. Lets call it the "Keep the head in a clean spot" tip. What I mean by that is, when you shoot your self or another person, try and keep the background behind the subjects head clean so nothing appears to be growing out of, sticking in to, or going through their head. A good example could be tree branches that mysteriously protrude from the subjects head, or a lamppost sticking out of the top of the head.
Here the trunk of the tree is growing out of my head.
It is fairly easy to avoid this situation. A simple change of camera angle, or perhaps make the subject take a few steps to one or the other side will save a lot of work later in Photoshop.

Even though the back ground is messy, it is uniform behind the head, and the background is also been blurred by using the DoF feature in Firestorms Phototools
If it is impossible to keep a separation between the subject and the background, turning on the depth of field option in SL will help making the final image more pleasing to the eye.The trick here is that the eye will seek out sharp details before blurry details, and because of that we have a seperation between the back ground and the subject.. Still, moving the camera slightly will eliminate the unfortunate tree growing out of the head completely.

Even with DoF enabled, the tree trunk is still where is shouldn't be, however a better version that with the DoF disabled.

Again, tree in a position where  they shouldn't be any.

A slight move with the camera and the head it is clear, however we have another problem  - horizon lines going through the head.
 Another scenario to keep an eye out for is horizon lines going through the head of a subject, as in the line between the sky and the ocean for example. A slight move with the camera and the problem is gone.
Horizon lines through the head are almost as bed as trees and lamp posts.

Camera is re-positioned for a much better end result.

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