Thursday 27 December 2012

[[ Designer Circle ]]

Another round of the Designer Circle has began!
(December 24th  - January 5th)
I love to party and dressing up to that special occasion and at the Designer Circle you can find all the fabulous designers wear at ridiculously low price.
This Rachel Dress from [Masoom] which comes in 5 sizes is a dressy and high-fashion piece that would make you the belle of the ball. A simple yet well textured bustier flows down into soft layers of chiffon. This minimalist design is extremely classy and yet flattering.

Style Card:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Rachel Dress (NEW)
Hair: Truth ~ Marina
Hat: DragonLady's Closet ~ Maya Red Hat (12 days of Christmas 
                                                                         Cart Sales & Hunt)
Stockings: DragonLady's Closet ~ Maya Stockings Xmas Red
                                      (12 days of Christmas Cart Sales & Hunt)

To know more about [Masoom]:

Marketplace :
Flicker Group :
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Monday 24 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas Cart Sales & Hunts

12 Days of Christmas Sale and Hunt on the Flawless Sim!  The event runs from December 13 - December 24.
 The sale includes new and EXCLUSIVE items for only 50L from your favourite designers plus tons of HUNT items from 0-10L each!!  Look for the candy canes found on or nearby each cart! 
 I had so much fun blogging this Winter Painter Set from
*~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*. It has a build-in hud that allows you to change the painting, sitting poses, curtain and stick tree textures....
Each set includes
1) Easel with 4 paintings menu
2) Painter stool : 5 animations menu
3) Painter table: 2 curtains textures
4) Stick Tree: 6 textures menu (mesh)
5) Floor Canvas
6) Wearable palette and brush
Another item you could find from the Flawless Sim is the Ariktha in Red outfit (Debbie's wearing) from DragonLady's Closet which includes Hat with Jingle sound, sculpted shoe and modifiable elf's ear.

This is one outfit you will need for the Theme Party around SL right now....You will never be 'missed' the moment you stepped into the Party with that Jingle .....

For those who are going to a formal gala Christmas Party, search no more. At the 12 Days of Christmas Cart Sales & Hunts, you will find that perfect gown that you will like..........
From Lyrical B!zarre Templates (all their items are sold at full perms!),
Gown 1 ~ Fucsia Hunt item, a super sexy tight mini dress for a romantic affair. The tight bodice accentuates the perfect figure of a sensual woman.
Gown 2 ~ North Blue Hunt item, a sensual blue satin gown with a chiffon strip that goes all the way down to the hip is sexy and yet elegant for the formal ball gown that you will need this Christmas.
Gown ~ Euphoria Hunt item, is clever mixed of sensuous with glamorous with its off-shoulder bodice and spectacular floating flexi-prims of luxurious organza silk skirt.
For more information about Lyrical B!zarre Template:

The last but one of the most perfect gowns for this Christmas is from [Masoom]. This Hellen mesh gown from [Masoom] exclusive for 12 days of Christmas in 6 colors is sold at an unbelievable price of 50L.
Hurry down to the 12 days of Christmas Cart Sales & Hunts @ the Flawless Sim... pick up nice gifts for your love ones this year... SALE ends 24 December...................

Saturday 15 December 2012

Tis the Season to be Giving

I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round, as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable time; the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys.

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens, easing other's loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas.

[[Masoom]] has spread the Christmas spirit of giving by having a few fabulous hunts all in one place. Come down to [[Masoom]] today and bring a friend or two... Tis the Season to be sharing.....

