Monday 30 June 2014

The Naughty Nitch

I am very excited to be selected as ghee official blogger. This is my first official blog post for their upcoming event at The Naughty Nitch which runs 1 July to 21 July. 

This exclusive Shred Leather Halter Dress that comes in 3 colours, teal, magenta and black, are materials enabled. The texturing which gives the dress a glamourous metallic feel and the shred center bodice instantly transform a simple halter dress to a super sexy outfit suitable for a hot evening with that someone special....

You can also find other ghee creations at the event; see through crochet swimwear sets that include a see-through swimsuit, a matching solid knit swimsuit, a matching see through crochet sarong wrap and matching crochet shoes for Slink high feet, ghee's Sandwashed Silk gown that comes with a matching thong and hair accessory and ghee's Spike collection with oordinating long skirt, leggings and a variety of colors of a corset in glittering colors embellished with spikes across the bodice.

Style Card:
Outfit: ghee ~ Teal Leather Shred Dress @ The Naughty Nitch
Headpiece: Finesmith ~ Finesmith Muse Festival Headdress [GIFT]

Hair: LeLutka ~ VENT hair [GIFT]
Necklace: Kunglers Extra ~ Orquidea

More information about ghee

Sunday 29 June 2014

I have a date

and I am going to be late..... Can't decide which of the VG shoes I should be wearing..... help!!!

I am wearing the exclusive VG Toledo Leo which will not be sold anywhere after this round of CSR but how about the rest of the colours?

VG shoes @ CSR

Style Card:
Outfit: Black tube and pants [Model's own]
Hair: eXxEsS ~ Perperuna
Accessories: Indyra Originals ~ La Belle Epoque' Collar, House of Rage ~ Rose Ring

Shoe: VG Shoes ~ Toledo Leo [Exclusive @ CSR]
On the ground: VG Shoes ~ CoCo red, yellow, black, acqua, lilac [ @ CSR]

[Cosmopolitan Sales Room {round 16/2} ends 6th July]

Friday 27 June 2014

Ssshh I have a secret

Stay tune if you want to know....

Masoom & Shutter Field
7 Deadly s{K}ins - Maartje T1

Style Card:
Outfit: [Masoom] ~ Hot Inside Outfit @ Wash Cart Sale
Shoe: [Masoom] ~ Galaxy Plump @ Wash Cart Sale
Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}ins ~ Maartje T1 [SPECIAL LIMITED Edition]
Hair: Dura ~ Girl*51
Accessories: Paper Couture Flagship ~ Reclining Feline Earring and Diamond Frame Ring
Tattoo: PerveTTe ~ [Tattoo] Butter Fly [previous CRS item]

Shutter Field Summer Patio Set @ the Collage ~ includes corner patio, shelve, planter with tree, patio chairs that come with 4 colours; white, blue, shabby, checked green and red, barrel planter (not shown)

The chairs come with 8 sitting poses and all items are copy so you can make as many copies as you want and decorate your house the way you want it.

Tuesday 24 June 2014

What's Next

It was good to hang out with my BFF, Tashi, doing just nothing and talking about anything that came to our mind... We then decided to do a few pictures together wearing the outfits from Masoom from Wash Cart Sales... I told her I needed something matching to go with this cute Masoom pants and immediately she tped me to Allure and got me this pink urban tank top. Isn't she sweet..? 

And, in return, I am going to get her this unisex flip flop from SuSu Fashion once she gets her Slink feet this weekend. SuSu has two new releases this Summer. One of which is the diamond sandal that comes in 6 colours; blue, gold, pink, red, silver and violet.

SuSu - Flip Flop Woman SLINK (NEW)

[[ Masoom]] Hangover pants

[[ Masoom]] Afra lingerie
No lingeries can make a woman more sexier than one that is made of satin... Satin lingerie can provide a soft, smooth feel and it is always skin friendly. Many women purchase them for specific occasions such as wedding, honeymoon, and for special celebrations and outings..... But for us, we decided to wear it for ourselves ..When we look good, we feel good... and you can also get this [[Masoom]] Afra lingerie from the Wash Cart Sales at only 10L. Nothing can make us happier...
I can never get enough of VG Shoes. They are well textured and mostly come with vibrant colours. I can't help but feel sexy walking in this VG Coco Yellow from VG Shoe for CSR. I will show you more of VG shoes in my next blog.
Masoom Love Petal outfit and SuSu Diamond blue sandal (NEW)

The Wash Cart Sale has started and runs till 25th June . Vendors have placed carts around the sim and each item on the carts are 10L and under! I want to show you another Masoom Love Petal top and denium shorts that comes with matching bangles and ring all for only 10L!!! Awesome!

