Thursday 9 May 2013

A Sizzling Hot Day

I love spending my day at the beach.
I love the embrace of the warm sun, the smell of the salty sea and the feeling of the sea breeze blowing on my face.
I love watching the waves and listening to the birds,
I love to cycle, roller blade or just lie on the white sandy beach
and people watch. 
I love watching the kids build a tall sandcastle and how they fuss when the sandcastle topples,
I love watching loving couples lying close to each other on the sand, stealing glances at each other,
I love watching families chattering and laughing at the beach.

Of course,
I love wearing the sexiest bikini to the beach and be watched by others.
At [Masoom],
Stuff in Stock, I found the exact piece I would love to have.
The white bikini against my sunburned skin.
The white flowy skirt flows with the wind.
The Anu dress comes with the hat that provides shade from the Sun.

Style Card:
Outfit: [Masoom] ~ Anu Dress (@ Stuff in Stock)
Hair: Catwa ~ Mesh Wet Lucy
Accessories : Finesmith ~ Belly Flower Ring, Digital Aura ~ Bansai Bangle
Poses: [Masoom] ~ Divall Poses @ Trph4  runway perfect hunt gift

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