Monday 23 April 2012

~~ Ladies Night Out At EVOLVE~~

Model/Photographer: Debbie Japer

Shimmering. Sexy. Stunning. You'll be all of these and more in this exciting sequin gown! The tightly fitted bodice shows the hourglass shape you all want to have while the skirt flows beautifully as you walk into the room.

Come down to EVOLVE now and get this fabulous gown for only 55L this week. (^_^)

Styling Card:

Outfit: EVOLVE - Ladies Night
Hair: Baiastice - Great Night Hair attachment
Makeup: Pink Acid Natural Lashes Face Make-Up (eyeliner), L.Fauna Lipstick [Red 1], *elymode* makeup - Gluttony shadows - caramel
Jewellery: VI Phoebe Jewelry Set in Black & White Diamond
Nails: [MANDALA]- Female Nails Short
Shoe: HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos

Sunday 22 April 2012

Colour of Couture ~ Week 3 Runway Challenge

We were told of our Week 3 Challenge last week.... and the

Prim plaids, pastel checks, classic tablecloth ginghams. Small exposures of midriffs. Waistbands are high.   Cat eye sunglasses for a finishing touch.

I love the vintage...The era from the 1920s to the 1970s is the period where the ladies were classy and elegant. Many have styled Vintage before... and there are many styles and outfits to choose from... It took me a few days to find the perfect pieces together.... To add a touch of the modern flavour, I chose to wear a leather mesh skirt from R.icielli.

This is what I wore for the runway challenge yesterday...

Snapshot taken at sim: Chicago 1920's, Shepham Estates 2 (97, 168, 23)

Styling card:

Blouse: *ICING* Peggy Top - Houndstooth 2
Skirt: R.icielli  Mesh - Pencil leather skirt//orangesoda
Poncho: R.icielli - MATTORI Black
Stockings: [ Attitudes ] lace pantyhose - black
Sunglasses: /artilleri/ greta sunglasses *red*
Shoe: Ingenue :: Judy :: Ruby
Hair: Sonatta Morales*8 Amara hair Ebony black
Jewellery: Sonatta Morales *8* Lady Rose pearls necklaces and earrings.
Bag: Sonatta Morales *8* Marlene black
Glove: Miamai_PrimGloves:Femme_Jen
Makeup: Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Liner B Black, L.Fauna Lipstick [Red 1]

Sunday 15 April 2012

What is SUCCESS?

I took a break today and went back to a nice book and a glass of ice Latte...while listening to some soothing music... I have been styling, taking pictures and blogging my experience in the Miss Colour of Couture Competition these 2 weeks.... and I see all the 16 finalists, including myself, working hard to showcase our hardwork..... Then, I ask myself... What is Success? How is it measured? What do we want to achieve at the end of all the hard work? Fame? A nice portfolio? Personal Satisfation? Experience? or...?

I read something in the book and want to share with all of you...Read it, think about it, sleep on it, act on it or simply laugh about it.... We all measure our SUCCESS in a different way, shaped by our cultures, values, upbringing and life experiences....


"Push for success," said the Button.
"Never be led," said the Pencil.
"Take pains," said the Window.
"Always keep cool," said the Ice.
"Be up to date," said the Calendar.
"Never lose your head," said the Barrel.
"Make light of everything," said the Match.
"Do a driving business," said the Hammer.
"Aspire to do greater things," said the Nutmeg.
"Be sharp in all your dealings," said the Knife.
"Measure your progress," said the Ruler.
"Get together and stick to it," said the Glue.
"Be a bright spark," said the Lamp.
"Make light around you," said the Fire.

Though there are many ingredients to the road to success, the key is to focus on those that would work for us in our peculiar set of circumstances.... (^_^)

Colour of Couture ~ PRISM Surprise Challenge

In the first week, we were all given an outfit from PRISM to style in three days. "The photographer will contact you any time.." This was the instruction given to us upon receiving the outfit.

I was given the "Cindy in Dots", a yellow tank top and a colourful pokka dots mini skirt. A cute and very sporty outfit and images of Korean street wear came into my mind... I surf the net to get more information and inspiration..... These are what I have found.

Korean Fashion + Fob Style 스타일 ^^ Part 2 (Youtube)

It took me a day to put the look together and I love what I have done....

I present to you... PRISM in Korean Streetwear....

Styling Card:

Outfit: PRISM - Cindy Mesh Cami and Pleated Skirt
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Mesh Hair - Pancake
Makeup: -{The Attic}- Lush Lipstick (rosey), .:Glamorize:. Heavy Black/Black - Blush, Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Liner B Black
Spectacles: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - tortoise shell
Bag: LOOM Creation - "Designer Tote Bag"
Book: *elymode* El's Leather Sketch Book
Shoe: MIEL Varsity Kicks
Accessories: MIEL - FRIENDO bracelet

Colour Of Couture ~ Week Two Flickr Challenge

This is getting more and more interesting..... As soon as we are done with the first week challenge, we started to work on our Week Two Flickr Challenge.....

Theme: Afrocentric

Animal prints, particularly big cat spots...Scattered across flowing gowns and cocktail dresses not to mention stylish dress suits.

