Saturday 23 March 2013

SL Buddy Walk #2

Many of our favourite SL entertainers and store brands are taking part to promote and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness. Many are contributing 100% of their sales to this Charity. So do your part and head down to the Expo today... You will find many awesome exclusive buys .....

In this blog entry I am going to feature the fabulous creations from ZanzE, Stars, Tonic, Oceane, Quantum, The Muse Poses and the SuperJail Emporium & Housing.

The SJ cozy cottage is a fully furnished cottage with animated furniture that is only 40 prim.  It has been painstakingly crafted to be low prim while at the same time perfectly lovely in its detail. It will fit nicely into most properties with little effort..  
SL BuddyWalk item: SJ Cozy Cottage (at the entrance)

SL BuddyWalk item: SJ Cozy Cottage (living room)

SL BuddyWalk item: SJ Cozy Cottage (kitchen)

Zane's sleeveless dress is the perfect summer floral dress to suit every style and occasion.

Modus Accent Mesh Chair by Senzafine exclusive for the Buddy Walk comes with 10 animations and 10 cushion colours and texture change is a perfect add on to any type of houses.
SL BuddyWalk items: Zanze - Blair dress (Mango), Tonic - Pristine pump (pink), SF - "Modus" Accent Chair,
The Muse Poses - Venus 05

Another addition to your house this Spring is this pair of animated chairs from Maven Homes. A perfect addition when you have guests in the house.
SL BuddyWalk item: Quantum - Buddy Chair

At the BuddyWalk, you can also find these awesome makeups from ~Oceane~
SL BuddyWalk items: Stars - Hera earring and necklace (vineyard), Oceane - Makeup Lashes and Lips (Pearly Pink)

Also at the Event, from Stars, the classic jewellery pieces that compliment everything from dresses to sweaters and slacks at the office.

SL BuddyWalk items: Stars - Hera earring and necklace (vineyard), Oceane - Bardot Lipliner and Pippi (Copper Green)

Take this ride to the SL Buddy Walk Fair......

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