Friday 28 June 2013

A visit to the SL10B Sims

 For those who have not made a trip down to the SL10B 22 sims, you have up to  29 June before they are closed! If you love art, exhibitions and events, this is one place you will not want to miss! However, if you find going round huge sims 'tiring', you will be glad to know that they have a pod tour that brings you around the sim.

Pod Tour
What I love best about the pod tour is that there is commendatory that goes with the tour explaining every build as I move past them!


I went past Bikers Bay and went into the building. I love what I saw. I was lucky to meet up with the builder and owner of Bikers Bay, the two awesome sisters, Karra Babii and Mairead Fitzgerald. I asked if I could do an interview with them and they agreed immediately.

Debbie Selona: Hi Mairead, Hi Raven, ty so much for agreeing to this interview.

Mairaed: Yw :)

Raven: Our pleasure.

Debbie Selona: For how long have you both been doing this....building and 'living' in sl ?")

Mairead: gosh over 6 years in SL and being creative in it for just as long.

Debbie Selona: Have you been building since day one?

Mairead: noooo lol, I took a lot of SL university classes before I went public, from prims to scripts . We have a lot of fun with getting creative here in SL. Some people like to look, like yourself :) Some like to build build build. It's what keeps us here.

Debbie Selona: lol, When did you start to build Bikers Bay?

Mairead: Bikers Bay was built last May, transitioned over from Barataria Bay, an entire pirate village.

Debbie Selona: What is your inspirations? Are you both bikers in RL ?")

Mairead: Well Sis is a biker :) I got more timid as I got older. Or perhaps wiser? LOL
Sis rides all the time. Once I got burned by a hot tailpipe, it took the fun out of it for me.

Rαvεη: we both love building and we are RL sisters so it's really fun working together
Debbie Selona: wow that's wonderful ")

Mairead: It's so much easier when you can have the same communication we have and share a vision

Debbie Selona: What is your inspiration for Bikers Bay?

Mairead: The reason for Bikers Bay is because sis, then I, got back into cycling here in SL after a 3 year hiatus. We joined an all female avie club that ended up disbanding and needing a new home. So we sort of donated most of our sim to use for the club and Bikers Bay was born!

Mairead: You should hear us RL side going at a new project :)

Debbie Selona: What's new.. Please tell me and we will have the public drool alittle hehe

Mairead: When not doing sims, Krra likes to dabble in the mystical art side of things in her creations and I mostly design clothing

Mairead: Winter sim is only open Oct - Nov - Dec

Rαvεη: Both our shops are at Bikers Bay

Debbie Selona: Clothes.... hmmmm what's the brand? you know I love to shop hehe

Mairead: Prim & Pixel is my store, Raven Keep is sis's

Mairead: We also have Monkey SHines, which is the largest Zooby Trainable Pet Clothing store on the grid.

Rαvεη: Starting a new project is always exciting!

Debbie Selona: Being very experience in SL... (6 yrs I mean) I am only like 3 years old. What is the one advice you will give to anyone out there so that we can survive as long in SL....

Mairead: Be nice

Rαvεη: Have fun and enjoy what you are doing.

Mairead: Patience, tolerance, and being nice is key

Debbie Selona: Agree totally ") Well, it's late. Ty again for meeting up with me. Hope to see more of your great work in SL soon... ")

Bikers Bay

After the interview, I went around the sims and took several snapshots of the beautiful scenery. Though picture paints a thousand words, but sometimes seeing is believing.


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CLICK here for Bikers Bay slurl

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