1st Hunt ~ Peace on Earth Hunt
[[ Masoom ]] Peace On Earth Outfit

Styling Card
Outfit: Masoom ~ Peace on Earth Hunt
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Lynn 03 Beige
Hair:  D!va ~ Hair "Maya"
Accessories: Virtual Impressions ~ Sierra Crow and Necklace in Gold & Diamonds
Shoe: HOC Industries ~ Noir Stilettos

2nd Hunt ~ Away Team Mission Hunt
[[ Masoom]] Away Team Mission Outfit
Styling Card:
Top and Pants: Masoom ~ Away Team mission hunt
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Lynn 03 Beige, Lynn 03 Beige Lips - Raspberry
Hair: elikatira ~ Looking - Blonde 09
Hat: 22769 ~ [femme] fascinating fascinator red vendor (L'accessoires Nov Cycle)
Accessories: Paper Couture ~ Reclining Feline Earrings, Diamond Frame Ring
Shoe: Miamai ~ Lois_Fern (L'accessoires Oct Cycle)
 3rd Hunt ~ Santa Little Diva Gridewide Hunt 
4th Hunt ~ MCM Hunt 
[[ Masoom ]] Santa's little diva gift
[[ Masoom ]] MCM hunt belt

Styling Card:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Santa's Little Diva Gift (comes with the stockings)
Belt (in the hand): Masoon ~ MCM hunt belt
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Lynn 03 Beige, Lynn 03 Beige Lips - Purple
Hair: D!va ~ Hair "Maya"
Hat: Nushru ~ Botanical Pigtails - I Am Cheery
Earring: PM ~ Idril Earring in the WInter
Nails: Formanails ~ Long (comes with the ring)
Shoe: COCO ~ RuffleAnkleBoots

To find out more about Masoom ..........
Blog :



Sunday 9 December 2012

[[ MASOOM ]] @ Winter Fair

If you have not visited the the Winter Fair, you have to do it soon. There are just too many wonderful items on sale at the same sim. Some are exclusive and others are at 50% discount. One of the brands that you will find is [[ Masoom ]].
When I was shopping for the perfect outfit to wear for my holiday to London next week, Amber, Designer of Masoom and a friend knocked on my door and told me to pick something from her latest creation. It was difficult because I like everything that she makes... smiles... However, since I need a winter wear, I chose this well-tailored black Marlene Coat Dress. It fits perfectly and it wasn't hard to style it as it is very versatile. You can find this awesome winter coat at the Winter Fair or [[ Masoom ]]
Look at me, I am all ready for my holiday with the perfect man I met some time ago... perhaps you will read about him on my blog soon.....giggles.....
[[ Masoom - Marlene Coat Dress ]]

Style Card:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Marlene Coat Dress (NEW)
Scarf: PurpleMoon ~ Wool Scarf
Hair: Vanity ~ Chanel Drop (NEW)
Gloves: Miamai ~ Femme_ Jen PrimGloves
Boots: *GF* ~ Will [Mesh] Long Cuff Boots
Bag: Lily Bird ~ Weekend Travel Mesh Bag with Pose

Tuesday 4 December 2012

II Ancient Hunt II

The Ancient Hunt awaits you......... Today I bring to you 2 awesome gifts from Czari's Attic...

Moghul Empress Divan is a typical of the type of furniture a Moghul Empress might possess. Its base is of intricately carved stone with a pure gold overlay.  The rich fabric colors evoke images of desert landscapes interspersed with lush tropical oases, while the intricate embroidery denotes an owner of wealth and power.
Moghul Privacy Water Wall was inspired by the miniature paintings that were in vogue during the Moghul Empire.  Luxuriate as a Moghul Empress on your divan and allow the lovely art and soothing water sound to transport you to the India of long ago while secluding you from prying eyes. ;)

Dates : 25th November 2012 to 25th December 2012

Start Location: [ Masoom ]

Rules :
At the start location, Get your Master notecard from the lamp at reception.
It gives you a complete list of landmarks and clues of gifts,
1- Pick a landmark,
2- Teleport to the spot,
3- Follow the clue to guide you right to the gift

Join Group for Hunters :
( Copy the above line, past in local, press enter, there should appear a link in your local chat that would let you join the group named ::: Masoom :::

Sunday 2 December 2012


Shantia Soulstar, designer of the NEW LYNN skins from Zoul Creations, has done an awesome job once again. Her skins look so real inworld and in pictures. Lynn Skins is a must have for every girl who loves to match her makeup with the outfits she wears. Every fatpack comes with :

12 makeups
3 eyebrows
2 blushes
20 lips tattoos
1 shape
1 eye

Lynn 04 Sunskissed
Lynn 02 Fair
Lynn 02 Fair

Lynn 03 Beige

Lynn 03 Beige

What more can we ask for this Christmas.... Take the Taxi to Zoul Creations NOW. It will definitely be a nice addition to your Christmas shopping list.......... (^_^)

Thursday 29 November 2012

The Ancient Hunt is On

Who doesn't love hunts especially if you know you are going to find great stuff..... What's a bonus is that ANCIENT HUNT happens all on one sim. There is no need to hop from shop to shop and risk crashing or waiting 5 mins to rezz when you TP to another sim...

