Saturday 6 October 2012

Help! I can't STOP!

Rosie 03 ~ Beige Skin
Rosie 04 ~ Sunkissed Skin
Rosie 05 ~ Golden Skin
Model/ Photographer: Debbie Jasper

As I am working on my blogging assignment from Zoul Creations, a perfect song is blaring next to me... It's an oldies by Betty Everett but who cares.............

"If you want to know if he really loves you so... it's in his KISS"

Yes, if you are going to find that out, you better put on the best lips ever..... but Help! I can't decide which lipstick I should wear.... I can't stop putting on the different skins and makeup from ZOUL CREATIONS...
Shantia Soulstar is definitely spoiling us all with her new skin, ROSIE, that comes in 3 skin tones. Each skin tone comes with 12 skin makeups, 3 additional blushes, 3 eyebrows and 6 lips colours. That's not all.... all skin fat pack come with Rosie shape and eye....... so if you want to surprise that someone special and make that night a memorial one...... head down to Zoul Creations today and have super fun with the ROSIE skin....

CLICK HERE for the limo to Zoul Creations Store.


For your listening pleasure when you are shopping............. (^_^)

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