Sunday 14 February 2016

Be my angel

A soft voice called out to him, and he spun his head around, but couldn’t see anyone, or anything. It was all white as far as he could see. No horizon in sight. The voice called out to him again, this time sounding like it was coming from somewhere else.

“I am the angel of your dreams” the voice echoed, like tiny bells. He looked at her with his heart beating strong and fast. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on.

On her long and slender legs were a pair of delicate white high heels. Her undergarment, or panties, had a beautiful embroidery stitched in the front and continued around the curves of her hips. Above a gorgeous grey corset with laces crossing from side to side countless times all the way from bottom edge of the corset to her cleavage. A floral pattern was stitched onto the fabric covering each of her beautiful breasts, held up by a tiny strap on each of her shoulders. Her slender and toned long arms made their end in delicate hands and long fingers. The two strings of exquisite oyster pearls she wore around her neck just accentuate the beauty of this angel's face. There was one detail that made him take a second look. She had wings. Wings of Cupid. Soft white feathery with a coat of golden hue that seemed to scatter sparkles of glitter as she flew.

“You’re so incredibly beautiful,” he whispered and then smiled at her, totally mesmerized by her allure.

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Exile ~ Walking On Sunshine

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