Friday 26 June 2015


Hey, have you ever wondered why some people make friends easily in SL. A simple 'hello' is the answer. Yesterday, I rezzed onto my platform and was styling this fantastic Boho outfit from Rayne Couture when.... 

I received an IM from Mabel!!! 

ℳabel White: debbieeee
ℳabel White: hugsss
小薇: hi Mabelllllll "")
ℳabel White: sent u chat on fb
ℳabel White: lol
小薇: oh...
ℳabel White: i've found ur land
ℳabel White: in search for beaches
ℳabel White: hihih
ℳabel White: so i took a photo here
小薇: lol are you here?
ℳabel White: yes
ℳabel White: lol
小薇: let me cam lol                                       

                                                                              [To Mabel, I forgot about the SL TOS, I hope you                                                                                   are okay with this sharing of our conversation                                                                                          without your prior consent... haha ]

I was smiling when I saw that she was wearing the similar outfit from Rayne. So I tped to her and she suggested that we take a picture together and blog it.. Good idea!

We had so much fun and, of course, we want to do more of this together in the future... :D

Debbie's Style Card

RAYNE ~ La Boheme Top [Forest] @ Sneak Peek
RAYNE ~ La Boheme Skirt [Red] @ Sneak Peek

Exile ~ Shout @ The Arcade Gacha Events  [Red]

Le Forme ~ Amon Bracelet Upper Arm [Gold]

shine by [ZD] ~ MAE MESH SANDALS multi [no longer available] 

7 Deadly s{K}ins ~ Nadine *NEW @ Marketplace only
[comes with 2 skins with and without freckles and 
Tango, PhatAzz, TMP, Maitreya, EVE and Slink Appliers ]

SlackGirl ~ Sunshine 06 Eyeshadow

Maitreya ~ Mesh Body - Lara Body and Hands V3.1
Slink ~ Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.0

Mabel's Style Card

Picture taken at Endless Ocean

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