Wait no more..... Come to [[Masoom]] and get all the great gifts, discounts , basic info, landmarks and clues from the starting point at the reception. When you are there.... look for a huge Aladdin lamp.. (^_^)

Two of the items that you will surely not want to miss.....

[[ Masoom Ancient Hunt Outfit - 1L ]]

Styling Card
[Ancient Hunt Item]
Outfit: Masoom ~ Ancient Hunt Outfit
[Other Credits]
Hat: Drift ~ Pimpin Hat [Mesh] - L'accessoires Nov Cycle
Hair: booN ~ KBO906 hair
Hair Base: Miamai ~ Hairbase Style C
Accessories: Glam Dammit ~ Carry on Cleo Earring, PC ~ Moon Ring, IT~ The Roots of Rhythm  Simple Ring


[[ Masoom Bina Long Top - 10L ]]

Styling Card
[Ancient Hunt Item]
Top: Masoom ~ Bina Mesh long Baggy Top
[Other Credits]
Accessories: Miel ~ Friendo bracelet
Sock: M2M ~ Eggnog Socks, PurpleMoon ~ Kenya Necklace
Shoe: Miel ~ Varsity Kicks
Hair: LeLutka ~ Keeley hair
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Rosie 03 Beige
My Princess: Zooby's Pet Store ~ The Z Bag Tan Chihuahua Carrier
When : Dates : 25th November 2012 to 25th December 2012
Where: [[Masoom]]
Rules :
At the start location, Get your Master notecard from the lamp at reception.
It gives you a complete list of landmarks and clues of gifts,
1- Pick a landmark,
2- Teleport to the spot,
3- Follow the clue to guide you right to the gift
Join Group for Hunters :

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Black Market ~ A Secret This Good Is Bound to Get Out

Bia Outfit                                                                         Naazli Top

Come down to the Black Market and get these fabulous outfits from Masoom. Every  month, many awesome designers will put up some of their best designs at the Black Market and some of which are exclusive items. This month, you will find Masoom's Bia Outfit at only 100L and Naazli Top at only 40L. A steal that is not to be missed!
This cycle of Black Market starts from September 14th 2012 to October 14th 2012.

Styling Card 1 (Left Picture):
Outfit: Masoom ~ Bia Outfit (Exclusive @ Black Market)
Hair: LeLutka ~ KEELEY hair
Accessories: Jennie's Jewels ~ Dragon Necklace
Belt: SD Wear ~ Awaken Belt
Leggings: Snatch ~ Ziggy Leggings
Shoe: Baby Monkey ~ Chukka Boot
Styling Card 2 (Right Picture) :
Top: Masoom ~ Naazli Top
Pants: GizzA ~ Flax Pants Female
Hair: LeLutka ~ Belle pony, Tutys ~ Genius hair base
Hat: Xen's Hat ~ Joram
Sunglass: Shade Throne ~  Stuy sunglasses
Accessories: LaGyo ~ Lenis gold necklace, Popillia ring, Squares bangle
Bag: Boom ~ Take it Easy Tote - Yip
Shoe: Dore Limited ~ Boho Fringe wedges
CLICK HERE for the Black Market SLURL

To find out more about Masoom ..........
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Saturday 6 October 2012

Help! I can't STOP!

Rosie 03 ~ Beige Skin
Rosie 04 ~ Sunkissed Skin
Rosie 05 ~ Golden Skin
Model/ Photographer: Debbie Jasper

As I am working on my blogging assignment from Zoul Creations, a perfect song is blaring next to me... It's an oldies by Betty Everett but who cares.............

