Wednesday 8 April 2015

Roma at VG shoes

** New Release from VG Shoes **

ROMA made the cut for having many of the season's top trends, including sexy ankle straps, leather texture and that attention-grabbing wedge heels. Ideal for pairing with shorter skirts and dresses or shorts, Roma comes in 8 colours: black, beige, blue, chocolate, red, salmon, tan and white. 

Due to different avatar heights if you notice that the shoes get a little buried on the floor try adjusting your hoovering number: EDIT APPEARANCE ---> EDIT SHAPE ---> BODY ---> Hover: Default number is 50, but in order to avoid feet burying you can try to change this number to 51.

Hurry to the VG mainstore right now and be among the first to be seen in this chic and trendy shoes...

VG Shoes ~ VG Roma [Salmon]


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