Style Card: (1)
Outfit: Masoom ~ Hangover pants @ Wash Cart Sale, Allure ~ Pink Urban Top [group gift]
Hair: LeLutka ~ ALICE hair [group gift]
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Tessa [Weekend Promo with a new alpha hud]
Shoe: SuSu Fashion ~ Flip Flop Woman SLINK (NEW)

Outfit: Masoom ~ Afa lingerie @  Wash Cart Sale
Hair: LeLutka ~ ALICE hair [group gift]
Skin:  7 Deadly s{K}ins - gacha skins female V5
Shoe: VG Shoes ~ VG Coco Yellow @ CSR starting 22nd June

Outfit: Masoom ~ Love Petal Top and shorts includes bangles and ring @ Wash Cart Sale
Hair: LeLutka ~ ALICE hair [group gift]
Hat: Masoom ~ Adore Me Floppy Hat
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Tessa [Weekend Promo with a new alpha hud]
Shoe: SuSu Fashion ~ Diamond blue sandal [NEW]

(for Tashi's style card  coming soon) 

[TAXI] to all the stores

Welcome Home

It's been a fruitful weekend for me...I finally got some time to decorate my house a little. It has been rather bare for a while but I am picky and finally am pleased with what I have done.

To the left of the living room, it is a perfect place for a little cosy corner with this fireplace from Cozy Essential that lights up with a touch and the wall clock that moves.

{CE} Lakehouse Fireplace
 Adjacent to the fireplace is the dinning area. A place where I love to receive my friends over tea or dinner. I found the perfect dining set from Cozy Essential. It comes with an entrance table and texture changing pictures frames. A great place to showcase pictures that often provides a starter to a conversation. Next to the entrance table are the Travel Set from Annie Antique.
As the space is quite huge and to make it feels more cosy, I have placed the buffet table in the middle of the room. The centrepiece to the collection is the chandelier in the middle of the room. As I do get enough sun to this part of the house, I have gotten a few plants to fill spaces cheaply and to improve the air quality indoors.

{CE} Lakehouse Collection ~ Dining Room Set
Over at the corner of the beach, I have done up an area for friends to hang out. A perfect place where we can relax while enjoying the stunning view of the sea. I have gotten a lounger, a beach chair, bench and a garden swing from Thaino DesignS. All furniture come with 5-6 sit animations.

Pieces from Thaino DesignS
 Over looking the sea, I have created another laid back social area right into the beach.

Garden Sets from Thaino DesignS
Cozy Essential’s Lakehouse Dining Collection includes; mahogany dining table, 6 chairs, peach rug, buffet table, candle display, lamps, chandelier, mirror, clock, entry table with texture change picture frames, ferns, potted plants, fireplace and decorative accessories.

 Thaino DesignS includes; Tara Lounger with footstool with 5-6 sit animations, Tara Garden Bench with animation with sit animations, Tara Comfy Chair with animations, Tara garden swing for 2 avs, Tara sunshine garden chairs and table,  Tara tree of light, Tara teacups floral display, Tara ornate side table and Tara garden gnome decor @ The Collage 

All the furniture can be found at the Collage Event. It is a monthly home and garden event featuring some of SL's long established designers who provide high quality builds.  

CLICK HERE for the taxi to the Collage Event

Monday 23 June 2014

SL11B Celebration of the Year!

"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind" 
Winston Churchill

Mark your calendar for the greatest SL party of the year..... 
22 June - 29 June
SL turns 11 this year and I am glad to be part of this great event of the year... There will be great performances, exhibitions by some of the most creative creators, hunts and free gifts to be collected along the way...(^_^). For those who prefer to be driven around the sims while enjoying the sight, there are pod rides for you. Click here..

Here are few pictures that I have taken this evening.... I will share with you more in the next few days to come... stay tune!