"If you want to know if he really loves you so... it's in his KISS"

Yes, if you are going to find that out, you better put on the best lips ever..... but Help! I can't decide which lipstick I should wear.... I can't stop putting on the different skins and makeup from ZOUL CREATIONS...
Shantia Soulstar is definitely spoiling us all with her new skin, ROSIE, that comes in 3 skin tones. Each skin tone comes with 12 skin makeups, 3 additional blushes, 3 eyebrows and 6 lips colours. That's not all.... all skin fat pack come with Rosie shape and eye....... so if you want to surprise that someone special and make that night a memorial one...... head down to Zoul Creations today and have super fun with the ROSIE skin....

CLICK HERE for the limo to Zoul Creations Store.


For your listening pleasure when you are shopping............. (^_^)

Wednesday 3 October 2012

[[ Designer Circle ]]

38th Designer Circle - Bina Top
[[ Masoom ]] is a part of designer circle that lasts for only 12 days, starting Oct 1. All items under the designer circle are going at 50% off.
This Bina Mesh baggy top is one versatile piece that every girl should have in her closet. You can choose to wear it on its own over long sock and sneaker when you are planning to run around that huge shopping centre or over a pair of jean and heels or boots for a more causal chic look. If the weather gets colder, a colourful tights and shawl around your neck will still let you look fashionable without looking too overdressed.
Hurry down to Masoom now and get this Bina top for only 99L....
Styling Card
Top: Masoom ~ Bina Mesh long Baggy Top (New Release)
Accessories: Miel ~ Friendo bracelet
Sock: M2M ~ Eggnog Socks, PurpleMoon ~ Kenya Necklace
Shoe: Miel ~  Varsity Kicks
Hair: LeLutka ~ Keeley hair
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Rosie 03 Beige (New Release)
My Princess: Zooby's Pet Store ~ The Z Bag Tan Chihuahua Carrier
To find out more about Masoom ..........

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Monday 1 October 2012

Dance the Night Away... with Masoom

Masoom ~ Zareen
Model/Photographer: Debbie Jasper
Sometimes dressing up to look fashionable and cute may be a pain. Why go through all the stress to find the “perfect” outfit when you can throw on something simple? You may be thinking, “Simple? It won’t be fashionable.” Well, an adorable off the shoulder top takes the definition of simple to a whole new level.
You can wear any kind of bottoms with these fashionable tops. For a more glamorous look, you can pair your off the shoulder top with leggings , balloon pants or a skirt. If you want to look more casual, you can simply throw on your blue jeans or shorts.

I have chosen to wear it with a lacy black pants, some chunky accessories and a short wavy hair for a perfect night out dancing or a date with that someone special. Definitely a must have for every girl!

These off shoulder Satin tops from Masoom come in 8 colours. These are Getcha items which cost only 25L. Do not know what's a Getcha Items? CLICK HERE and head down to the store to find out..

Styling Card:
Top: Masoom ~ Zareen (New Release)
Pants: Coco Design ~ Balloon Pants
Hair: Dura ~ Girl 37
Accessories: LaGyo ~ Squares bangle, Paper Couture ~ Organic Hoops Earrings and Moon Ring, Finesmith ~ Belly Flower Ring, Envi ~ Nose Ring
Shoe: HOC ~ Industries Noir Stilettos

CLICK HERE for Masoom's store SLURL

To find out more about Masoom ..........

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Saturday 29 September 2012

MASAI MARA: The Solidarity STORE (Blog V)

                                                                                                         Model/Photographer: Debbie Jasper

If you are like me who work best with deadline... now is the TIME.... (^_^)
Hurry! Last 2 days before the Masai Mara - the solidarity store is closed... Get all the exclusive items before they are gone.

Styling Card:

Top: Masoom ~ Zareen (New Release)
Pants: Azoury ~ Le Sarouel Victorian Rouge Milana
Jewelry Set: Sequoiastyle ~ Necklace, Earring, Bangles
Shoe: Miamai ~ DecO Milena
Hair: EMO-tions ~ Naomi
Skin: Ooh-la-licious ~ Masai Brown Sugar

Masai Mara Store at the PACHA...CLICK HERE FOR THE SLURL.


