Thursday 19 January 2012

[sYs] Skin Challenge Debbie Jasper-"EIEN skin January"

Model: Debbie Jasper
Photographer: Zachary Zufreur

I decided to do some contests this month. I browsed through the many notecards that I have 'collected' and saw the [sYs] contest notecard. I went down to their store and when I saw the EIEN skin, I fell in love with it immediately. Flashes of images came into my mind as to how I should style with this pure white skin... Yes WHITE.... anyway, I bought the skin and went home.....

I then IM Zach and booked an appointment with him... Finally, with some research and discussion with Zach, we decided to do this picture that you see above... He suggested doing something different white against white background... I said Yes why not ....

Though I didn't win this time round... but the whole experience was fun for me...I think Zach has done a great job in capturing the makeup on the EIEN skin, the pinkish blushes on the white skin. I have learnt a lot.. and am going to try again.... Now I am going for another styling contest... It's so addictive...

Styling card:

Skin: sYs EIEN skin - cleavage
Eyelashes: sYs Diode Black
Hair/Hair base: Minimalist Onyx/Snow from Osmose (formerly known as Plume)

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