Thursday 19 June 2014

When I was young

Have you sometimes wished that you could turn back the clock? Remember those carefree days when we were just teens or younger? I grew up in the era when iPads, Wiis and Xboxes were never heard of, let alone have played them. I led a rather simple childhood. For some of you, you may have heard of games like Hop-scotch, 5 stones, Congkak, Gasing, Marbles and Capteh. When my dad travelled, he would come back with barbie doll and her accessories! 

Those days were simple and yet we were able to 'entertain' ourselves in the absence of technology. Just last week, I met up with some of my classmates from the University. We were feeling nostalgic when talking about the crazy things that we used to do and we were creating such a din that I think the restaurant owner wish that he would just keep our mouth shut. As we spoke, we took out our iphones and started to add each other on our facebook. Then, all of the sudden, an uneasy silence fell on us! Why? We were 'talking without a sound' through our facebook!

Anyway, I am glad in this 'silent SL' that most of us are living in, I could still find a playground that reminds me of my childhood. Clad in Masoom gatcha garden top and Susu sandals, I am now all ready for a day of reliving the good old days.
ntertained themselves in the absence of technology like today’s. - See more at:
ntertained themselves in the absence of technology like today’s. - See more at:
ntertained themselves in the absence of technology like today’s. - See more at:

Hop-scotch anyone?

Outfit: Masoom ~ Toon Top [rare items] @ GATCHA GARDEN
Hair: [left] booN ~IRK178, [right] Truth ~ Bunny
Shoe: SuSu ~  Pandora Pink Slink Sandals
[CLICK here] to the playground
[CLICK here] to Masoom mainstore

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Where do I go from here

I need a direction....

Style card:
Outfit: Grumble ~ Womens Boho Flow Top [Yellow/Teal] and Womens Boho Skirt [Teal]
Accessories: Grumble ~ Spiked Bow Headband
Hair: Miss C ~ Angel [Ginger]
Skin: Zoul Creations ~  Joan sk3
Shoe: VG Shoes ~ Toledo [Nude]

Monday 16 June 2014

Gotta be You

I am excited to introduce to you yet another amazing designer to the Fashion for Life. When I was speaking to Trinity Yazimoto, Owner of Petit Chat French Fine Couture about her work, I couldn't help but noticed a sense of excitement in her voice. For someone who is proud of her creation, you can be assured that she is going to put in that 101% into every outfit that she creates.

"My items are materials enabled, and really if you enable those on your viewer and play with the windlight settings, you'll see why I insist on this fact, because really it gives a unique look." As she spoke of the items created from some of her artwork in her productline Petit Chat Artfashion, some of which are currently displayed in her art gallery, I was already unpacking her boxes and was amazed by what I see!

My favourite is the Suspendu pour l'eternité dress. Not only it fits the figure and creates a shapely look, what really captures my attention is the texture of this and all the dresses for FFL. It shines and gives a high quality metallic effects that impresses me.

I hope my pictures do justice to these fabulous pieces. If you must, go to her store at FFL and get a demo. You will never see fashion the way you used to after that.....

1. Suspendu pour l'eternite dress & 2. Tree of Life dress

3. Circus dress

4. Like a Dream dress
Style card:

Outfit (1) : PC ~ Suspendu pour l'eternite dress, comes with fish hallo and fish skirt deco [@FFL]
Hair: Boudoir ~ Messy Hair
Skin: Yoon Skin ~ Amelia [SunTan]
Bracelet: Promagic ~ CSR Bracelet [from previous CRS]

Outfit (2): PC ~ Tree of Life dress [@ FFL]
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Antiope Hair

Outfit (3): PC ~ Circus dress, comes with face mask [Exclusive @ FFL]
Hair: Truth ~ Madeline
Headgear: Champagne ~ Curazao hat
Shoe: Stiletto Moody ~ Bare Katherine gold heels

Outfit (4): PC ~ Like a dream dress, comes with bangles and choker [Exclusive @ FFL]
Hair: Iconic ~  Aruna (from previous fair)

Petit Chat French Fine Couture Mainstore 

Thursday 12 June 2014

Take me or leave with me

As a blogger who takes pride in every item given to me, I will make sure every picture that I take is able to capture the best of them to show to all of you. This means that my every moment on SL is spent styling, taking pictures, editing them and blogging...

