Wednesday 28 October 2015

Now tell me...

It is another great season in Ghee. Her Fall collections are in full swing at the main store with a complete range of matching dresses, blouses, skirt, pants, leggings, shoes, bags and accessories. 
You will be totally mesmerised by the huge collection which you can easily mix and match to create your own unique style. If you have not gone down to Ghee, take the Limo and start you Fall shopping today!

Stay tune for more Ghee Fall styling...

Style Card
Ghee ¬ Fall15 Cerulean Angora Sweater
Ghee ¬ Fall15 Prussian Suede Legging Boots

PurpleMoon ¬ Venice Necklace and Earring in Turquoise
PurpleMoon ¬ Coco Sunglasses in Green

D!va ¬ Hair "Iris" MESH

Picture taken at Happy Mood

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