Friday 29 March 2013

SL Buddy Walk #4

The SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair begins on the 17th of March and goes until the 31st.
A few more days before the end of this meaningful event. Many SL entertainers and store brands have come together to promote and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness. Many are contributing 100% of their sales to this Charity. 
In this blog , I am going to feature store brands from Senzafine, Pink Acid, Dbs, Karokda, Citrus, PP and WM.
SL Buddy Walk items: Senzafine ~ Melissa Boatneck Knit Top and high waist skirt

SL Buddy Walk items: Pink Acid ~ Mildred Lips & Teeth (Blue), DbS ~ Midnight Opal Earring and Necklace

SL Buddy Walk item: Kerokda ~Panda Fully Animated Beanbag Chair (Yellow)

SL Buddy Walk items: Citrus ~  Always Sunny Tank, Cardigan and Sunny Jeans and Flats, PP ~ Rock Earrings (Silver- Nude ),
WM ~ Wicker Chair and Ottoman with Sits and Cuddles Animations
Non event items:

Picture 1:
Hair: Vanity Hair ~ Valentina (Silver)
Picture 2:
Hair: D!va ~ Mai (Onyx)
For more information about the SL BuddyWalk Event

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