Thursday 27 September 2012

Just what I needed

Zimal Top - Sea Green, Red, Blue
Zimal Top - Plum, Black, Copper
An ultra-soft blend of cotton and stretch lending perfect fit and comfort to casual days.
Check out the latest release from Masoon. These Zimal tops in 6 colours are just what we need for the beginning of autumn where the days are warm while the nights turn windy and chilly. The dedicate lace trimming traces the neckline adds a charming finishing touch to the blouse.
Style card:
Top: Masoon ~ Zimal
Shorts: Angelic Le Couture ~ Mini Short Light Jeans
Hair: Truth ~ Bunny
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Kim 03

To find more about the fabulous designs of Masoom,

Blog :

Friday 21 September 2012

New Kid on the Block

I met the designer and owner of A La Moda, Cheryl Corbeau, sometime back in one of the contest I took part in. She is not only talented, but also friendly and jovial. We started chatting often and shared many fashion and photography ideas.
She told me she wanted to make clothes and get a store to sell them. I told her SL is an awesome place to do what we enjoy and was looking forward to it. A week later, she designed her first outfit and got me to model for her.... I was amazed at the quality of the outfit she made and told her she has talent! .... In less than 2 weeks, she made a few dozen more and finally found a nice place to set up her store...A La Moda...
She is very generous and sent me a few of her wonderful outfits.... One of which is this mesh woollen plaid jumper in blue that she matches with the lace blouse. For a first timer, the quality of this jumper is amazing.
I style it with a long wavy hair from EMO-tions and this very unique boots from Azoury and immediately I feel like I am in my teens once again... (^_^)

If you want good quality causal outfits, do visit the store today. When you are there, don't forget to get your free gift at the entrance.

a la moda ~ plaid jumper

Styling Card
Outfit: A La Moda ~ plaid jumper (comes with the lace blouse)
Hair: EMO-tions ~ Last Night
Accessories: HANDverk ~ Green & Silver Rock Knuckle Duster and Necklace
Shoe : Azoury ~ Botte

Monday 17 September 2012

Super Sexy (who? Me?)

Model/Photographer: Debbie Jasper

A super sexy and sensual outfit that reveals the feminine beauty with a touch of class. This low cut neckline and back is sure a head turner where ever you go. I've got a few positive comments during my photo shoot at the City of Venice Sim... (^_^)

Styling Card:
Outfit: EVOLVE ~ Tribe
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Night Coffee
Earring: NK Jewelry ~ Shambala (available at Masai Mara the Solidarity Store)
Shoe: HOC ~ MIB Stilettos
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Tyra 05 Golden with cleavage

Sunday 16 September 2012

PRISM Furniture Moving Sales

Hurry down to PRISM Furniture and get that quality furniture for your house today....
Stock up at a great savings!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

MASAI MARA: The Solidarity STORE (Blog IV)

Today, I like to showcase some of the creations from SL finest designers; PULL, NK Couture, Liv-GLAM, Iron Tiger, Yoa Divine Spell and Shiki...

These amazing designers have come together to help raise some well needed funds to promote the KIBERA YOUTH INITIATIVE – MAMA TUNZA’s project charity. Do find time to take a look at these, mostly, exclusive items at the MASAI MARA Store. It is definately a well worth visit.

Model/ Photography: Debbie Jasper

NK Couture ~ Ashaki Jumper - Hyena

Styling Card:
Outfit: NKCouture ~ Ashaki Jumper - Hyena @ Masai Mara Store
Accessories: NKJewelry ~ Shambala Earring and Necklace - Hyena @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Nova & Dura ~ Hair
Skin: Yoa Divine Spell ~ Delirio Brown @ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: MJS ~ Flirty

[PULL] ~ Elisabeth African

Styling Card:
Outfit: PULL ~ Elisabeth African Shirt and Skirt @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Imani
Accessories: Iron Tiger ~ The Roots of Rhythm Chevron Earrings Peridot w/Side and Necklace @ Masai Mara Store and Mandala ~ Takara Bangle Animal fur set
Bag: Liv-Glam ~ Fall 2012-Masai Mara 01@ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: HOC Industries ~ Noir Plump

With a change of hairdo and a longer version of the skirt, you will get a totally different look of the Elisabeth outfit.

