Sunday 15 May 2011

Huddle, huddle on the floor

I am a technical moroon (for those who know me)... 2 days ago i tried to load my huddle, dragged it onto the ground and poof...... it disappeared... where did it go?... did a search in my inventory and found that there are duplicates and which should i rezz??? OMG.... Thank god.... the trainers at UCWS are very helpful. I im them and they responsed almost immediately. Laylah sent me notecards on how to load the poses and told me to rename the huddle after i have edited it.. clever!, Lisana came and showed me where to get some of the assigned poses and Debbie..... she came and helped me out personally for over 2 hrs ..... WOW.... what would I do without all the wonderful trainers at UCWS??? Thank you.........

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