Sunday 15 April 2012

What is SUCCESS?

I took a break today and went back to a nice book and a glass of ice Latte...while listening to some soothing music... I have been styling, taking pictures and blogging my experience in the Miss Colour of Couture Competition these 2 weeks.... and I see all the 16 finalists, including myself, working hard to showcase our hardwork..... Then, I ask myself... What is Success? How is it measured? What do we want to achieve at the end of all the hard work? Fame? A nice portfolio? Personal Satisfation? Experience? or...?

I read something in the book and want to share with all of you...Read it, think about it, sleep on it, act on it or simply laugh about it.... We all measure our SUCCESS in a different way, shaped by our cultures, values, upbringing and life experiences....


"Push for success," said the Button.
"Never be led," said the Pencil.
"Take pains," said the Window.
"Always keep cool," said the Ice.
"Be up to date," said the Calendar.
"Never lose your head," said the Barrel.
"Make light of everything," said the Match.
"Do a driving business," said the Hammer.
"Aspire to do greater things," said the Nutmeg.
"Be sharp in all your dealings," said the Knife.
"Measure your progress," said the Ruler.
"Get together and stick to it," said the Glue.
"Be a bright spark," said the Lamp.
"Make light around you," said the Fire.

Though there are many ingredients to the road to success, the key is to focus on those that would work for us in our peculiar set of circumstances.... (^_^)

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