Images of animal prints, khaki green, black, darker shades of brown, huge hairs, chunky jewellery and bold make up flashed in my mind..... Many SL models have done this styling before.. it is easy to 'get inspiration' from them... BUT I want to take the risk and use some bright colours as a contrast to the usual colours.....Keeping in mind still of the Afrocentric Theme and yet to showcase the similar theme with a touch of influence of the Asian culture.

I looked into my inventory first as I have many outfits that are of the Afrocentric theme... I found several but decided on this awesome tights from EVOLVE.... I love the print of animals on it (not just the spots or strips). If you look closer, you will see a zebra, giraffe and tiger on it.

Next, I went around stores, to look for the perfect top to go with the tights. My styling is chic casual but definitely eye catching because of the bright yellow halter neck top from L'EXCEPTION and the jewellery from PAPER COUTURE and IVY. To complete the look, I found the perfect shoe from HOC which I can change the texture and a handbag from CALENS.

The weather is hot here whole year round. This outfit takes me from shopping in the day to a romantic date with that special someone in the night. If the weather gets colder, a fur coat will complement the overall look.

Styling card:

Top: L'EXCEPTION- J`abot Dress - DandiLion
Pants: EVOLVE - Kanaifu
Shoe: HOC Industries - Platform Pumps
Jewellery: PAPER MOON - Organic Hoops and Moon Ring, IVA - Bangles
Hair/Hair Base: ICON HAIR Bun_Jetblack
Make up : *elymode* makeup - Gluttony shadows - chocolate 2, Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Line, Lush Cosmetics Glaze Lip (godiva)
Bag: [CALENS] panther_small-hand bag

Colour of Couture - Week One Challenge

The challenge begins once the 16 finalists are announced. The first Runway Challenge was on April 7.

The theme: Pyjama Party

Elegant Pyjama pants and dressing gown jackets in slouchy silks and satin that have a relaxed after hours glamour.

I decided to go for an elegant silk trouser and button-front top with the polka dots print and a dressing-gown jacket.

I have kept the styling simple, simply because silks were originally reserved for the Kings of China for their own use and gifts to others and were considered a popular luxury fabric in the many areas accessible to Chinese merchants because of its texture and luster. However, they are spread gradually through Chinese culture and trade both geographically and socially, and then to many regions of Asia and other parts of the world. Though silks are easily found in many fashion stores nowadays, it is still considered an elegant and sexy material.

Styling card:
Outfit: P.C. Spotted Blouse and Pants
Coat: Nyu - Debut, Tiffany Coat
Shoe: Rig32 Shoe
Accessories: :F: Reading Glasses, *FG* Petite Flower Necklace

In the next blog, see my styling for the Second Challenge - Afrocentric Theme and a surprised styling challenge wearing Prism outfit.... Stay tuned... (^_^)

Friday 13 April 2012

Colour of Couture - Runway Audition

It has been a crazy week. I was shortlisted from the photo submitted for Miss Colour of Couture - Top Model Competition and had to style for the runway audition in less than a week.

Living in a dream, fantasized idealism, gentleness, gracefulness and sensuality with a hint of old fashion charm. Let's see romance, soft pastels with a burst of bold color. Show your sensuality by mixing and matching whether it’s a gown, a pants suit or dress.

I was excited and immediately did my research to get some inspiration for this theme. There are many interesting ideas but none seemed unique enough for this competition. Then, I found John Galliano. I went through his years of collections with awe. I decided to bring his Spring 2012 RTW collections into SL.

I was greatly inspired by the silhouette of rounded shoulders, rounded sleeves, and the general sweet spirit of things like the printed lace skirt or the organza dress with puff sleeves, bias cuts, frills, ruffles, nostalgia and romance. All the models walked down the runway clad in an elaborate jacket seams ruffled with strips of printed chiffon, a blouse was afroth with spirals of white tulle, a hat and high-heeled Mary Janes and ankle socks.

I went around SL fashion stores and sims for the next 2 days and I found the perfect pieces that I wore on the audition day! The soft pastels are seen in the lace blouse with ruffles long sleeves and the mini skirt. For a burst of bold colour, I have contrasted it with a darker pink jacket and the hat. To accenture a hint of old fashion charm, I found a perfect shoe from Maitreya Gold which has a tint of gold and feathers.

I present to you: John Galliano's Spring 2012 RTW in SL

Styling Card:
Blouse: K.I.T. - Lace Blouse / Deauville blush
Jacket: Mimikri - Brocadence Jacket tapestry
Skirt: *GF* Wrap Mini Skirt -pink-
Hat: (O&N) Fedora Hat Buckle
Shoe: Maitreya Gold * Salience Socks&Tights Violet
Accessories: Ear ring - (Kunglers Extra) Orquidea, Nails and ring - Nail Formanails Form Long - Design CLOCK

I am glad the judges and committee like my styling and I am now one of the finalists for the Miss Colour of Couture Competition. In the next few days, I will be blogging my weekly challenges and experience in this first ever competition in SL. Thank you to all those who have given me the opportunity and I want to leave with this quote that has guided me all these while....

"The thing that doesn't break you makes you "