Tuesday 9 February 2016

MenStuff Hunt - Glint Jewelry & Accessories

Being notoriously bad at hunts, I did somehow manage to find the MensStuff Hunt treasure at .:Glint:. Jewelry & Accesories the other day.

The gift contains 2 leather bracelets, one wide made of several leather knotted strings with diamond print beads, and one single string of leather with metal rings and metal beads. The single strand bracelet is easily scale-able via a HUD - just click on the bracelet, whereas the wider bracelet can be scaled via the edit menu. Both of them are a great additions to the casual guy.

Style card:

Glint Jewelry and Accessories - Leather & Silver diamond print beads.
Glint Jewelry and Accessories - Leather bracelet with metal rings

Redgrave - Jeans HeavyUsed - Classic Cut Mesh

Luke Tucked in White T-shirt.

Ryder Boots - Navarro - Ankle

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