Tuesday 4 December 2012

II Ancient Hunt II

The Ancient Hunt awaits you......... Today I bring to you 2 awesome gifts from Czari's Attic...

Moghul Empress Divan is a typical of the type of furniture a Moghul Empress might possess. Its base is of intricately carved stone with a pure gold overlay.  The rich fabric colors evoke images of desert landscapes interspersed with lush tropical oases, while the intricate embroidery denotes an owner of wealth and power.
Moghul Privacy Water Wall was inspired by the miniature paintings that were in vogue during the Moghul Empire.  Luxuriate as a Moghul Empress on your divan and allow the lovely art and soothing water sound to transport you to the India of long ago while secluding you from prying eyes. ;)

Dates : 25th November 2012 to 25th December 2012

Start Location: [ Masoom ]

Rules :
At the start location, Get your Master notecard from the lamp at reception.
It gives you a complete list of landmarks and clues of gifts,
1- Pick a landmark,
2- Teleport to the spot,
3- Follow the clue to guide you right to the gift

Join Group for Hunters :
( Copy the above line, past in local, press enter, there should appear a link in your local chat that would let you join the group named ::: Masoom :::

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