Thursday 17 November 2011

Manhattan Show by Model Workshop

You are all cordially invited to our Fashion Show by Model Workshop.
Enjoy the latest causal collections from:

Prism, Shade Designs and Drakke Designs,
being modeled by our MW Models with poses from Morgane Batista’s Store.
Come and applaud their extraordinary work in this great Fall production.
Date: Saturday, November
19th, 2011
Time: Noon SLT

Models Workshop is an organization that engenders a loving spirit towards new members of the SecondLife fashion industry — free of charge. Models Workshop holds weekly live meetings with expert guest speakers in all avenues of the ashion industry both SL and RL.

The aim of shows produced by Model’s Workshop is to give members the opportunity to gain experience they would otherwise find difficult to get. The Manhattan Fashion Show is staffed both on and off the runway from people relatively new to their roles in this show.. The only payment people get is the opportunity to gain experience.

We hope you will come and see how empowering new talent will bring out the very best in them for the first time.

Zorric                                                                         Monica Balut
MW Chair Comittee Member                                       MW Founder
& Owner
MW Fashion Show Producer

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