Monday 8 August 2016

What now?

It was a lazy Sunday so Scott and I decided to explore Hyde Corner at New York, a quiet contemporary roleplay sim with many little nice corners for photo shoot.

Clad in Serendipity's latest collection, we TP'ed to Hyde Corner. It's a rather huge sim and finally we found a place to rest a bit. Scott was faster and he got the bicycle first. Well....

Dresi dress is designed specially for Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and classic bodies. What I love is the 50 over textures in the hud that I can use to change the top, skirt and belt independently. 

Scott's T-shirt is a new release from Serendipity with a very nice and rich texture, available for SLink Physiqe, Adam, TMP and Aesthetic mesh bodies, plus 5 sizes in regular mesh for the standard body. The Calvin pants with texture HUD are also from Serendipty, available for all the common mesh bodies on the grid.

Style Card
Serendipity ~ Dresi Dress for Maitreya w/hud

Serendipity ~ Rainbow Butterfly Heels for Slink Mid [Black]

No.Match ~ No_Diva *GIFT
No.Match ~No_Dandelion hair add-on *GIFT

Serendipity ~ Rico T-shirt GG for Slink and Calvin Jeans w/hud

Glint ~ Leather & platinum thorn cross necklace
Sleepy Eddy ~ LeatherBostonBag (navy) Gatcha @ TMD

ILLI ~ SLink Mirko Sneakers

Dura ~ *Dura-Boy*65 (Black)

Picture taken at Hyde Corner, New York

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