Wednesday 12 June 2013

Every skin tells a story

A woman's skin tells a story. Where she's been. How she's lived. What she's accomplished. With Yoon's skin, you can tell a radiant, luminous and a truly timeless one.
Every of her skin comes with a makeup or no makeup option and one with or without cleavage. With just 1 skin, you can create as many stories as you want. And, isn't this is what SL is all about. To be the one you have always wanted to be.
Head down to Yoon Beauty now and create your very own unique story!

Style Card:
(Picture 1)
Skin: YOON Skin ~ AMELIA :: SunTan Natural No Makeup (left)
         YOON Skin ~ AMELIA :: SunTan Lipstick Cleavage (right)
Hair: TuTy's ~ Romantic - 40's vintage hairstyle
Outfit: TWA ~ Assault on the Senses Gown
(Picture 2)
Skin: YOON Skin ~ Pure 2 :: SnowPale Subtile Shade Cleavage (left)
         YOON Skin ~ Pure 2 :: SnowPale Brune Makeup Cleavage (right)
Hair: W&Y ~ MODEL HAIR 25
Outfit: Evolve ~ Butterfly Fantasy (June group gift)
Earring: Chop Zuey ~ Arpeggio GM

(Picture 3)
Skin: Yoon Skin ~ Jenna sunkissed Nat Cleavage (left)
          Yoon Skin ~ Jenna sunkissed MK Cleavage (right)
Hair: Wasabi Pills ~ Amandine Mesh Hair
Outfit: mon tissu ~ Softest Cinch Cardigan, Prism ~ Sampler 8 Glitch Shorts
Necklace: Fairy Tail ~ Antique Pendant-Key

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