[PULL] ~ Elisabeth African and Mana

Styling Card:
Outfit: PULL ~ Elisabeth Afican Shirt and Mana Long Skirt @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Lali
Accessories: ~Iron Tiger ~ Roots of Rhythm Earrings and Bangles @ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: Juran ~ Leather Sandals Valiant

Shiki ~ African Beauty

Styling Card:
Outfit: Shiki ~ African Beauty @ Masai Mara Store
Hair: Hair Additive ~ Beauty Updo
Accessories: Iron Tiger ~ The Roots of Rhythm Chevron Earrings Peridot w/Side and Necklace  @ Masai Mara Store
Shoe: Gaeline Creations ~ Kylie Stilettos - Gold Edition

Skin: Yoa Divine Spell ~ Delirio Brown @ Masai Mara Store


Thursday 6 September 2012

MASAI MARA: The Solidarity STORE (Blog III)

Needless for more words as Picture Paints a Thousand Words..... To do justice to the fabulous creations sold at the MASAI MARA store, I worked a little on this set of pictures taken last night..... There are so many items that I can't wait to blog them all. Or perhaps, you rather make a trip down yourself .... (^_^)

Model/ Photographer: Debbie Jasper
Tres Beau "Jaguar"

Styling Card:

Outfit: Tres Beau ~ Jaguar with Turban @ MASAI MARA store
Accessories: NKJewelry ~ Shambala Earring and Necklace@ MASAI MARA store,
LaGyo ~ Popillia Gold Sapphire Ring
Shoe: Redgrave ~ Cathy Mesh

Pose: Disel Works ~ Berrylicious 1

Tres Beau "Serengeti"
Styling Card:
Outfit: Tres Beau ~ Serengeti with Turban @ MASAI MARA store
Accessories: Tres Beau ~ Serengeti Earring and Bracelet @ MASAI MARA store
Shoe: HOC Industries ~ Flats

Pose: Captivity Pose ~ Daiji 2

HOE "MASAI - Tuniq"

Styling Card: 

Outfit: HOE ~ Masai Tuniq @ MASAI MARA store
Hair: Vanity Hair ~  FanFan
Face Tattoo: Lovely Mi ~ Africa 01 @ MASAI MARA store
Accessories: TST ~ Kenya Elephants in Love Necklace & Earrings @ MASAI MARA store
Bag: JD ~ Bag Cassandra Zebra @ MASAI MARA store
Shoe: LIV ~ Glam Fall 2012 Carrie Braided Wedge Sandal @ MASAI MARA store
Pose: Posesion ~ Africa 8

Innuendo "Nadira" & FZapp

Styling Card:
Outfit: Innuendo ~ Nadira @ MASAI MARA store
Hair: Iconic ~ Aruna @ MASAI MARA store
Accessories: FZaPP ~ Headpiece, Necklace, Earrings @ MASAI MARA store
Shoe: Innuendo ~ Nadira @ MASAI MARA store
Skin: Zoul Creations ~ Tyra Chestnut


Tuesday 4 September 2012

MASAI MARA: The Solidarity STORE (Blog II)

As I read the story of Mama Tunza, I am deeply touched by her compassion and love for these kids who are not even related to her. Most of these kids are either orphans of HIV/AIDS or come from single parent homes. I work with kids in RL and they are a bundle of joy in my life. Filled with curiosity and innocence, they never fail to amaze me with what they have discovered each day.

