Sunday 15 April 2012

Colour Of Couture ~ Week Two Flickr Challenge

This is getting more and more interesting..... As soon as we are done with the first week challenge, we started to work on our Week Two Flickr Challenge.....

Theme: Afrocentric

Animal prints, particularly big cat spots...Scattered across flowing gowns and cocktail dresses not to mention stylish dress suits.

Images of animal prints, khaki green, black, darker shades of brown, huge hairs, chunky jewellery and bold make up flashed in my mind..... Many SL models have done this styling before.. it is easy to 'get inspiration' from them... BUT I want to take the risk and use some bright colours as a contrast to the usual colours.....Keeping in mind still of the Afrocentric Theme and yet to showcase the similar theme with a touch of influence of the Asian culture.

I looked into my inventory first as I have many outfits that are of the Afrocentric theme... I found several but decided on this awesome tights from EVOLVE.... I love the print of animals on it (not just the spots or strips). If you look closer, you will see a zebra, giraffe and tiger on it.

Next, I went around stores, to look for the perfect top to go with the tights. My styling is chic casual but definitely eye catching because of the bright yellow halter neck top from L'EXCEPTION and the jewellery from PAPER COUTURE and IVY. To complete the look, I found the perfect shoe from HOC which I can change the texture and a handbag from CALENS.

The weather is hot here whole year round. This outfit takes me from shopping in the day to a romantic date with that special someone in the night. If the weather gets colder, a fur coat will complement the overall look.

Styling card:

Top: L'EXCEPTION- J`abot Dress - DandiLion
Pants: EVOLVE - Kanaifu
Shoe: HOC Industries - Platform Pumps
Jewellery: PAPER MOON - Organic Hoops and Moon Ring, IVA - Bangles
Hair/Hair Base: ICON HAIR Bun_Jetblack
Make up : *elymode* makeup - Gluttony shadows - chocolate 2, Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Line, Lush Cosmetics Glaze Lip (godiva)
Bag: [CALENS] panther_small-hand bag

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