Sunday 17 March 2013


Recently, I have been thinking what exactly is drama in SL. I have read and have heard many people saying that they do not want drama in SL. According to some dictionary, drama means any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or result. Are we then able to be void of any kind of feelings in SL? Or should this SL game be played as such.
Are we able to assume a totally different role and multiple personalities? Are we able to be disconnected from our thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity? At least for me, I am not able to. I am who I am and I treat everyone in SL the way I like to be treated in SL/RL. If you spend as much time as I do in SL and I think many of us do, SL has become a part of our life. Don't get me wrong, RL still takes precedence.
However, I think I can dissociate myself from a situation or experience that's too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with my conscious self. I refuse to let anyone destroy the SL that I have. It is not easy and it will take time but doesn't 'time heal all wounds'? Or do we need a miracle to move on?
Let this be our food for thought.

Clad in this exclusive Eboni outfit (Mesh corset and pants) from [Masoom] at the Black Market March cycle, I grab my handbag from [AddiCt] and a notebook from [Elymode], I decided to head down to the garden near my house to find the answer.

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