I have always like to use this analogy; they are just like a piece of white paper and whatever colours or colourless their life will be, depends on what colours are given to them. Let's stop to pause for a moment and think... What colours or colour do you think are the world of these kids from Mama Tunza's children home?
Many of us here are fortunate to have a decent computer with a reasonable access to the Internet. So I appeal to all who know of this MASAI MARA charity project founded by Miss Colour of Couture 2012 and 2012 Miss Virtual World representing Kenya, Starline Igeria, to take some time off and visit the MASAI MARA store. You will definitely find something that is to your liking.
Despite my busy RL lately, I managed to blog as many items that are given to us. I could see the effort each designer puts into to make the one or few items to be sold at the store. I simply love them all.... I will try my best to blog more in the next few days.
Model/ Photographer: Debbie Jasper
"DEW" Amara (Exclusive for Masai Mara)

Styling Card:
Outfit: DEW ~ Amara (available at MASAI MARA store)
Hair: D!VA ~ Hair "Vivienne"
Shoe: MJS ~ Peeptoe Greens
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS ~ Kim Beige
[VM] VERO MODERO  Masai Dress

Styling Card:

Outfit: VERO MODERO ~ Masai Dress (available at MASAI MARA store)
Accessories: FZaPP ~ Bello Necklace,Ring,Bracelet&Earrings Bello (available at MASAI MARA store)
Hair: FAB-U-LOUS ~ Erica
Shoe: HOC INDUSTRIES - Noir Stilettos
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS ~ Kim Beige
Pose: The Muse Poses - Imani 03 (available at MASAI MARA store)


Styling Card:
Outfit: FZaPP ~ Coconut Mesh (available at MASAI MARA store)
Headpiece: FZaPP ~ Coconut Headpiece (available at MASAI MARA store)
Accessories: FZaPP ~ Coconut Bracelet and Ring (available at MASAI MARA store) 
Hair: BOON ~ GFR834
Shoe: FINESMITH ~ Sahara Sandals
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS ~ Tyra Golden
Pose: POSESION ~ Africa 2 (available at MASAI MARA store)

Styling Card:
Outfit: FZaPP ~ Girafa Dress  (available at MASAI MARA store)
Headpiece: FZaPP ~ Girafa Headpiece  (available at MASAI MARA store)
Accessories: FZaPP ~ Bello Earring and ring, Girafa Bracelet  (available at MASAI MARA store)
Hair: ICONIC ~ Aruna  (available at MASAI MARA store)
Skin: ZOUL CREATIONS ~ Tyra Espresso
Pose: POSESION ~ Africa 9  (available at MASAI MARA store)

All the pictures are taken at the MASAI MARA store.

Saturday 1 September 2012

MASAI MARA: The Solidarity STORE (Blog I)

MASAI MARA : The Solidarity STORE opens 1st September 2012. This is a fund-raising event for the benefits of the children from Mama Tunza’s children’s home in Kenya. For more information about the noble work of Mama Tunza, please look at their website ~  KIBERA YOUTH INITIATIVE – MAMA TUNZA’s project .
Many amazing designers have come together to help raise some fund for these deserving children. Let's do our part by visiting their Store and you many find few things that you will like... Many of the items are exclusive to this event so get them before the month ends... (^_^)
A sneak peek at two of the many exciting creations at the MASAI MARA : The Solidarity STORE .
Dot-be Masai Masa Mesh gown

Styling Card:
Outfit: Dot-be ~ Masai Masa gown
Hair: D!va ~ Hair "Vivienne"
Jewellery: Gems & Kisses ~ Supreme - Gold choker and earring
Shoe: HOC Industries ~ Noir Stilettos

Russh Lussh Zebra Showgirl Outfit

Styling Card:

Outfit: Russh Lussh ~ Zebra Showgirl
Hair: D!va ~ Mesh Hair "Rio"

Hat: SoliDea FoliEs ~ Mix&Mesh Fair Exclusive Gift
Collar: Angel Dessous ~ Iceland
Stockings/ Garters: Angel Dessous ~ Iceland
Shoe:  HOC Industries ~ Noir Stilettos

 Main Website :


Just want to share with you this awesome gown from EVOLVE....Hope you like it.... (^_^)

Styling Card:
Outfit: EVOLVE ~ Caprese Gown
Hair: Bliss Hair ~ Satina Hair
Earring: Gems & Kisses ~ Supreme
Shoe: HOC Industries~ Noir Stilettos