No complain. I love what I am doing now....... (^_^)

Today, I want to show you this new release from SuS, their Summer Promo....a full outfit for ladies which include a sexy top, a well-textured pants and a pair of slink sandals! AND and I am wearing this OMG Onyx V2 skin from 7 Deadly s{k}ins from the JULY OMG Gacha!. Love it! I am sure you agree with me, this Dura Hair just compliment the skin so perfectly. Dura is giving out its 4 years anniversary GIFT at their store.... Go get it before it's removed from the store......

SuSu - Isis Red Outfitt
7 Deadly s{K}ins - OMG Onyx V2/ Dura Hair - Anniversary GIFT

SuSu - Pandora Pink

Style Card:
Outfit: SuSu ~ [Picture 1] Isis Red and [Picture 2] Pandora Pink
Sandle: SuSu ~ Sandals for flat slink feet
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - OMG Onyx V2 @ JULY OMG Gacha
Hair: Dura ~ The 4 year Anniversary hair [GIFT]

Tuesday 10 June 2014

ghee Summer Blogger Challenge

When I first received the nc about ghee summer blogger challenge, I tp to the store right away. How could I wait.... two favourite things that I love to do in SL; hunt and challenge....

 I am not very much a hint reader. I prefer to shop while I hunt. It took me a little while to find some of the items but it was all worthwhile... cos I ended up buying a few more things from ghee... lol. At ghee, you will find smart, casual trendy outfits to glamourous evening gowns and amazing accessories to match various styles.

For those who prefer to have a little hint before you tp to the store...Here you go... CLICK HERE...

Below are the items I have found and styled.... Enjoy....
Picutre 1
Picture 2

Picture 3
Hurry to ghee and collect all the 21 fabulous items at 10L each...

Don't forget to grab ghee summer sandals at the entrance of the store....

Styling card:
[Picture 1]
Outfit: ghee ~ ghee Essentials Shorts (hunt item), ghee Essentials Drape Top (hunt item)
Shoe: ghee ~ ghee Summer Essentials Sandals YELLOW Sandals (for Slink HIGH)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}in ~ Group June Gift
Hair: Tableau Vivant ~ Longfall Hair with mermaid headdress (@ The Arcade Gacha Event)
Accessories: AddiCt ~ APPLE Ring, Zaara ~ Indra painted stacked bangles
Bag: AddiCt ~ Day Tripper Bag
Tattoos: PerveTTe ~ Butter Fly (@ CSR)

[Picture 2]
Outfit: ghee ~ ghee essentials dress - patterned black (hunt item)
Bangles: ghee ~ ghee essentials yellow solid bangles (hunt item)
Shoe: ghee ~ ghee Summer Essentials Sandals YELLOW Sandals (for Slink HIGH)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}in ~ Group June Gift
Hair: Clawtooth ~ Boardwalk Breeze - Girl Next Door (@ The Arcade Gacha Event)
Shades: glow studio ~ Stefania Shades
Bag: Zenith ~ Leather Handbag Coral (@ The Arcade Gacha Event)

[Picture 3]
Outfit: ghee ~ ghee essentials off shoulder top white patterned (hunt items), Ghee Essentials Shorts (hunt item)
Shoe: ghee ~ Ghee Summer Essentials Sandals YELLOW Sandals (for Slink HIGH)

Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}in ~ Group June Gift
Hair: Truth ~ Sakura Hair with pink bears (@ The Arcade Gacha Event)
Belt: Coco ~ Wide Belt white
Basket: B.C.C ~ Roly Poly picnic Basket Cherry (@ The Arcade Gacha Event)

Can't get enough of ghee..
ghee Mainstore [CLICK HERE]

stay in touch with ghee online......

Monday 9 June 2014

Fashion For Life 2014

 "By Faith I believe and in this Truth I stand"
Fashion For Life is an event supporting Second Life’s Relay For Life campaign to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.  It will run from June 7th through June 20th. It opens at 6 a.m. on the 7th and will close midnight on the 20th.  All Fashion For Life events will happen during this time period.

