Tuesday 28 June 2011


Finally, the day we were waiting for, after a month of attending daily classes and practicing on our different poses and formation. Midterm! It was at 3am my time and before that, few of our classmates met up to practice on our walk and checking on each other outfits that have to be below the 150 arc and 350 arc. The situation was tense. Then the time came. For the first time, all the trainers were there, staring at us while we are asked to do the mandatory poses and formation. "Focus, pay attention to the local, do not IM each other or reply any IM during exam. Talk to us. This is not a race, if you are not rezz or if your huddle has not yet loaded, please tell us...." DebbieDoo's words rang in my head, even till now.

After an hour of exam, we were asked to meet them at the front of the styling stage. " Now, let me tell you who have passed and who have not. If you failed, you have to walk in the hall of shame,,,,, " " Oh, god, let there be no sure person who needs to go there..."" I wish I will pass..".....DebbieDoo announced," All of you have passed! I am so proud of all of you. Well Done!" ........" Serious? Is she joking?" "OMG yes. My dream has come true!"" I am going to be a model!" We were all jubilant and excited.

A class pic with few of our fabulous classmates:
 What is a better way to celebrate our passing of midterms than to go dancing. We were all invited to dance at the Miss Sophisticated Lady 2011 Pageant. It was then 5am my time but I wasn't feeling tired at all. We were given beautiful outfits by Anrol to wear on the stage. Wow, she is so generous and we all loved the outfit chosen for us. With a little styling, we all looked fabulous.

This is what I wore

Dancing on the stage

Of course, this was not the highlight of the show. As we sat at the audience watching the contestants for Miss Sophisticated Lady 2011 pagent on the stage, we were all amazed at how creative these models can be. The theme was futuristics and most of them came with an outfits that were beyond our imagination. What I like best is the talent event. Each contestant was asked to showcase their most creative talent. The dances that they did and the hud that they had found was incredible and stupendous. We were all flabbergasted. A picture paints a thousand words. These were some pictures I took that night.

Congratulations to Crown Winner Ms Sophisticated 2011: Ms Vicky Yongbo

Congratulations to Ms Sophisticated Best Creative Talent: Ms Meimei Shiu

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