Friday 8 August 2014

Be With You

I love shopping in SL!.... If you do as much as I, you got to stretch your LL like I do...
Head down to Oh! LIKE blah Gotta Gatcha 2 and Gimme Gimme Gacha now. With some of the top designers coming together to offer you discounted gacha items all in one place, not only will you get great bargins at Gatchas, you can have fun trying your luck on these machines.....

In my earlier posts. I have shown you two outfits from Boutique Fielle. This satin backless top and mini skirt is another of Fiona's awesome collections in her Marketplace store.

Emporium ~ Lita Platform Sandals                    *****                   F.A.A. ~ Glam Clutch           

As a blogger, I am also always on the look out for great poses for my photographs. You got to check out Frakture Poses by Chase. What I love about his poses is that some of which come with gadgets such as this "Can't talk right now" pose in this picture.... I will be showing you more of Frakture poses in the next blog.... If you need custom made poses, talk to Chase. He is more than willing to work out something for you. :P

Stuck-Up ~ Stack em ring                       ******                      7 Deadly s{k}ins ~ August gift

Skin: 7 Deadly s{k}ins: August Group gift
Hair: Exile ~ After the Rain Sparkle comes  in 4 colour tones [ subscriber's GIFT]
Outfit: Boutique Fielle ~ MiniTop and skirt [bleu]
Shoe: Emporium ~ Lita Platform Sandals [green] @ Oh! LIKE blah Gotta Gatcha 2
Rings: Stuck-Up ~ Stack em ring [diamond RARE, diva RARE, love, sexy] @ Oh! LIKE blah Gotta Gatcha 2
Clutch: F.A.A. ~ Glam Clutch [Teal] @ Oh! LIKE blah Gotta Gatcha 2

Pose: Frakture Pose ~ Can't talk right now [incl. smartphone] @ Gimme Gimme Gacha

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