[[Masoom]] is taking part with Affection and Adrina, two elegant gowns exclusive for FFL. Affection is a sexy red gown with muti layers of organza and lace trimming at the end of the gown. It comes with a necklace in four colours: black, black grey, grey and pink. Adrina is another sexy blue gown with flexi skirt. Both gowns come with Lola's Tango and Mirage and Phat Azz.

Let's do our part for Relay For Life today....
[[Masoom]] ~ Affection

[[Masoom]] ~ Adrina NEW
Style Card:
[Picture 1]
Gown: Masoom ~ Affection @ FFL
Clutch Bag: Masoom ~ Fan handbag @ FFL
Skin: Yoon Beauty ~ Babby :: Sunkissed Morning [NEW]
Hair: Zibska ~ Kiki
Lipstick: Zibska ~ Azali Lips [Limited Gift]
Eyelash: Moyet ~ Eyelashes_No.7

[Picture 2]
Gown: Masoom ~ Adrina @ FFL
Skin: Yoon Beauty ~ Babby :: Sunkissed Morning [NEW]

Hair: Leverocci ~  Sylvia_Marble
Accessories PM ~ Pearl's Dream in White Necklace, bracelet and ring [past hunt]

Taxi to Masoom Mainstore Store [CLICK HERE]

One way or another

I am a shoe collector... I believe that every girl should have as many shoes as she needs to match the outfits that she is wearing... In the past, shoes were used to protect the feet since the main form of transportation then was walking. Over the years, shoes have evolved from being just a feet 'cover' to a fashion statement. Sturdy-yet-stylish shoes are versatile wardrobe wonders.

When I saw these shoes from SuSu, I knew I just got to have them.They are not only fashionable and chic, the textures are also finely detailed. With these shoes, you can be assured that all eyes are gonna be on you as you walk down the streets.

SuSu ~ Ankle Shoes RED
SuSu ~ Ankle Shoes GREEN
SuSu ~ Ankle Shoes BLUE

Style Card:

Skin: Zoul Creation ~ Joan sk3 [NEW]
Hair: .Olive ~ the Eilfie Hair - Cotton Candies RARE @ The Arcade Gacha Event
Outfit: No Salvation Designs ~ Women's No Salvation Skull Knotted Dress GROUP GIFT
Shoe: SuSu Fashion ~ Ankle Shoes for Slink Flat Feet

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Can you hear me

I'm numb but I can still feel you
Sometimes I'm blind but I see you
You're here but so far away
The times when you are not missing
You make me feel like I'm spinning

Sometimes you get what you gave
I'm on a course of collision
I'm not about to give in
Can't explain my position
Or the condition I'm in
Where I am there's no limit
No walls, no ceiling
No intermission

So let the party begin!

Style Card:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}ins ~ WRATH B4a+ T3 [New Release]
Makeup: 7 Deadly s{k}ins ~ WRATH makeup 5
Hair: Boon ~ OCI185 hair [pink]
Dress: SAS ~ Mercedes Black Ruffle Dress
Accessories: Zibska ~  Treuls Hat and Collar in Smoke

Sunday 1 June 2014

II Right Now II

Just some time back, I was frustrated with the way my life was going.....
 no matter what I did (not going to say what they were ), 
the outcome was always the same.... 
I was feeling lost when my pretty bff, Tashi, said to me...
" You cannot be doing the same thing over and over again 
and expecting different results"

Her words was right on... 
I WAS doing the same thing over and over again and 
each time hoping for a different outcome.
I made a few decisions and till today, am glad I have done it.

When I saw this NEW skin from Zoul Creations, 
I knew right away that I just got to have them. 
Since I am going to do things differently and in SL, 
the first thing I can do is to change my skin.

'Joan' comes in 8 skin tones. 
Each skin tone comes with as many as 10 lip colours and 10 eyeshadows, brows, 
all appliers and even Wowmeh applier !!!

You can never be pampered more! Hurry to ZC and get your skin now!

Style Card
Skin: ZC ~ Joan
Hair: Exile ~ She's So Mean [Vanilla]
Swimwear: Meili Imako ~ FitMesh_Halter Swimsuit [from MP]
Necklace: Finesmith ~ Three [Group Gift]
Hand/ Feet: Slink ~ AvEnhance