Friday 20 May 2011

Styling Creative Pink Theme Event

"Today the theme is of great importance = pink.  This word is connected to all things a woman like:  love, Valentines, seduction, girls, babies, fairies, feminility, calm, tenderness.

Pink, a lovely and feminine colour.  So feminine that I chose the most vaporous skirt I could find  and mixed it with the top and hairdress by Fellini.   Pink reminds me of baby girls,  and since I am not a baby anymore  I finished it with black lace cuffs by My Precious. Shoes by Baiastice complete the outfit." commented Flora.

Congratuations to the winners:-
1st  Ms Flora Stipe
             2nd- Ms Kenshin Xevion
                           3rd-  Ms Gabriella Allardyce

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