Saturday 9 February 2013

[Masoom] at Stuff in Stock Discount EVENT

It’s probably the most commercial celebration after Christmas, but one can’t help but want to be part of what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. After all, who doesn’t love feeling loved?
But we know how February 14 can put quite the dent in your wallet, so let me suggest some ways you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day without having to break the bank.
1) Which girl doesn't love shopping? Trust me, take her shopping and buy her exclusive items and she is gonna love you for that.... At Stuff in Stock Discount Event you will find these two exclusive sexy mesh mini tube dress from Masoom priced at 60L each. They are not available at the main store yet! Hurry down to Stuff in Stock before 15 February.

[Masoom] ~ Nina
[Masoom] ~ Alisha

2) Explore new sims together.... Discover the wonder of secondlife and steal some special moments together. There is so much one can do in SL..... I like to share some wonderful sims that I have been to the last few weeks.... But, please do not stop there.... Do a search and you will be surprise at what you will find.....

Japan Project Garden
The Midnight Poets' Jazz Ballroom
Whispers Magic & Hammerfla's Sunset Rendezvous
Isle of solaria

3) Go to Marketplace and surprise her with gifts that she will definitely love...... one suggestion..... [Masoom] has everything she will need and love!

4) Last but not least..... something is free...... tell her she means the world to you and just 3 simple words I LOVE YOU..............Happy Valentine's Day to all ! (^_^)

Style Card:
Picture 1:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Nina Mesh dress (available in 2 colours)
Hair: Tameless Mesh Hair ~ Ruby (comes with colour changing hud)
Earring: P.C ~ Reclining Feline
Bracelet: Digital Aura ~ Bansai Bangle
Picture 2:
Outfit: Masoom ~ Alisa Mesh dress (availabe in 2 colours)
Hair: Tameless Mesh Hair ~ Venus (comes with colour changing hud)
Earring: Gems & Kisses ~ Supreme - Gold


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