Sunday 18 March 2012

MW Style Challenge ~ March ~ Debbie Jasper

Model/ Photographer : Debbie Jasper

Hounds bay in the night, getting closer. Horns answer the calls of the hounds. You splash through a mud puddle and scramble up a bank of thorny brush. When you reach the top, you collapse from fatigue. Pain flashes throughout your body. Your lungs burn from lack of enough air. You cannot run no more. Soon you feel the vibrations of pounding hooves approaching. The Wild Hunt is closing in for the kill.

The ancient Celts hold a fascination for us. Very little is known about their true culture and history. We are left with fragments of their mythology and stories, but what is available tantalizes and inspires new ideas.

When I first saw the theme for this month Challenge, I was excited. What should I be? Fairy, unicorn, dragon, mermaid or elf? After much research, I was inspired to be something unusual. Something that was sighted even in the modern days... "The Sylvani"

The Sylvani are a race of humanoids often described as “half-plant/half-humanoid” due to their unique origins. Many are subtly marked but are nonetheless distinct (green highlights to the skin or hair), but there are also individuals that show more marked characteristics of their plant-based origins (‘bark’ skin, flowers or vines as hair or upon the skin).

Styling Card:

Outfit: EMO-tions - FERAL love

Shape: R.icielli - ASHLEY (Edited)

Skin: T&T - Beautiful Body~~Green Elf

Hair: Sylvani Hair Bushy ~SUMMER~, Hairbase Tattoo

Eye: C.K - Nor Lhach Eye ~ Bronzed Earth

Makeup: Flirt - Eyeliner 3, [sYs] - Dahlia Makeup eye (green), L.Fauna Lipstick Sea 1

Nail: [MANDALA] Short

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